Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It is such a strange feeling to find out that one of my ex bfs is engaged, even stranger that he was still flirting with me 6 months ago!

Oh shall I say, he tried to flirt with me.

Sigh... I felt sorry for the girl, and I just remembered why did I dump him 7 years ago.

Then another ex got married and had a daughter, when he told me that and deliberately asked if I have put on weight. I told him to pass my deepest condolence to his wife.

Rawr... how come all the assholes that I dumped are living or going to live happily ever after!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Last year this time, I was preparing to go back to Malaysia to celebrate my grandpa’s 80th birthday.

During my holiday, Matt smsed me out of sudden at 3am one morning. I did not have him in my contacts, thus I asked ‘Who is this?”. He thought I was a bitch coz I have forgotten him.

The fact is we didn’t keep in touch for more than 3 months, that’s why I deleted him from my contacts. I was not happy at all because I thought what a jerk that he did not contact me for months and wanted to be friends again now.

Long story short, we started talking again and decided to go out on our first date in January. *blush

What Matt doesn’t know, when he decided to contact me again, there were other guys who made the same decisions, they wanted to ask me out again. I don’t know why but I have chosen Matt among the 3 of them at that moment, maybe because he could make me laugh genuinely. I think that’s what you call fate because at that moment I didn’t have any intension of having anything to do with the other guys but Matt.

For our first date, I was 45 mins late hahahaha, I was SOO terrible. Matt thought I wasn’t going to turn up so he walked back to his car and I pulled up right next to him and because I was in such hurry, I hit the curb and Matt later told me he thought I was one of those crazy Asian drivers. ><

Then we had coffee and I took him to Karaoke. Haha I think he fell for me after he heard my lovely voice bwahahaha (beh paiseh)

The awkward moment came when we had to say good bye. I sat on my seat (I was driving) and wondering what would he do. He looked at me awkwardly and waited for me to say something. I said ‘Ok, bye.. nice seeing you tonight’ then he left.

At that moment, I thought “uh oh… I blew it? He probably not going to ask me out again, bluekkk”

He went back to work the next day and smsed me on Friday to ask me out again, Yeeha! Hahaha

Then we went out again, we went to have dinner at Hogsbreath and then to the casino. There we hold each other’s hand and shared the first kiss when we parted the night. *I am gushing with all the sweet memories now….

So that’s how we started dating….. I knew somehow everything happened so fast! Sometimes I do wonder if we have known each other enough to start a relationship.

We never identified one another as bf or gf, it all happened very naturally. He met my friends, they liked him, he liked them and there we go. No “I love you, I want to be with you, will you be my bf/gf” shit

Till one day, it hits me… so I asked him (I am a straight forward person). Then he said ‘yes of course you are my gf and I am your bf’ and he thought it was funny that I had to ask that.

I would say I have experienced many things with Matt that I never came across in my previous relationships. He may not be the sweetest bf that I ever had and he can be as mean as you can imagine when he is angry but I love him somehow hahaha I love his sense of humour, love his dedication to his work (I know some aussies who are total slackers), love his intelligence (he is annoyingly smart!...pfft oh.. except cooking), love his generosity, love his down-to-earth character and most important of all, *drum roll, he doesn’t snore! That’s a bonus!

Of course, he has many bad habits as well, that I think I better not reveal here. Same here, I have lots of bad habits and because we grew up in entirely different cultural background, we do certain things quite differently. Matt has to adapt to Asian eating culture which rice/noodle are our main dishes, I have to adapt to using bloody super hot water to wash dishes, Matt has to adapt to using chopsticks, I have to learn a lot more western recipes, Matt has to adapt to karaoke sessions and I have to learn about footy/cricket, thank GOD we both like soccer and basketball.

Everyday was like a learning curve, all the culture differences did hit me pretty hard and took me sometime to come around and tried to accept them.

What I am trying to say, Matt is not perfect, and nobody is. But sometimes, I choose to appreciate his imperfections because only with his imperfections, he loves me…. J And because of my imperfections, I love him J