Monday, April 13, 2009

Cheska @ 5 months

She is turning 5 months old on the 16th and she is already over 15kg :p She is so much bigger now compare to her first day home.

I have been getting a lot of compliments re. her colour, her coat and her eyes. She has this shiny and sleek coat, beautiful grey eyes but.... her playfull-ness does drive me nuts sometimes.

She is such a cutie... she will snuggle up to me ever morning when she gets a chance to come up to our bed.

Trying to get my attention after ignoring her for a while. I just grabbed the caemra and took the pic. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Little Achievements

I am not ashame to admit that I am not a gardening person, I hate working in the sun, get my hands dirty, touching any kind of small crawling worms. When Mat bought the house, I was happy because there is minmal gardening required in this house.

Then we thought the backyard could do with some greens and flowers besides the lawn. So Matt asked if I want a herb garden, but why would I want a herb garden when I hardly use herbs?

So I suggest to have a salad garden, grow salad green, because I have salad for lunch almsot everyday and sometimes dinner when he is around. So off we went to Bunnings and got the gear, I wanted Cherry tomato but they only have the normal ones...

Initially, I wanted to plant watermelon...hahaha... that's my favourite fruit and grapes... but we could only plant something that will grow in pots unfortunately...

So here there are, I was so excited, jumping up and down when I saw the first sprouts.... hehehe

Here are my tomato, lettuce and capsicum, also a plant that I forgot its name, it is a flower plant that will have some pink/white flowers. :p

I am planning to expand my little garden, still thinking what to plant. May try cabbage and broccoli next week :p