Thursday, January 25, 2007

Some pictures taken in KL

"Petaling Street", the China Town in KL. There are alot of heritage buildings there and road side stall. Some famous delicacies can be found there. The tip I would give is, do not try the road side steamboat, nothing fantastic really. I strongly recommend Chan Dong Gei, '陈东记”hor fun, they are the best though the price may shock you a lil but worth it!

Low Yat Plaza, place where you can find all your IT stuff, software, hardware, gadgets.

The prices are very reasonable too, try to go to a few shops and compare, the shops there are very competitive.

Pudu Raya, KL central bus station for interstate travel. If you want to go to other states like Penang, Johor, Melaka, and you want to travel by coach then this is the place you should come to get your ticket.

Unless you want to see the scenery on the way, I would suggest you check out Air Asia, sometimes the ticket to Penang can be as cheap as RM10 one way excl. airport tax.

KLCC. Can you believe I haven't actually been to the Petronas Tower? All my Aussie friends asked what's the tower like and I couldnt answer them. I just didn't think it is worth it for me to wake up at 7am to go to town and queue up for the tickets. The tickets go like hot cakes because they are FREE!

I don't shop in KLCC very often, I only shop in Isetan where MNG is. I bought 2 fabulous jackets there on my last trip, cost me RM800.. tsk tsk..pain. If you want to buy designer goods like Prada, Fiori, Morgan, Dunhill..yup.. you go to KLCC

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bad Kisser

I was out with a friend last night, then we staretd tot alk about hugs and kisses. He said he missed those intimacy with a girl, seeing that he has been single for awhile.

Then I told him about my kissing experience, they weren't all good sad to say. Some were so horrible that i ditched the guys because of that.

Let me point out WHAT are bad kisses.

Ultimate World's Worst Kiss: - Bang straight onto the girl's lips, knock her teeth, hurt her lips!

That was my first kiss wit this dude, who apparently had no idea that how soft girl's lips are, no doubt, my upper lip was bleeding after our kiss. I never kissed him again after that. That also explained why my first puppy love only lasted 1 week.

1st Runner Up - Dog Kisses

Saliva all over the lips and even chin, some even got to the nose. Obviously the guy has a tongue like a Saint Bernard, big enough to cover your lower face.

2nd Runner Up - Bowl Licking

The guy wants you to taste his last dinner so badly that he pushes his whole tongue into your mouth.

A guy did that to me, and I swear to God I almost gagged; and he has a huge tongue too... so you can't blame that I have a small mouth! The action just reminds me a child licking the bowl of choc cake mix.

3rd Runner Up - Lazy Tongue

Guy who leaves their tongue in your mouth expect you to resuscitate it.

These are the BAD KISSES that will turn me off for good.

I am not saying I am a fantastic kisser but so far I havent had any complains :p

How to kiss a girl right?

Stay and the lips and the tip of the tongue; no chin, no nose, no tasting last night dinner. gently suck the lips, I mean GENTLY! Use the tip of your tongue to lick her lips, you can even flick your tongue gently across her lips ( don't do it so often, else you will remind her of her puppy). You may give some gentle nibbles on her lips, though some girls may not liek it, you can always ask if she enjoys that. Alot of girls have no idea what turn them on till they actually try it. *Wink wink

Happy Kissing!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Break Up

Cliche but 'still in use' break up excuses:

1. I am too young, I am not ready to commit

2. I think it is time for me to focus on my career / studies

3. It is not you; it is me!

4. You are too good for me...

5. I need to give more attention to my dog

6. You treat me too good, you are suffocating me, I need some time off

7. My grandma said I have to be with soemone who was born in the year of 'dragon'

I cant think anymore.. any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 Summary

Yesterday morning, I was asked "Whats your new year resolution?"

I seriously haven't thought abt that yet, I am not sure what I want to achieve in 2007. Is that good or bad?

Career? I am not very sure what do I want to do yet... Got a few offers but so far not one that can offer what I want

Health? I dont have any major problems yet, touch wood!

Love? Over rated... I am having a fantastic time being single

Money? Ah... maybe... more money ... come come, please come faster lol

Education? Yeap, but I dont see myself completing the course within 2007, maybe only be able to complete Oracle

Ok, 2006 summary

KGs lost: 3kgs

Friend(s) lost: 1

Job(s) lost: 1

Bf(s) lost: 1

Marriage proposal received: 2

Job Promotion(s): 2

Pay increment: 1

New car: 1

Overseas travel: 2


Something very tragic happened right before Xmas 06.

I had an interview with a event marketing company on 20th Dec. The interviewer, John was a young british man. He was good looing, friendly and of course capable. Then I thought, it would be great working with him.

An hour after my interview, I got a call from John's secretary to schedule second interview. The 2nd interview was put on 22nd Dec.

So on 22nd, I was there on time but I saw no John nor his secretary. So I went to knock on one of the doors. Simon, John's partner took me to the board room and sat me down....

Simon: "Thank ou very much for coming back, but have we met?"

Me:"John interviewed me and no we have not met."

Simon:" Oh Ok, I am afraid I have a very disturbing news to tell you"

Me thinking 'Oh well, the position is filled probably'

Simon: "John died. He had an accident on 20th and died on the spot"

Me:" huh..................................................omg"

Simon :" Yup, motorcycle accident on the highway......"

The rest of the conversation can be ignored.

John was only 25...... he died in the night after he interviewed me in the afternoon

After my meeting with Simon, I began to think, life is extremely unpredictable... remember the cliche statement? "Live life to the fullest"

Monday, January 01, 2007

Random stuff

When we are single, we often ask "Where is my special someone?"

When we are attached, we then ask "Is he/she really my special someone?"

Whenever we have doubts, we often look for 2nd/3rd/4th opinions; usually the 1st opinion is our mind, 2nd are our friends, 3rd is family, 4th are other people... Of course, this is only a general assumption. At least to me it is like that...

There are people who truly trust themselves and know exactly what they want. Sometimes I wish I am one of them, sometimes I am pretty certain that I want a particular man, but often I end up attracted to a different type of man. The I will start asking people around me if the man is alright for me, then different feedback arise and I will be more confused. In the end, it does nothing good to the relationship at all. So whats best?