Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A seafood factory openned a few weeks ago, and it is located not far from my office. So I went there one Friday and got some nice seafood. The fishes were good, but the prawns were disappointing, $15 per kg, but they were not fresh at all...... brrr

Matt loves fish, so I am trying to cook more fish dishes when he is back. I bought a Mackarel steak, it is huge! I pan-fried the fish, then fried some sliced onion, minced garlic and sliced ginger with oyster sauce and fish sauce to pour over the fish steak. Yum yum!!

Of course, a stir fry vege is compulsory at every Chinese dinner. Zucchini is in season now, so cheap! $0.60 each, I bougth a few.... :p (I am so Aunty now). Stir fry Zucchini with dry shrimps and garlic...

My favourite moment in the morning

Do you have a favourite moment in the morning? I do...

Every morning, I wake up about 7am, Cheska and Matt will still be in bed. I usually let Cheska come up to our bed about 6am. Matt and the dog will sleep in while I get ready to work.

When I prepare my cereal, Cheska will def hear that... Hhahaha...

Then I will hear her yawn.."Aweee.......", she yawn rather loud. Then I hear her jumping down from the bed, and run out of the room. She will stand at the hallway with her bed head and flipped ears, and looking at me standing next to the kitchen bench. She is like saying "Morning mom! I am awake!"

I will then bend down and call her. She will run straight to me, give me kisses and bury her head in my tummy, rubbing her face on my PJ. ><

THAT is my favourite moment!!!!

She will then proceed to the backyard to do her business, and have her breakfast. After her breakfast, she will say hello to Matt by stomping on him and licking him. Then back to her sleep..... hahahahaha

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ondeh Ondeh

One night, I was craving for Ondeh Ondeh, especially the one my mom made, so big and full of Gula Melaka. So I went online and found a recipe, it was actually very easy to make. Just a bit time consuming to hand roll each and every sigle one then boil them.

Matt refused to try them, he doesnt like soft, chewy texture food, he doesn't eat soft food like tofu. I was so disappointed that he didnt want to try, but, at least I got to eat all of them!!!!

They turned out pretty good, however, I could only get frozen pandan leaves, and they were not very fragrant usually, so the ondeh ondeh didn't have the strong pandan flavour like the ones you could get in Malaysia.

Later, I found out an Asian store sell the pandan essence, ahh.... perfect. Will make ondeh ondeh again when I have time.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Aussie Way of Living

A few months ago, I came across a website that's all about savings; how to save in our daily life. A group of people came together, sharing saving stories and tips.

I visit the forum rather regularly and I learned so much about savings, I managed to get my grocery down from $640 a month to $380 a month.

One day, a lady posted in the forum, saying how miserable she was feeling because many incidents happened. Her car broke down and needed something to be replaced, she had to borrow $760 from relatives to get the car part, and had to rely on the centrelink money that comes in 2 days for her grocery, and hoping that her tax return will come soon so they can pay their bills, and so on. For a moment, I did feel sorry for her...

Then at the end of her post, she said 'life is so difficult now especially her baby will due soon'....

I was shocked! I mean if you can't afford $760 emergency fund then why the hell do you think you can afford a baby? I thought this woman was stupid... this family is dysfunctional...

I talked to a friend about it, then she said "maybe she is getting old and she needs to have a baby soon?". Ah ok... I can accept that, then I thought, maybe they are so dysfunctional that they couldnt work out contraception, hence the baby. Ooops..... my evil horns are out again. *speak to myself* Dont be mean, dont be mean!

Good luck to the family...