Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A seafood factory openned a few weeks ago, and it is located not far from my office. So I went there one Friday and got some nice seafood. The fishes were good, but the prawns were disappointing, $15 per kg, but they were not fresh at all...... brrr

Matt loves fish, so I am trying to cook more fish dishes when he is back. I bought a Mackarel steak, it is huge! I pan-fried the fish, then fried some sliced onion, minced garlic and sliced ginger with oyster sauce and fish sauce to pour over the fish steak. Yum yum!!

Of course, a stir fry vege is compulsory at every Chinese dinner. Zucchini is in season now, so cheap! $0.60 each, I bougth a few.... :p (I am so Aunty now). Stir fry Zucchini with dry shrimps and garlic...

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