Friday, December 12, 2008

His Debut Production

Matt spent 40 minutes on this (debut) production, his dream of me being a disco dancing elf.

Merry Christmas


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Seoul Korean - Northbridge

Matt and I had dinner at Seoul Korean on my birthday. I was craving for Korean BBQ :p

I have been to Seoul Korean (William Street, Northbridge. It is diagonally opposite Joy Tour) twice and totally love their marinated meat, especially the pork, not the thin pork slices but the pork pieces.

I remember we order one meat combo and one plate of scallop, I loveeeeeee scallops.

Matt thought Korean BBQ is quite fun and he did help me cook and flip the meat, we took turns to cook. A couple sitting at the next table were eating bbq as well, but the girl didn't cook at all, the bf had to do it all. Hahaha.... poor girl. She did look like those 'princessy' type of girl.... 公主!

Scallops!!!!!!!!! They were huge!

Marinated meat, yummy!

See the round cutting meat? Those are the thin pork slice, suppose to cook the meat then dip it in a special made sauce. It is quite nice, but I found that it stil carried a light porky smell. If you know what I mean.

Our orders came and some side dishes. :p
We really enjoyed the dinner and both came out smelling like BBQ! Total bill = $76.00 with a Corona.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Robotic People

Do you like people who love to stick to routines? I came across people who are so routines and refuse changes to anything and everything.

To be honest, they drive me mad! Especially when I have to work with these people! They don’t like changes, so don’t ever expect them to go out of their way to help you even when they are ‘suppose’ to help you.

They can be very petty as well, question you every single time you take a pen from the stationary; get extremely annoyed if you take a day off and do not let them know; get VERY upset if they do not know things that you know about the company.

These people have no lives, they get so worked up with the tiniest bit of thing. Sometimes, I feel like telling them “Fuck off and get a life”.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blood Type A

Recently, a friend of mine is crazy over blood type personality, A, B, O and AB. So she's been telling me a lot about the different personalities.

I find them pretty relevant and somehow true, hahaha... I am a typical type A and she is a typical O.

This was what I found about type A, here

Blood Type A - Tend to be cooperative, sensitive, clever, passionate and smart. Often bottling up anxiety in order to get along with others, they may hold in their emotions until they explode. Many are tense, impatient and unable to sleep well. While they are capable of leadership positions, they may not take them because the stress is not good for their tightly wired systems. They are perfectionists to say the least.

Blood type A's tend to have more sensitive constitutions. Too much stress weakens their immunity more quickly than other blood types. Low stomach acid is common among blood type A's even from birth, so special care should be taken when eating animal proteins.

AND here

Type A
People with blood type A have a deep-rooted strength that helps them stay calm in a crisis when everyone else is panicking. However, they tend to avoid confrontation, and feel very uncomfortable around people. A types are shy and sometimes withdrawn. They seek harmony and are very polite, but all the same feel that they never really fit in with others. A types are very responsible. If there is a job to be done, they prefer to take care of it themselves. These people crave success and are perfectionists. They are also very creative, and the most artistic of all the blood types, most likely because of their sensitivity.

I literally grew up with gastric, and it often trigger by emotions. I tend to get gastric when I am angry or upset. I usually get gastric when I quarrel with Matt :p and whenstupid customers ask me stupid questions.

However, I dont think I am shy nor withdrawn, though I am not very comfortable when I am around people that I hardly know.

The most accurate and relevant will be type A's are smart, and they will often wonder why some people can be so stupid and why would some people have no common sense at all! Yes, I do that all the time, always wonder what's wrong with some people, people who do not use their brains at the right time and people who do not go out of their comfort zone.

A very good example will be drivers who drive at 80km/h on the right lane of a freeway, which the speed limit is 100km/h. I would curse and yell behind the wheel, then over take them and give them a middle finger. Ok ok... exagerate here, I dont give them middle finger but if I could kill them with my eyes, there would be a lot of dead drivers on the freeway now. Then I will say "These people have no f**king common sense!".

I pray everyday now to keep stupid people and people without common sense out of my way, in case I get high bllod pressure soon.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ice Cream

Does anyone of you eat ice-cream as dinner? Or it is only me that will do that? I am the type of person who wouldn’t mind eating snack for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sometimes, I will just have ice-cream for dinner, or yogurt or a slice of cake.

Matt always asks me “what do you have for dinner?”, if I answer anything other than a ‘normal’ meal, he will say “you can’t have that for dinner!” “Why not?” “Because….”. To me, if it makes me feel full, then it is fine. :p

Am I the only person that does that? I would really like to know.

It can be due to my upbringing; my mom let me eat ice cream for dinner sometimes, she thinks ice-cream is made of milk, thus high in protein so I can eat ice-cream if I want to. If we happen to go to Pasar Malam (night market with many food, clothes, shoes, toys stalls and etc.), mom would buy me some cake, and I would have cake for breakfast the next day. My mom was the type of parent that let me eat anything that’s not ‘unhealthy’ (mainly deep fry, greasy food) as long as I am eating, and never had problem with me skipping a meal because I had too much to eat the meal before. Ha ha

I just had half a slice of cake this morning before I left for work :p

Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Birthday

I felt so loved and super sweet this birthday; not because I got some superb presents, nor big bash celebration, but Matt was able to celebrate with me. We spent the day eating bbq seafood in Fremantle and visited the zoo for a few hours.

My manager's daughters dropped by at the office on Thursday to give me these lovely flowers. I always babysit them when they have to come in to work with their dad. :p We make paper dolls, paper craft, drawing together. These girls are very adorable and pretty!

Matt picked me up with these beautiful roses, I did not tell him that yellow roses symbolises break ups, new beginning. I did a quick google on roses colours, every website has slightly different meaning. Some say 'new beginning', some say 'warmth, joyful, friendship' . Haha... none of them was about LOVE! Matt said the florist told him yellow roses are appropriate, I wonder what he said to the florist :p Poor baby got scammed! Is ok, I am happy with any roses, as long as they are not black :p

The weather was beautiful, soothing breeze and slightly cloudy but fine. We walked around the zoo, trying to burn off all the calories we took in from the seafood feast; Matt explained all the animals features and characteristics to me, thanks to National Geographic and Discovery Channels on Foxtel :p

I wanted to watch the elephant demonstration (I don't know why but I always LOVE elephant show, they just look so cute and clumsy). Unfortunately, due to the Red Bull Air Race practice at South Perth foreshore, the noise was so loud that the elephants were very distressed. Thus the trainer had to spend a few minutes to calm them down, kept talking to them and patting their bums (We were trying to figure out why did the trainer keep patting and scratching the elephants' bums). The elephants finally settled down and demonstrated a few tricks. The elephant that was performing, 'Permai' was only a young female elephant. Apparently they do not train male elephant as male elephants are difficult to train and can be very agressive.

We called it a day after the trip to the Zoo as Matt was feeling sick from the flight the night before, thus we agreed to have my birthday dinner on Saturday night instead. :p

Then on Saturday night, Matt asked me to decide a place to have my birthday dinner. I was craving for Korean BBQ, so I suggested Seoul Korean in Northbridge, I really liked their marinated meat. More about the restaurant will be on my food blog.

My birthday celebration wasn't grand nor expensive, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was swamped by birthday wishes and a birthday song all the way from Singapore, a rather interesting birthday present from Adelaide, and most importantly... Matt was here with me!

Thank you very much everyone!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lovely Gifts at Work

A colleague at work sometimes leave fresh strawberries on my desk on Monday morning. He picked these berries fresh from his friend's farm every Saturday, and placed some on my desk the following Monday.

These berries are very sweet and juicy. I told him before that I like strawberries, but they are always sour no matter how red they look. From then on, he always get me these sweet berries. See how he put them so nicely on my desk? Hehehe... Such a blessing to have nice people working around you.

These berries always put a smile on my face when I go into the office on Monday morning. :) Sometimes, I will offer them to my staff, sharing is caring :p

Monday, October 27, 2008

Which one to pick!!!??

Matt wants to get me a dog after we move into the new house, because we only want pure breed so we have to decide now so we can contact the breeder and 'book' a puppy as breeders do not mate their dogs every year, so we have to be lucky to find one.

We can only get something small or medium because the house is not very big and our yard is paved. So we have narrowed our choices don to 3 breeds. Pug, Staffy and miniature Shar Pei. Matt is not keen on pug, so now down to either Staffy or Shar Pei

Excellent with people, not too fond of other animals, must train them to be comfortable with other animals since they are puppies. Born to please, love being with family members. Easy to care for; but need exercise preferably daily walk. Staffy can be stubborn thus need to be trained when they are puppies. As they still have the fighting dog feature in them, so they should always be on leash when they are out.

Exceptionally independent; reserved in the presence of strangers. They are 'one man dog' they will only acknowledge one person to be their master, they will still love other family members but they will only choose one to be bond with. They will choose that particualr person. They do not need extra care for their coat, jsut normal wash and pat dry will do. However, their ears need to be cleaned regularly as their ears will accumulate dirt very easily.

Staffy will be ideal especially when I am alone at home, but Sharpei is jsut so cute :P And I simply love the fact that Staffy is very close to family. I would love my dog to be closed to me, like a companion.

Can't decide......maybe I should just get 2!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cheeky Mylo

Every morning, I would play with Mylo a few minutes before I go to work. Usually right before I pack my lunch pack. Mylo doesn’t really like the idea because he would still be asleep.

So I have to call him several times, then only he would emerge from his bed and walk (extremely) slowly to me.

This morning, while waiting for the iron to get hot, I called Mylo to come to me, after several calls and yells, he’s nowhere to be seen. I thought it was weird because I heard my aunt letting him out this morning so I was sure that he was awake. I searched every possible place that he would sleep and couldn’t find him.

I got panic, I thought he sneak out while he was out peeing. So I told my uncle that mylo was missing. So two of us search the house high and low while calling out his name.

Then I finally found him, he wasn’t very far away at all.

RIGHT UNDER MY VERY OWN BED! I think he sneak into my room when I was in shower and went straight under my bed, that’s one of his favourite spots whenever he is left alone at home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


2 of my close friends said to me not too long ago, "你真幸福", "everything is so smooth for you now, career & relationship are all working for you".

I do feel very "幸福", I have a pretty good job, my managers are good to me, very flexible with what I do. Matt is very nice to me, we are going to live together pretty soon, he bought a house for us, we are going to start a life together. I can't wait to have a place for us to call home.

I don't know why but I do feel insecure at the moment, maybe I am just afraid all these will disappear one day. I don't know.... an I being paranoid?

I just hope everything will turn out alright. I shall be positive thinking!


Been pondering about my life lately, have a few things going through my mind. Suddenly I miss home, miss my parents, miss the feelings being protected and not having to make decisions all the time.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

To do or not to do

I was offered a job in an advertising/media firm. The job requires me to do something similar to what I am doing now, plus some travelling, and manage a bigger (a lot bigger) customer database, in charge of all logistic, import/export and stock control.

I went for an interview before my trip to SG, but I wasn't very keen because the interviewer could not confirm my job scope and the package they could offer. So I put it behind me and didn't bother about the job anymore.

The manager contacted me 2 days ago, wishing to offer me the position and emailed me a brief job description. Seeing the economy is getting from bad to worse, I am now hesitate to leave my job, as I am comfortable in my current job, I still find it pretty challenging, stable income, close to the house we are moving into, and my managers are very flexible.

So, I did something.... I told the manager I am looking for something close to 60k plus super. I will not leave my current job for anything less. I was expecting him to say no, but he replied and said no problem, he wished to see me after his overseas trip to discuss the finer details.

Ahhhh... I didn't expect this to be honest. 60k a year is bloody attractive, seeing that I am looking at buying a house next year but I am afraid of the job stability this company can offer.

My current company is very stable because most of our clients are government, councils and major private contractors, hence we will never run out of business. On the other hand, I am concerned with advertising and media indutry as they will be hit hard when economy gets bad.

SO................... I don't know what to do... :(

Matt offers no sympathy as he thought I shouldn't have requested 60k if I wasn't interested in the job. ><

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Growing Up

For 6 months since beginning of this year, I went through a very rough time. I was very depressed, not motivated and often thinking my life was full of misery.

One of my friends made a statement, "what happened to the strong Jane?".

My sister asked me the same thing. I was puzzled as well, I kept asking myself what happened to me?

I remember when I was younger, especially in my teenage, I was a very strong, determined person. Whenever I was hurt, I refused to shed a tear, because I believed that the only way to repel your enemies was to be stronger than them and do not let them believe they could defeat me. I refused to show my emotions, especially when I was upset.

In relationships, whenever a relationship was failing, I was always the one who requested break up because I refused to forgive, refused to change, refused to compromise. After a relationship failed, I walked away without sheding a tear, and told myself to live better than him, to be a better person than him, to be more successful than him.

As I get older, my thoughts have changed, I have grown "weaker". I allow my emotions to take reveal, I allow myself to cry when I am upset. Most important of all, I have became more forgiving, I tend to forgive and forget.

I have also became more compassionate, and more expressive with my feelings. I found it easier to tell my bf and friends that I love them, I talk to my mom and sis more often about what happens to me, I will ask for help now when I can't do something.

To be honest, I am liking the current "me". I feel that I am really living life now, allowing myself to experience the different emotions; though it may not be happy emotion all the time, but I am enjoying the time when I can look back and think "Wow..., those were some shitty times...." and smile because I have gone through it.

I learned that being strong does not mean holding all emotions and not let them appear on our expression. Be strong, be strong to allow yourself to feel how you should feel, but not letting your emotions to take over your senses. Be strong to express your emotions ......

Thursday, October 09, 2008

We are back from SG!

DOH! We have been back for 2 weeks, but I got very busy with work and am still very busy actually. We had a fantastic trip, good food, good shopping, met up with my parents, friends and F1!!!

I was never a big F1 fan, but I really enjoyed the race. The sharp turn, the high speed, the crashes... WOW..... thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you very much to Matt, my dearest bf for taking me there and all the shopping! Muaks!

I will post more pics and details about the trip soon. When I have time!!!

Check out my food blog for all the food tasting in SG!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Stuff

I have so many drafts waiting to be published yet I have no intention to complete them :(

I am sitting here thinking what else do I need to pack for the trip? I really can't think of anything as I believe Singapore has everything!

I had a job interview today, somehow it wasn't the same thing I expected and definitely not what I was told initially by the person who recommended for the job. I hinted the interviewer that the job is too easy for me and I dont think they can afford what I expect to be paid. Anyway, I also told them I am not desperate to leave my current company hence it would have to be a damn good offer to make me leave the current company.

I am sleepy! Yes...very sleepy. It was a busy day for me, so busy at work and then busy doing last minute shopping!

Ok, I better watch some TV to relax then checked my bags again.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Aussie Car Drivers Review

I came across a very interesting Australian Drivers Review recently and it was done by a very comprehensive Interactive Driving Survey, organised by Private Fleet. It is indeed very interesting to find out the different habits that us Australian drivers have developed over time with technology. This was the press release:

Private Fleet has just completed the most comprehensive survey of its kind ever done in Australia giving a fascinating and sometimes shocking insight into the habits of drivers across the country.

2,500 Australian drivers were surveyed and their responses shed some light on many age old driving questions.

Detailed and comprehensive statistics on controversial topics such as women drivers, Holden vs Ford, city or country, P-Platers and Volvo drivers are all available via our interactive survey.

Being an interactive survey, YOU can choose the information YOU want to see. Always suspected elderly Honda drivers were the slowest on the road? Is it true that South Australian Toyota drivers are more aggressive than NSW country drivers? With something like 10,000 possible combinations to explore, you’ll find the answers to your most detailed suspicions.

The results are often surprising and always revealing – a few extracts follow:

While young (17-25) Toyota drivers are 40% more likely than the average driver to talk on the phone whilst driving, they are about 30% less likely to drink and drive

The best overall statistically reliable segment of drivers are female drives in QLD aged between 41 and 60. The worst drivers are (perhaps unsurprisingly) male P-Platers from NSW

Male drivers are worse drivers in all categories except “Text Messaging Whilst Driving” category which female drivers came out tops.

Summary by Car Type

Overall Holden hold the unenviable title of housing Australia’s worst drivers where as Mazda come out on top as the having the best behaved drivers.

When it comes to talking on the phone (without using a hands-free), VW drivers are the worst offenders with 74% admitting to having committed such an offence whilst only 60% Mazda drivers admit to the same

A surprise when it comes to ‘leadfoots’, with VW taking out the title as 54% admit to exceeding the speed limit by more than 30kmh. The unhurried Hyundai driver reveals just 32% breaking the limit by more than 30km/hr

BMW drivers may be the best behaved when it comes to text messages but they take out the dubious honour of the worst drink drivers with 42% admitting to having driven after drinking 3 or more standard alcoholic drinks. Honda drivers keep it straight with less than 33% admitting the same.

Summary by State

Overall, South Australia is home to the country’s worst drivers whilst Australian Capital Territory drivers are (comparatively) squeaky clean!

With mobile phones, 21% of SA drivers admit to (often or sometimes) talking on the phone whilst driving whilst just 10% of ACT drivers confess to the same. Similarly South Australian send text messages whilst driving at ten times the rate of their ACT counterparts (10% vs 1%).

Speed freaks head for Tasmania where nearly 50% of drivers say that they have exceeded the speed limit by more than 30 km/hr whilst Victorians take their time as only 39% putting their pedal to the metal.

The results for Question 13 was 'interesting'. Somehow I dont believe only 32 people out of 2424 that often intimidate other drivers on road. I come across 'tailgaters' on a daily basis :p

I am a Toyota driver, and I have to say I hardly talk to on the phone when I am driving. I would always tell the caller that I am driving and I will ring them back as soon as I can. Texting while driving is very dangerous indeed, I did it a few times and I have to admit it did create certain level of danger.

Why are Mazda drivers the best behaved? *Ponder. Hey, I was a Mazda driver!

BMW drivers involve in most drink driving cases, can I assume because majority of BMW drivers are business men and they tend to drink more when they are out entertaining customers?

Male drivers are worse drivers in all categories except “Text Messaging Whilst Driving” category which female drivers came out tops. Once again, females are proven to be the safer drivers! Yay! We maybe bad at reading maps, but we drive safer!

South Australia is home to the country’s worst drivers. I happen to know someone who drives in SA. /cough

Hopefully Australian drivers can drive more cautiously after reading the results of this survey. Just remember that when you are driving on a road, you are not only risking your life, but others as well.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nice Journey

I was driving on Kwinana Freeway one Sunday early afternoon, and this was the scenery I enjoyed while driving. What a beautiful day.... could never experience such scenery in KL. :p

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Auto Salon

Auto Salon show in Perth Convention Centre. Matt took me there, was quite disappointing though, not many cars. For $18 per ticket, think it is kind of a rip off.
Some did catch my attention....can never understand the extend people will go to modify their cars. Some are just sooo ugly
Definitely MY type of car!

When there are cars, there are girls... well.. no comment on the girls but 'yuk!'

VERIEEEE nice.. (Borat's style)

This is indeed very fat, with all the side body kits, fatter than Matt's supra

I love the matte coating!

This is a BMW, but the owner made it so ugly. It should be a classy car..../sigh

Boomers vs Iran

Matt LOVESSSS basketball, haha I used to play basketball ages ago when I was in primary school. I know ... very long time ago indeed.

To pamper him after his work shift, I bought tickets to watch Boomers Vs Iran game held in Challenge Stadium, it was a friendly match before Olympics. They were in the same group in Olympics, thus they organised a match.

OOo... one of the Iran players was so cute... I was secretly staring at him...:p

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So I am sick at the moment, throat infection and fever. MY company practised strict leave policy so off I went to see my GP to get a cert to prove that I am indeed unfit for work.

My GP wasn't available so I was referred to another female doc, I was reluctant but did not have a choice. She is an Asian doc with an Aussie last name, must have married to an ang mo. Anyway, she apologised for the wait, I waited 30 mins...... She was very efficient though, quick I should say.

She asked me several questions to update my profile, and advised me on my Thalasemia condition. Basically things I already knew. Then she asked if I was single, I said yes. No kid? No. And confirmed that I am on pills and anti histamine. Yes and Yes.

Then she told me I have throat infection and prescibed me some antibiotics. She reminded me that the antibiotics will eliminate the pills that I am taking for 7 days and blablabla... Then she asked me to use condoms for the next 2 weeks.

Then I realised I just told her I am single but I am on pills, will that make her think I sleep around that's why I need pills? Then she suggested me to have a pap smear, that kinda tells me that she does think so. :p

For a split second, I wanted to clarify, but thought what the heck.... my personal life is none of her business..

Friday, August 22, 2008


So WA state election campaign is on, Labour and Liberal are fighting like cats and dogs. I am not into politics, and definitely not too familiar with this country politics. However, I always chuckle when I heard the radio or see TV ads about the election, how these parties insult, condemn, criticise one another. I mean they do it so openly!

You have to admit you can’t see that in Malaysia, in Malaysia, they will try to put you in jail instead, so they have less competitors. LOL

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Need Another Great Challenge

Today is a ‘rare’ day for me, as I wasn’t busy at work :p I have bits and pieces to finish off but nothing need to be completed in a hurry. Sometimes, I can be so busy that everyone at work will ask one another “Why is Jane so quiet today?”. Doh… because I am busy and have a deadline to meet!

I am happy to say that I am currently in a very comfortable phase of my life. I have a job, a steady and considerably good salary, a smart and good looking bf (I have to say something nice just in case he reads my blog), a great group of friends, a not so fancy but reliable car and also currently pursueing a certificate in accounting and finance. Thus I think I am ready for a great challenge now! AN INVESTMENT PROPERTY!

I am planning to buy a property in the next 12 – 18 months, depending on Perth economy, ideally will be within 12 months but I keep telling myself that I can’t rush buying a property. So I have spoken to a mortgage broker, and found out that I am not a desirable candidate for First Home Buyer but I can get a loan of over 330k if I want to buy an investment property. I was told that I need to get rid of my car loan, and reduce my credit card limit. Credit card is not a problem at all as I don’t owe credit card a hell lot, maybe another $500 in there this month but my car……..>_<. So I am going to spend next 12 months to pay off my car loan of over 14k. Yea, wish me luck. It is doable, but needs sacrifices and determination…/rawr!

Pray Pray Pray

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Diet

I was very fat for a period of time, I was a size 12 approx. 3 years ago. I felt like a whale, especially whenever my parents told me that I was FAT!

After I got together with Matt, I started to watch what I eat, control the amount, frequency and blend in some exercises from time to time. I hate working out, so I focus on my diet.

I started to get smaller, I became size 10 then now a size 8! Oh well, i still have to get size 10 for certain cuttings because I dont like tight body hugging pants and shirts.

One thing I learned about dieting is I have to eat food that I like, if I don't like the food I eat, I will tend to munch on snack.

So I started to pack lunch to work, and also snacks that I have between before and after lunch. This is very good as I can save heaps of money by not buying lunch.

I do not skip carb in my diet, I eat everything and anything, but small portions and eat every 2-3 hours depending how hungry I get.

So this is what I eat..... Mon - Fri, I tend to have a break on weekends, I go out with friends to restaurant or cooking nice meals for Matt and myself when he is back.

Breakfast - 8am - 1 slice of peanut butter sandwich + coffee OR 1 glass of soy milk. Peanut butter is fattening but thats my favourite!

Snack - 11am - custome made yogurt or another slide of bread with peanut butter or 1 fruit

Lunch - 1:30pm - Salad with 1 piece of meat (fish or chicken only) OR small portion of left over dinner (noodle or rice) OR vege soup (big bowl)

Snack - 3:30pm - 1 fruit (So you see I have at least 2 fruits a day)

Dinner - 6/7pm - Eat anything I want but small portion, as I will still feel pretty full from the 3:30pm snack.

Of course, I try to be as versatile as possible for my lunch, from home-made pizza (with pita bread) to egg fried rice. Sometimes, I will bring sweets as well like agar-agar :p Basically, I will make my lunch pack as exciting as possible, so I will look forward to eating the food and feel content after eating them.

I also drink green tea and herbal tea through out the day when I am at work. I drink this special detox tea every fortnight to flush my system, I feel so much lighter after the 'detox' session.

Oh, there is one good thing about me. I dont like sweet pastries and drinks. So I don't drink any soft drink, the only sweet drink I drink are coffee, juice and bubbletea!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yoga Again

I am thinking of taking up Yoga again, I need something to help me relax.

I am so overwhelmed by work and studies lately, that I couldn't sleep well at night and I am starting to resent work (Which is definitely a big NO NO seeing my expenses are ever increasing).

Relationship wise... oh well.. full of ups and downs. I started to review my past relationships and all my ex bfs. A friend every commented that I am a person who needs to be constantly in love, I need to have a bf and I am lucky enough to hardly run out of men in my past 25 years of lives. She said it could because it is important for me to find a companion, that's why I am never short of 'bf'.

I started dating when I was 16...... that was when I lost my first kiss, it was a total disaster.

1st bf - Chen Seng.....

He is a very tall guy, I had no idea why I decided to be with him. I was too young I guess, too much pressure from parents; I wasn't allowed to have bf at that age. I felt he was rather possesive, because he wanted to talk to me on the phone every night and see me every weekend, which should be normal for normal couple; but not for me. In the end, I was tired of the pressure and sneaking around, I ended it. He did try to ask me out again a couple of years later, but feelings weren't there for sure and he wasn't that type of guy I wanted.

2nd bf - Kwang Hooi

He was the first guy that I showed to my parents. My parents were happy with him, because he was stable, mature, had a career and very protective towards me. Again, I think it wasn't the right timing, I was young; only 18, I wanted all the attention I could get from him. Unfortunately, his career came before me and he was spending less and less time on me. I gave up finally, but he asked for a second chance; I gave in. 2 weeks later, I called him to end it, simply because I am tired of struggling, tired of getting attention from him, tired of telling him I am lonely.

3rd bf - Michael

Ha ha.. I am not sure if I should call him my 'bf', because he wasn't serious with me at all. He was just fooling around and I caught him cheating. Believe it or not, he is still trying to get my attention at this very moment and asked me to forgive him for something that happened 7 years ago. He was the biggest black mark in my life.....

4th bf - Andrew

I never doubted his sincerity towards me. I knew he was very serious about the relationship and planned for our future. Unfortunately, his attitude was wrong. Our relationship was the most miserable one that I ever had. We were together for 18 months, but I cried for 12 months. He is married with 1 duaghter in US now, but his attitude is still the same. I feel sorry for his wife.

5th bf - Adrian

Adrian was a fantastic bf, but to be honest, I have always doubted his love to me when we were together. When it all ended, I was quite convinced that he didn't love me as much as he claimed he did, because his love to his religion is way over and beyond our love. It took me awhile to get over the break up, I was so devastated that I thought of giving in, choosing to believe in things I couldn't believe. I was glad we didn't patch up, now I could see Adrian will never be the man I desire. He is getting married in April, glad that he found the girl he wanted.

6th bf - Matt

Matt is by far the most intelligent bf I ever had, smart and has this wicked sense of humour. He never failed to make me laugh and of course make me cry very easily as well. This relationship is full of ups and downs but I have never given up. Whenever I felt like giving up, there was always some sort of light led me back believing things will be alright. Matt is unique compare to the guys I dated, maybe that's why I am crazy over him and I still love him very much. We have very similar interests, except for cars, we like watching basketball (I am not as crazy as him), we believe in working hard and enjoying life when we can, we have similar taste when it comes to fashion and style. I do hope he is my last bf.....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Learn To Be Happy

I've realised that I am the kind of person that does not know how to make myself happy. I often have to ask myself "Am I happy?", I do feel like an emotion retard sometimes because how come I do not know if I am happy or not?

I admire people who are always happy, I really want to know how they do it.

I thought at my age, I have learnt all the fundamentals to be a 'good', 'normal' human being, but I think I have yet mastered the skill to be HAPPY.

Sometimes, I know that I will be unhappy when I find out the truth about something, and yet I will insist to find out the truth and get extremely upset over it. A lot of friends asked why I wanted to know the truth when I know very clearly that I will be very upset after.

Sigh... I really need to learn how to make myself happy

Monday, July 21, 2008


Matt: I want a more exciting Xmas gift this year. No more chairs or tables.

(I bought him an office chair last year)

Me: Ah... ok. I will buy you a stack of porno dvds. Sure get you excited...

Matt: ......

Me: Winner!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Do you often wonder why people do certain things? Do you often ask yourself "What did he do that?" "What was she thinking?" "How can they do that?"

I often find myself asking the same questions, sometimes I have absolutely no idea why some people would do things that didn't even cross my mind.

I have that feelings especially when I see news like "father killed 3 children", "Mother starved child to death"

What has the world has become... I can't imagine what will happen in 20 years time. /tsk /tsk

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Glasses Online

I have never bought a pair of glasses in Perth, other than sunglasses. Simply because I don't like most of the designs and they are very expensive (well, for those frames that are not covered by my private health cover).

Now we have ZenniOptical with modern and stylish prescription glasses starting from $8.00.

Most of Zenni precription glasses come with anti-scratch coating and UV protection. Good bargain I reckon.

Other than the competitive prices, you also have more options when it comes to the design of the frame. Funky, modern, elegant, simple, classy.

Buying your glasses online save you the time to go to a shop and then back again to collect your glasses. Another good thing about buying glasses from ZenniOptical, the postage is a flat rate per order, doesn't matter how many glasses you order in ONE order.

*This is a sponsored post by PayPerPost*

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Right, people who have met me before know that I am pretty voluptous and I am not ashamed to admit that I have rather big breasts for my petite figure and my Asian heritage.

Since I was 10, I realised that I started developing quicker compare to my classmates. Thank GOD for my mom who understands how important bra is to growing teenagers. So my mom always make sure I get to wear good and supportive bras.

As I get older, I learn to appreciate my body and no longer feel that my voluptous body as a burden but learn to compliment it with the different outfit and of course BRA.

Wearing the right bra is extremely important to women. I realised that many of my friends are actually wearing the wrong bra, and to be honest I suspect many of them have never gone for a professional bra fitting before. A quick tip will be, adjust the bra straps so that your breasts are actually lifted up, with the nipples looking straight; not down.

Girls should not be shamed to have a bra fitting session by the professionals at the lingerie shop, they can tell you what size suit you best and you will be amazed how good your body look with the right bra. I am a size 8 now, I was size 10 a month ago but believe it or not, I have been wearing size 12 bras and I know a size 8 girl that has to wear size 14 bra. So dont assume that your bra size is similar to your dress size. WRONG!

And do not think one bra fitting is sufficient, you bra shape and size change just like your body. So have a bra fitting session at least once a year to make sure your breats are well taken care off!

Hahah.. if you are too shy to have bra fitted for you by some strangers, feel free to bring me along, I can help you /wink /wink

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mario Cart!

Matt and I love this game, by far the best game we ever bought for Wii. We played this game day and night over last weekend. :p We were Mario Cart OUT. Totally overdosed.. hahaha

We searched for tips to unlocked characters, karts & bikes and circuits. Matt was so good that he managed to unlock all the circuits!

Then we play online via the wireless Internet. It was fun playing with other players instead of the computer.

I know this game is sold out at many stores, so good luck in getting one if you havent but plan to. Definitely worth the money :)