Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Stuff

I have so many drafts waiting to be published yet I have no intention to complete them :(

I am sitting here thinking what else do I need to pack for the trip? I really can't think of anything as I believe Singapore has everything!

I had a job interview today, somehow it wasn't the same thing I expected and definitely not what I was told initially by the person who recommended for the job. I hinted the interviewer that the job is too easy for me and I dont think they can afford what I expect to be paid. Anyway, I also told them I am not desperate to leave my current company hence it would have to be a damn good offer to make me leave the current company.

I am sleepy! Yes...very sleepy. It was a busy day for me, so busy at work and then busy doing last minute shopping!

Ok, I better watch some TV to relax then checked my bags again.


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