Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Buildng a House Part 2

The settlement for the land took place this morning. I am officially a land owner.

I had to pay a lot of money down a deposit, I am BROKE now.... really, my bank account has never been so low before. Sigh...

A few days before my finance approval deadline, the bank changed their mind and decided to lend me less money, so I had to fork ot more moneyon my own if I want to get the loan. I was so lost at that time, because I wasn't sure if I can do it, if I was to put in the extra money, then I would have very little spare cash left and no more annual holiday for both Matt and I.

I was so stressed...

I knew if I didnt get the loan now, I would miss the boat of ever oning a house because interest rate is rising and the special first home owner grant was ending.

So I just bit the bullet and did it. I scrap all my money together and got the loan.

Matt said he would support me if I am really tight during the building phase. But I think I will be fine.

During the building phase, the bank would only allow me to pay interests only, so I guess I would try to save up some emergency fund again....

The fun of being a home owner...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

MY weekend routine

This weekend is the first weekend that I get to be alone with Cheska. My parents were here with my grandfather and 3 aunties for a couple of weeks , and I was so busy spending time with them.

So this weekend, I have to catch upwith housework. Yea, sounds interesting right? I told my mom, now I realised how much work she needed to do when I was young and we ddnt have a maid. My mom has alwas been working full time and also taking care of the household.

I had so much to do today that I am feeling so tired now. I did 3 loads of washing, thanks to the hot weather, all dry within half an hour. So now I have 3 basket full of clothes to fold and iron. Yay!

Gardening, the weed is growing like crazy on the garden bed, so it is time to pull the out ad spray some weed killer.

Washed the bathrooms and toilets.

Cook some dishes to freeze so I dont have to cook everyday next week especially I am looking at a very busy 'working' week. Curry and braise chicken are on the menu so far.

Wash Cheska

Vacuum and mop the whole house

Clean all windows and sliding door...

So I asked Matt to help me with some housework a few weeks ago, he offered to hire me a cleaner because he doesn't want to clean after he works 8 days of 12 hours shift. I am still considering if I need a cleaner, because I feel very uneasy having a stranger to clean my stuff.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Building a house - Part 1 Settlement Agent

So I am going to build my first home. After all the drama and stress, my settlement agent rang me this afternoon and told me that my land is ready for settlement on next Tuesday.

When Matt bought the house that we are living in now, we were very stressed. We were stressed because we were inexpeienced and also due to him working away, we were stressed about making sure that he signs everything before hewent back to work.

Matt's settlement agent was bad, bad bad! I can't reveal her name here incase she (somehow) reads my blog and sue me for defamation. If you want to know whow is that, send me an email and we shall discuss further :p

She was unprofessional, slack and stupid! I had to hunt her down whenever I have query. Because Matt was working away, so he appointed me to act on behalf of him, hence I was the pointof contact. Towards the end, I decided to go and see the managing director of the company, but then we were in a hurry to move in (right before Xmas) so I didn't.

So now, for my land settlement, I had to look for a settlement agent. For overseas reader, when you buy a home and land package in Perth, you have to settle the land first so the builder can start building then you settle the house with the builder at the end.

This time, I asked the land broker to recommend an agent that she is familiar and happy to deal with. She recommended 3, one happened to be the company where Matt's settlement agent was. I told her what happened, she threw away the company card, yes it was another agent that she recommended but I simply do not trust the company at all now. So I picked 2 that she recommended and went for the cheaper quote.

My agent is a single mom who works from home. She is wonderful, switched on, fast and efficient! I haven't met her and my land is settling on Tuesday. She sent me paperwork without me asking for it and let me know exactly what will happen next and what I need to do next. She tells me everything and prepares me for what's going to happen. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a settlement agent.