Saturday, October 17, 2009

MY weekend routine

This weekend is the first weekend that I get to be alone with Cheska. My parents were here with my grandfather and 3 aunties for a couple of weeks , and I was so busy spending time with them.

So this weekend, I have to catch upwith housework. Yea, sounds interesting right? I told my mom, now I realised how much work she needed to do when I was young and we ddnt have a maid. My mom has alwas been working full time and also taking care of the household.

I had so much to do today that I am feeling so tired now. I did 3 loads of washing, thanks to the hot weather, all dry within half an hour. So now I have 3 basket full of clothes to fold and iron. Yay!

Gardening, the weed is growing like crazy on the garden bed, so it is time to pull the out ad spray some weed killer.

Washed the bathrooms and toilets.

Cook some dishes to freeze so I dont have to cook everyday next week especially I am looking at a very busy 'working' week. Curry and braise chicken are on the menu so far.

Wash Cheska

Vacuum and mop the whole house

Clean all windows and sliding door...

So I asked Matt to help me with some housework a few weeks ago, he offered to hire me a cleaner because he doesn't want to clean after he works 8 days of 12 hours shift. I am still considering if I need a cleaner, because I feel very uneasy having a stranger to clean my stuff.

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