Sunday, October 17, 2010


I absolutely hate summer! Grrr.... the weather just drive me nuts, I could feel that the pores on my face opening up, my hair getting greasier etc.

Not only that, I have to wake up earlier in summer because I have to water the plants and the lawn before I go to work, and I have no excuse not to take Cheska out for a morning walk. I love it after my walk but dread to get out of bed earlier.. Sigh

Oh, I have to change the liquid in the fly trap more often in summer because it will be filled with flies in no time and that bloody liquid is very very disgusting, stink to the max. But I have to do it to protect Cheska from fly bites.

Summer is also the time when I cannot hide my fat under any jacket... :(

Ok OK... I shall be positive.... I LOVE SUMMER FRUITS! Grape, mango, plum.... oh yes baby, come to mommy!