Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am finally enjoying my long awaited Xmas break. I am having a one week break and my parents are over from Malaysia.

I have a few plans over this break, I want to pick up sewing again and Matt got me a new sewing maching. I have been learning how to use the machine and also trying to sew a few cushion cover. I learned sewing when I was in primary school, using my mom's antique sewing machine. All I did was some basic sewing, nothing too complex. I am aiming to learn how to sew a proper dress. Glad that my mom is here, she's been sewing almost all her life, I remember she used to make all her dresses and tops and skirts, it was her way to save money. That's one of my intension too.

I intend to take up sewing classes but due to some work commitments, I can't do it till maybe May :(. I can only keep sewing cushion cover, aprons, and other simple things. ><

I am also going to try to learn some new baking recipes, looking forward to try this choc mousse cake that I found online, too bad Matt is not a choc fan ....

Have a wonder Xmas and New Year!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Summer is here, the weather is definitely warming up. I am currently spring cleaning the house and decluttering, in preparation for Xmas.

I was never a Xmas fan, I used to celebrate Xmas because I was asked to; friends and family invite me over for Xmas lunch and dinner. So I had to prepare presents, blablabla... te whole Xmas thing..

However, this is the first Xmas we spending in this house. Yes, we did move in before last Xmas but the house wasn't entirely ready as a 'HOME' so we consider this our first Xmas. So this year, I am all ready to 'celebrate' Xmas. Matt is going to get me a Xmas tree the coming weekend, I have bought a wreath and some Xmas decor, I can't wait to decorate it and put it up.

Unfortunately, there is no snow in Perth, Xmas is always hot! So annoying..

Anyway, the warm weather is making me feeling lazy to cook when I come home from work. I just can't be bothered to cook, adding more heat to the house. Yes, I can always turn on the air-con, but cooking smell and air con just dont work too well. So, I have decided to do bulk cooking on the weekend and freeze them!

Today, I've made Irish lamb stew, chicken curry and bolognese sauce. May make some satay beef tomorrow, depending how motivated I feel. Next week, when I get home from work, I just have to either cook some rce or spaghetti.

As for now, time to sleep.... Yawn...

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Birthday

So I am officially 27, 3 years to the big 30. I am not afraid of getting old, I admire people who age gracefully. As long as the wrinkles, cellulite, freckles stay awa from me, I am happy.

I went to Burswood, Atrium restaurant for dinner with my close friends. Thank you very much to Karen, Simon, Yumi, Jesse, SingLin, Binh and CC. Great company. Unfortunately, I wasn't very hungry that night, so I didn't eat $55 worth of food. ><

Lovely Singlin baked me a cakem thank you!

I had a emotion melt down on that day. Matt rang me and I ended up crying to him on the phone. He wanted to know why I was so upset, but I had no idea. Maybe just too many things happened at that time that I have no idea if I can ope with them.

Matt wasn't here again for my birthday, I thought I have gotten use to not having him by my side on special occasions, somehow I wished he was here. Maybe I need grow up...

Anyway, he did make it up for me. Took me to Cocos for dinner and bought me an iPhone. :p Loving that phone at the momen. The food at Cocos was fantastic! We love the food there and the service was great!

It was agood birthday after all....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Buildng a House Part 2

The settlement for the land took place this morning. I am officially a land owner.

I had to pay a lot of money down a deposit, I am BROKE now.... really, my bank account has never been so low before. Sigh...

A few days before my finance approval deadline, the bank changed their mind and decided to lend me less money, so I had to fork ot more moneyon my own if I want to get the loan. I was so lost at that time, because I wasn't sure if I can do it, if I was to put in the extra money, then I would have very little spare cash left and no more annual holiday for both Matt and I.

I was so stressed...

I knew if I didnt get the loan now, I would miss the boat of ever oning a house because interest rate is rising and the special first home owner grant was ending.

So I just bit the bullet and did it. I scrap all my money together and got the loan.

Matt said he would support me if I am really tight during the building phase. But I think I will be fine.

During the building phase, the bank would only allow me to pay interests only, so I guess I would try to save up some emergency fund again....

The fun of being a home owner...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

MY weekend routine

This weekend is the first weekend that I get to be alone with Cheska. My parents were here with my grandfather and 3 aunties for a couple of weeks , and I was so busy spending time with them.

So this weekend, I have to catch upwith housework. Yea, sounds interesting right? I told my mom, now I realised how much work she needed to do when I was young and we ddnt have a maid. My mom has alwas been working full time and also taking care of the household.

I had so much to do today that I am feeling so tired now. I did 3 loads of washing, thanks to the hot weather, all dry within half an hour. So now I have 3 basket full of clothes to fold and iron. Yay!

Gardening, the weed is growing like crazy on the garden bed, so it is time to pull the out ad spray some weed killer.

Washed the bathrooms and toilets.

Cook some dishes to freeze so I dont have to cook everyday next week especially I am looking at a very busy 'working' week. Curry and braise chicken are on the menu so far.

Wash Cheska

Vacuum and mop the whole house

Clean all windows and sliding door...

So I asked Matt to help me with some housework a few weeks ago, he offered to hire me a cleaner because he doesn't want to clean after he works 8 days of 12 hours shift. I am still considering if I need a cleaner, because I feel very uneasy having a stranger to clean my stuff.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Building a house - Part 1 Settlement Agent

So I am going to build my first home. After all the drama and stress, my settlement agent rang me this afternoon and told me that my land is ready for settlement on next Tuesday.

When Matt bought the house that we are living in now, we were very stressed. We were stressed because we were inexpeienced and also due to him working away, we were stressed about making sure that he signs everything before hewent back to work.

Matt's settlement agent was bad, bad bad! I can't reveal her name here incase she (somehow) reads my blog and sue me for defamation. If you want to know whow is that, send me an email and we shall discuss further :p

She was unprofessional, slack and stupid! I had to hunt her down whenever I have query. Because Matt was working away, so he appointed me to act on behalf of him, hence I was the pointof contact. Towards the end, I decided to go and see the managing director of the company, but then we were in a hurry to move in (right before Xmas) so I didn't.

So now, for my land settlement, I had to look for a settlement agent. For overseas reader, when you buy a home and land package in Perth, you have to settle the land first so the builder can start building then you settle the house with the builder at the end.

This time, I asked the land broker to recommend an agent that she is familiar and happy to deal with. She recommended 3, one happened to be the company where Matt's settlement agent was. I told her what happened, she threw away the company card, yes it was another agent that she recommended but I simply do not trust the company at all now. So I picked 2 that she recommended and went for the cheaper quote.

My agent is a single mom who works from home. She is wonderful, switched on, fast and efficient! I haven't met her and my land is settling on Tuesday. She sent me paperwork without me asking for it and let me know exactly what will happen next and what I need to do next. She tells me everything and prepares me for what's going to happen. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a settlement agent.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Whenever Matt is back, we often go to our favourite dim sum restaurant on Sunday morning then head to the city to 'look see look see'. Well, we decided to sleep in last Sunday, hence no dim sum.

I was thinking of preparing a big breakfast, but I did not have bacon nor sausage. So I decided to make some pancake, couldnt make his favourite banana pancake because no bananas are still pretty green so I took out some frozen mixed berries from the freezer, defrost them, and mashed them to make some berries pancake. I added some sugar because the mixed berries are very sour!

The mix turned out pretty scary! Hahahahaha....

The pancake also turned out pretty scary, but tasted pretty good, Matt ate the whole plate, about 8 mini pancakes, Cheska had half :P

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy Bee

I have been so busy lately that I often wonder "What have I done today?", I am so busy yet I feel I am so unproductive. Do you feel that sometimes?

When I am at work, I get distracted every 10 mins or so because someone needs me to help them with something. I have 3 bosses wanting me to help them in different areas; annual budget, stock take, drafting correspondence... OMG.... my big boss actually rang me on the phone and wanted me to project the annual budget right there and then, I really hope that I gave the right figure to him ><

I am also travelling a fair bit at the moment for work, so spending less time in the office, hence the extra work load I get upon my return is quite scary.... and dont forget the mad rush to finish everything before I go away...

So when I get home, I am usually very tired to do anything. When Matt was home, lucky I could still cook and managed to whip up some simple dishes and thank GOD Matt is not a fussy eater. I try as muc as I could not to get take away because they are just so expensive. We are trying to save money for our annual holiday.

Well, at least time goes quick when I am busy....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Roast Chicken

Bought a whole free range chicken from Woolies the other day, I really wanted to try roasting a whole chicken but was always told that home made roast chicken can be dry, not as moist as the one you get from the supermarket.

I aways get the Woolies roast chicken, especially when they are marked down (I am a cheapskate). Woolies must sell their roast chicken within 4 hours after they are put on the shelf, so once they hit 3.5 hours, they will be marked down for quick sale. So they are still very fresh!

When I get the roast chicken from Woolies, I made that into several meals and of course Cheska would get some, how can I forget about my baby! So first I have the drumstick with some salad or steam vege, then I will take off the wings (tiny wings), have them with instant noodle for next meal. Then I will shred al the breast meat out to make chicken salad roll or simple sandwich. Last, I chop off all the soft bones for Cheska! Not bad for a $5.20 roast chicken!

Ok, back to the raw chicken that I bought, cost me over $7 (Woolies chicken seems like a better deal! Not only it save gas but also cheaper!) but I would like to think free range chicken is healthier!

So I made the roast chicken on a Sunday, the chicken turned out to be sooooo GOOD! So yummy and moist! I had a drumstick and tiny wing, while Matt ate the rest of the chicken! The whole chicken was gone, oh well... except the carcass of course. I was so proud that my first attempt turned out sooo good!

I also made some roast baby potatoes and pumpkin. Roasted everything in one go! Delicious! The whole dinner for two maybe just over $10.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Aren't they cute??!! I can't wait for more to grow, I think some will be ready for harvest when my parents are here, my mom loves mushrooms.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A seafood factory openned a few weeks ago, and it is located not far from my office. So I went there one Friday and got some nice seafood. The fishes were good, but the prawns were disappointing, $15 per kg, but they were not fresh at all...... brrr

Matt loves fish, so I am trying to cook more fish dishes when he is back. I bought a Mackarel steak, it is huge! I pan-fried the fish, then fried some sliced onion, minced garlic and sliced ginger with oyster sauce and fish sauce to pour over the fish steak. Yum yum!!

Of course, a stir fry vege is compulsory at every Chinese dinner. Zucchini is in season now, so cheap! $0.60 each, I bougth a few.... :p (I am so Aunty now). Stir fry Zucchini with dry shrimps and garlic...

My favourite moment in the morning

Do you have a favourite moment in the morning? I do...

Every morning, I wake up about 7am, Cheska and Matt will still be in bed. I usually let Cheska come up to our bed about 6am. Matt and the dog will sleep in while I get ready to work.

When I prepare my cereal, Cheska will def hear that... Hhahaha...

Then I will hear her yawn.."Aweee.......", she yawn rather loud. Then I hear her jumping down from the bed, and run out of the room. She will stand at the hallway with her bed head and flipped ears, and looking at me standing next to the kitchen bench. She is like saying "Morning mom! I am awake!"

I will then bend down and call her. She will run straight to me, give me kisses and bury her head in my tummy, rubbing her face on my PJ. ><

THAT is my favourite moment!!!!

She will then proceed to the backyard to do her business, and have her breakfast. After her breakfast, she will say hello to Matt by stomping on him and licking him. Then back to her sleep..... hahahahaha

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ondeh Ondeh

One night, I was craving for Ondeh Ondeh, especially the one my mom made, so big and full of Gula Melaka. So I went online and found a recipe, it was actually very easy to make. Just a bit time consuming to hand roll each and every sigle one then boil them.

Matt refused to try them, he doesnt like soft, chewy texture food, he doesn't eat soft food like tofu. I was so disappointed that he didnt want to try, but, at least I got to eat all of them!!!!

They turned out pretty good, however, I could only get frozen pandan leaves, and they were not very fragrant usually, so the ondeh ondeh didn't have the strong pandan flavour like the ones you could get in Malaysia.

Later, I found out an Asian store sell the pandan essence, ahh.... perfect. Will make ondeh ondeh again when I have time.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Aussie Way of Living

A few months ago, I came across a website that's all about savings; how to save in our daily life. A group of people came together, sharing saving stories and tips.

I visit the forum rather regularly and I learned so much about savings, I managed to get my grocery down from $640 a month to $380 a month.

One day, a lady posted in the forum, saying how miserable she was feeling because many incidents happened. Her car broke down and needed something to be replaced, she had to borrow $760 from relatives to get the car part, and had to rely on the centrelink money that comes in 2 days for her grocery, and hoping that her tax return will come soon so they can pay their bills, and so on. For a moment, I did feel sorry for her...

Then at the end of her post, she said 'life is so difficult now especially her baby will due soon'....

I was shocked! I mean if you can't afford $760 emergency fund then why the hell do you think you can afford a baby? I thought this woman was stupid... this family is dysfunctional...

I talked to a friend about it, then she said "maybe she is getting old and she needs to have a baby soon?". Ah ok... I can accept that, then I thought, maybe they are so dysfunctional that they couldnt work out contraception, hence the baby. Ooops..... my evil horns are out again. *speak to myself* Dont be mean, dont be mean!

Good luck to the family...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I did it.... Finally!

So I have made the biggest purchase in my life, a HOUSE. Oh well, not a house yet, I bought a piece of land and there will be a house on that block of land. This lot is only 10-15 mins to the city, depending on the traffic condition; walking distance to the train station.

being a first home buyer with limited funds, I had to be realistic with the design of the house and things I can put in there. However, it is on a green title block so I am free to renovate it as long as the renovation doesn't violate the council requirements.

Everything is still in an early stage, I have signed the land agreement, now waiting to sign the building agreement. The developer kept screwing up the design of my house. /Sigh. Then I just have to pray the home loan will come through, thouh I already have a pre-approved loan, but who knows what will the bank say now... I mean the economy is bad, they may change their mind. /Finger crossed

It is very stressful to realise that a big chunk of my salary will go to mortgage, but then I know it will be very rewarding in 10 years time.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend Breakfast

I try to cook breakfast for Matt whenever I can, especially weekend. We will either have nasi lemak, dim sum or home cooked breakfast.

A typical big breakfast that I prepared the last weekend that he was here. He demanded hash brown but I rejected, because hash brown is unhealthy. I think the big breakfast is pretty unhealthy already, so I should leave the hash brown out.

Have a good weekend!!!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cup Cakes

I always find baking very therapeutic, I am feeling a bit moody today and decided to bake something. My pantry is always full of baking ingredients ... hehehe

So I made some orange cupcakes, they turned out wonderful and I ate 3! Actually 2.5 because Cheska had half a cupcake herself.

You know what's my favourite moment when baking?

Seeing the cake rising...... ah....

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I know I had a food blog set up but I just can't be bothered to maintain 2 blogs at the moment, I am busy with life and everything else. So I am going to combine the two blogs together. I will try to report my dinner as often as I can. :p (That's if anyoen is interested.."

Dinner 10/07

Pan fried tooth fish fillet, stir fry broccoli and runner beanwith garlic. Served with rice. I LOVE tooth fish! They are expensive but I DON'T CARE! Matt had to go out that night, so hahahahaha I got to eat 2 fillets all by myself!

Breakfast - French Toast!

This is one of my soul food. Love it.... but can't have it too often as I think it is a bit greasy to have it for breakfast on a regular basis

Thursday, July 09, 2009


When I was in college, there are several losers in my class, I called them losers because they thought they were cool, they thought they were smart, they thought they had the x-factors and tried to go for girls who obviously beyond their reach.

I thought they were losers because not only they were fat, not good looking, dumb (reflected on their results)...

Anyway... after years of not meeting up with them, they suddenly added me on Facebook and they are still losers to me after checking their FB. I now hide their news on my 'homepage' so I dont see their status. Amen!

One in particular, claimed that he was going to Madagascar, but he was actually 'backpacking' in Singapore.... Hello? A Malaysian backpacking in SG?! WTF...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bad Habit

OK, I have a confession to make....... I have SELECTIVE HEARING...

Yes, I do. I tend to listen what I want to listen and after I got the information I need, my mind will shut down and doesn't take in what else the person has to say.

I have a colleague who simply can't stop talking when I ring him re. work stuff. He will go on and on about the subject, I realised I could only listen to him for a max of 10 mins then my ear and mind will shut down and i just go "yea..ok, no worries...yea .. ok ...ok....ahemm..."

Matt is very annoyed with this bad habit I have, because he feel sthat I don't pay attention to what he has to say. I do! Just that I will only listen to what I want to hear.

Such as; if I ask him "How's work today?". He will say something like "Yes, I was busy because there were visitors, I have to show them around. Then we had a meeting, they were into this and that..." So you see, my mind will shut down after I hear these words "Yes, busy, visitors, show around..."

I want to change but just can't help myself...

I do find it funny sometimes but also feel sorry for the people who has to talk to me everyday...hahahaha

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life Changes

Once in a while, I will wonder how my life is changing from one phase to another.

This morning, Cheska (again) woke me up at 7 by sitting on me (literally). So I had no other option but to wake up, I was damn awake already by the time she snuggled right next to me. So I woke up, gave her breakfast and sat on the couch ....day dream...

My life's changed so much since I moved in with Matt, I became very domestic, especially ever since we got Cheska.

I have such a set routine that I feel that I have become boring!

I wake up at 6:30am everyday when I have to work, Cheska will follow me out to the kitchen, then to do her business at the back yard. Came back in, have her breakfast, go back to the room to attack Matt for 10 seconds then come out again to check what I am up to, she will repeat this till i leave for work at 8am.

I, on the other hand, have a shower, have my cereal, check the weather (to make sure i wear enough clothes!), pack my lunch pack, make up, set my hair & get dressed.

Work work work...

Come home, take Cheska to the park for a free run session; go home, feed Cheska, get dinner ready, have dinner, wash up, watch TV, have shower, prepare ingredients for tomorrow lunch pack and dinner; do some ironing if have to then go online for a bit and.... ZZZzzzZZZZzzz

Lately, I sleep so well at night, I never had a night where I couldnt sleep since I moved in with Matt. That shows how busy my life is...

Also....... I am BORING!

Of course, weekend will be more interesting. I will make brunch on Saturday then do a load of washing. We will then head out to walk around, do some shopping or watch a movie. Have a longer free run session with Cheska at the park. Saturday also my cleaning day, so go figure out..

No more clubbing, no more smoking, no more alcohol, no more late night MSN chat, no more late night phone call, no more pick-up by random guys, no more sleeping in (thanks to Cheska, she will only wake me up when she is awake, she will not wake Matt....), no more gaming till 5am

I need some changes... so... I cut my hair... REALLY short :p

OK.... I need to sleep because thie domestic goddess is tired and needs to wake up earlier tomorrow to be at work by 7:30am...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Food Connoisseur

I love cooking and baking, which is very strange. When I was growing up, I wasn’t interested at all, my dad was a good cook, so is my sister and my mom is very good at cooking the dishes I love so there weren’t many opportunities for me to explore the fun of cooking.

However, I was always busy baking cookies before Chinese New Year, mom would distribute the cookies as gifts to relatives and friends. My love for baking faded slowly because it became boring as there weren’t many resources around me and I was still young.

Matt is not a ‘food’ person, he is happy with the simplest meal but he must have his meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is not good at cooking, or you can say he can’t cook, but he doesn’t enjoy cooking after all so how can I expect him knowing how to cook?

Thanks to his ‘non-existence’ cooking skills, I can cook all the time!!!!

Since we moved in together, I really had fun cooking all the things I have been wanting to try and Matt is always a good guinea pig. Having said that, you can’t force him to eat anything that looks suspect….grr…

I also enjoy walking around supermarket, checking out ingredients and spices that are new to me.

After 6 months living together, Matt has slowly transformed to a food connoisseur! Last night, I made braised chicken drumstick, garlic broccoli, serve with rice. He always like the braised chicken, especially the gravy. Last night, he complained the chicken was tough and seem like the gravy did not penetrate into the meat! Yes, it was my fault. I did not take the chicken out from the freezer the night before and due to the cold weather, the chicken was not entirely thawed when I was preparing dinner. So I had to defrost it in the microwave and not wishing to starve the both of us, I did not cook the chicken as long as I wanted. Hence the gravy did not PENETRATE into the chicken…!

2 years ago, he would eat the uncooked pumpkin that I served! I told him not to eat, they were undercooked, he said “oh really?”…

What a transformation in 6 months….

Sunday, May 24, 2009


So the economy is bad; the interest rate is at its lowest; houses are becoming more affrodable; many people are getting into dissolvency; businesses are closing down; goverment is giving away more money to boost the economy....

What have you done to prepare yourself for this economy?

If you are like me, the Y generation, this is probably the first recession that we experience. Every now and then, I heard so and so's husband and wife lost his/her job, a supplier has closed down and etc. It is quite scary indeed, especially the businesses are closely related...

My company is affected as well, but not greatly...

My mom been through the last 2 recessions, she told me the most important thing now is CASH! She asked em to save as much as I can.... So I am doing that right now.

I am ashame to admit that I am no good saver, I started earning money when I was 17 and yet I never be able to save money. I am bloody good at spending my hard earn money; designer clothes, bas and shoes; self grooming; good food; travel.... tsk tsk tsk....

HY gave me a good lecture after I told her my pathetic amount of savings. Ok ok.. I am working on it right now and it is looking pretty good so far...

BUT...! I am getting distracted everyday .... What do businesses do when economy is bad? SALES! Bloody sales everywhere. Myer one day special sales today; designer warehouse sales round the corner near my house; the very pretty bag on eBay! Water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

I was complainging to HY last night on MSN about all these sales and how hard I have to stop myself from going to all these sales!

I WAS GOOD! I refused to go to any of them but I did some grocery shopping and managed to scored some last min mark down meat. Got 2 pieces of porterhouse steaks for $7! Lamb mid loin, lamb leg steak...roast chicken... Geez.. I sound like a housewife now.

I am so proud of myself... f**k you all the sales!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Random things


Somehow, I am always studying. Course after course. After this certificate course in finance, I may study postgraduate. Gosh... I want to get my postgraduate but I can't imagine studying for another 3-4 years.


Sometimes I feel like I am a slave to Cheska, feed her, clean her, scoop her poo, clip her nails...


My BMI is perfect according to Wii Fit..../clap


My lettuce is ready for harvest!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cheska @ 5 months

She is turning 5 months old on the 16th and she is already over 15kg :p She is so much bigger now compare to her first day home.

I have been getting a lot of compliments re. her colour, her coat and her eyes. She has this shiny and sleek coat, beautiful grey eyes but.... her playfull-ness does drive me nuts sometimes.

She is such a cutie... she will snuggle up to me ever morning when she gets a chance to come up to our bed.

Trying to get my attention after ignoring her for a while. I just grabbed the caemra and took the pic. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Little Achievements

I am not ashame to admit that I am not a gardening person, I hate working in the sun, get my hands dirty, touching any kind of small crawling worms. When Mat bought the house, I was happy because there is minmal gardening required in this house.

Then we thought the backyard could do with some greens and flowers besides the lawn. So Matt asked if I want a herb garden, but why would I want a herb garden when I hardly use herbs?

So I suggest to have a salad garden, grow salad green, because I have salad for lunch almsot everyday and sometimes dinner when he is around. So off we went to Bunnings and got the gear, I wanted Cherry tomato but they only have the normal ones...

Initially, I wanted to plant watermelon...hahaha... that's my favourite fruit and grapes... but we could only plant something that will grow in pots unfortunately...

So here there are, I was so excited, jumping up and down when I saw the first sprouts.... hehehe

Here are my tomato, lettuce and capsicum, also a plant that I forgot its name, it is a flower plant that will have some pink/white flowers. :p

I am planning to expand my little garden, still thinking what to plant. May try cabbage and broccoli next week :p

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dog and Children

Ever since I had Cheska, I spend a lot of time reading dog forums to learn about raising a dog, because my experience with raising a dog was only about putting them into cage, feeding them left over human food and bathe the dog once a month. No playing, no training and no walking. Now I know why did my dog run away.

I am glad to say that Cheska learned ‘sit and stay’ when she was only 8 weeks, ‘paw’ and ‘sit up’when she was 11/12 weeks, now she is learning ‘leave it’ command; basically she has to leave whatever she is holding in her mouth on command, she is getting there now.

I came across a post on a forum one day:

Very scary thing happened today, and I'm stuck wondering who would get in trouble at the end of it. I was at the local shops, standing inside and talking to a friend. I notice a border collie tied up outside the doors. Lieing down, head on paws, watching the doors intently for its owner to return.

Theres a cafe right near the door that has a outside sitting area, a few people sitting around the table having a chat, one of them with a young boy.

The boy (was maybe 5-6?) was wandering around the tables poking at things, picking up salt shakers and shaking salt everywhere, moving chairs, and every so often his mother would tell him off, he would come sit down then move off again.
The boy then sees the dog, starts staring at it, Very intently.
Dog doesn't notice
Boy continues staring at dog, makes a banging noise
Dog looks at kid then away at doors.
Boy starts walking towards dog, still staring at him, and starts making growling noises
Dog looks at kid then away again, but kept glancing back at him
Boy makes louder growling noises and starts stomping, still staring at dog and moving closer to it
Dog is looking at kid now, ears back, unsure, hackles a little bit up
Boy makes even louder growling noises, lifts his arms above his head and stomps really close to the dog
Dog gets up and backs to the end of his tether, ears flat now, scared
Boy stomping and growling right next to the dog, arms raised, staring down at the dog.
Dog pulls back on tether, starts curling its lip, growling at the boy.
Boy laughs and growls more, stomping his feet and goes to move closer to the dog.

At this point, (note this all happened in the course of around 10 seconds, and I had hoped that his mother would stop him) I took off at a run towards them, grabbed the back of the kids shirt and pulled him backwards, away from the dog who starts barking.

Mother at this point Finally notices, sees me pull her kid and starts yelling at me to let him go. "How dare you touch my son rarara"I point out the dog and tell her what her son had been doing, how he had been acting and that if I hadn't pulled him back theres a high possibility that dog would have bit him.

She glares at me and says that if the dirty mutt had bitten her son would have sued the owner and gotten the horrible dog put down.I answered that her son still would have been scarred mentally and physically, she would have been killing a beloved family member and it would have cost thousands of dollars in hospital bills and court costs. I then preceded to stand there, and basically guard the dog untill his owner came back (about 5 minutes) The lady stormed away with her son in tow.

I told the owner what had happened, he thanked me and said that would be the last time he left his dog tied up anywhere.

If this dog Had bitten this boy, who would have been to blame?

The man, for leaving his dog?

The mother, for ignoring her sons behavior

The child, for acting the way he didOr the dog, for reacting the way he did

And this is my reply:

I think it will be the owner's fault in the end because no one will blame the child, definitely not the court.

But i will be very angry at the mom, and definitely make a scene so that everyone at the cafe knows how irresponsible for her to leave her child unattended. AND that will teach her to be more careful when she takes her child out again.Same to the owner, he has to be more attentive as well if he wants to bring the dog out. Dog is still a dog no matter how well trained is that dog, we can't expect a dog to think like a human all the time.

Matt and I hate parents who do not control their kids in public. We hate walking through the children’s department in Ikea. Some parents can simply leave their kids climbing, running, screaming while they browse for furniture. For God’s sake, if you can’t control them and not letting them to disturb other customers, put them with the crèche!

Screaming kids in supermarket, “I WANT ice-cream!” “I WANT chocolate!”, throwing a fit in the trolley is still OK, because I can walk past the trolley without having bump into a screaming kid. BUT…. Some children will just sit on the floor and cry! Oh MY GOD…..

Once, we were queuing at the cinema to get some tickets. There were 2 ladies buying tickets and two children running around (definitely children to them because they talked to the kids), the kids not only ran around but started playing with the barrier, those stretchy straps they used to make the lines for the queue (if you know what I am talking about!). Those bloody kids managed to find out how to unlock the straps and started releasing them and then put them back, they kept doing that several times and the parents just did not stop them though everyone in the queue was already staring at the kids.

Matt was closed to walking to the kids to say something but I stopped him.

I know I am not a parent, and I have no idea how difficult is to have a kid, but if you have one and you want to bring your child out, make sure your child in ‘public trained’!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am getting fed up with how my life is.....

Getting fed up the moment I wake up in the morning....


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lately, my days go so quickly until I realised I have neglected so many things that I used to enjoy!

This is the reason why I am soooo busy till I don't have any "ME" time left

Cheska is a pure bred American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, she is currently 12 weeks old, so she is still very very much a puppy that needs my attention all the time.
This breed loves people, they love to be with their owners, they do not need to play with other dogs though. Cheska likes to sleep on my legs, sits in the kitchen with me when I cook, sleep next to me at night. Now, she is lying under my chair with her chew toy.
She is taking up so much of my time, that I simply don't have time to groom myself! I feel disgusting sometimes, I dont have time to do my nails, have facial, get my wax done, decorate the house. We still haven't had a house warming party yet!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yes, I know I have been missing in action. I was super busy, busy moving into the new house. Then no internet connection... then I got a puppy!

I don't have time to go online anymore because this puppy is such a handful, but she is so adorable. She wants my attention all the time, likes sleeping on my lap and like to stand between my feet when I put my make up on or cooking :p

I will post some of her pics up soon, as well as some pictures of the house.

I am off to KL for Chinese New Year. :p Holiday!!!! Food!!!! Shopping!!!!