Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I did it.... Finally!

So I have made the biggest purchase in my life, a HOUSE. Oh well, not a house yet, I bought a piece of land and there will be a house on that block of land. This lot is only 10-15 mins to the city, depending on the traffic condition; walking distance to the train station.

being a first home buyer with limited funds, I had to be realistic with the design of the house and things I can put in there. However, it is on a green title block so I am free to renovate it as long as the renovation doesn't violate the council requirements.

Everything is still in an early stage, I have signed the land agreement, now waiting to sign the building agreement. The developer kept screwing up the design of my house. /Sigh. Then I just have to pray the home loan will come through, thouh I already have a pre-approved loan, but who knows what will the bank say now... I mean the economy is bad, they may change their mind. /Finger crossed

It is very stressful to realise that a big chunk of my salary will go to mortgage, but then I know it will be very rewarding in 10 years time.

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