Saturday, July 26, 2008

Learn To Be Happy

I've realised that I am the kind of person that does not know how to make myself happy. I often have to ask myself "Am I happy?", I do feel like an emotion retard sometimes because how come I do not know if I am happy or not?

I admire people who are always happy, I really want to know how they do it.

I thought at my age, I have learnt all the fundamentals to be a 'good', 'normal' human being, but I think I have yet mastered the skill to be HAPPY.

Sometimes, I know that I will be unhappy when I find out the truth about something, and yet I will insist to find out the truth and get extremely upset over it. A lot of friends asked why I wanted to know the truth when I know very clearly that I will be very upset after.

Sigh... I really need to learn how to make myself happy

Monday, July 21, 2008


Matt: I want a more exciting Xmas gift this year. No more chairs or tables.

(I bought him an office chair last year)

Me: Ah... ok. I will buy you a stack of porno dvds. Sure get you excited...

Matt: ......

Me: Winner!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Do you often wonder why people do certain things? Do you often ask yourself "What did he do that?" "What was she thinking?" "How can they do that?"

I often find myself asking the same questions, sometimes I have absolutely no idea why some people would do things that didn't even cross my mind.

I have that feelings especially when I see news like "father killed 3 children", "Mother starved child to death"

What has the world has become... I can't imagine what will happen in 20 years time. /tsk /tsk

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Glasses Online

I have never bought a pair of glasses in Perth, other than sunglasses. Simply because I don't like most of the designs and they are very expensive (well, for those frames that are not covered by my private health cover).

Now we have ZenniOptical with modern and stylish prescription glasses starting from $8.00.

Most of Zenni precription glasses come with anti-scratch coating and UV protection. Good bargain I reckon.

Other than the competitive prices, you also have more options when it comes to the design of the frame. Funky, modern, elegant, simple, classy.

Buying your glasses online save you the time to go to a shop and then back again to collect your glasses. Another good thing about buying glasses from ZenniOptical, the postage is a flat rate per order, doesn't matter how many glasses you order in ONE order.

*This is a sponsored post by PayPerPost*

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Right, people who have met me before know that I am pretty voluptous and I am not ashamed to admit that I have rather big breasts for my petite figure and my Asian heritage.

Since I was 10, I realised that I started developing quicker compare to my classmates. Thank GOD for my mom who understands how important bra is to growing teenagers. So my mom always make sure I get to wear good and supportive bras.

As I get older, I learn to appreciate my body and no longer feel that my voluptous body as a burden but learn to compliment it with the different outfit and of course BRA.

Wearing the right bra is extremely important to women. I realised that many of my friends are actually wearing the wrong bra, and to be honest I suspect many of them have never gone for a professional bra fitting before. A quick tip will be, adjust the bra straps so that your breasts are actually lifted up, with the nipples looking straight; not down.

Girls should not be shamed to have a bra fitting session by the professionals at the lingerie shop, they can tell you what size suit you best and you will be amazed how good your body look with the right bra. I am a size 8 now, I was size 10 a month ago but believe it or not, I have been wearing size 12 bras and I know a size 8 girl that has to wear size 14 bra. So dont assume that your bra size is similar to your dress size. WRONG!

And do not think one bra fitting is sufficient, you bra shape and size change just like your body. So have a bra fitting session at least once a year to make sure your breats are well taken care off!

Hahah.. if you are too shy to have bra fitted for you by some strangers, feel free to bring me along, I can help you /wink /wink

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mario Cart!

Matt and I love this game, by far the best game we ever bought for Wii. We played this game day and night over last weekend. :p We were Mario Cart OUT. Totally overdosed.. hahaha

We searched for tips to unlocked characters, karts & bikes and circuits. Matt was so good that he managed to unlock all the circuits!

Then we play online via the wireless Internet. It was fun playing with other players instead of the computer.

I know this game is sold out at many stores, so good luck in getting one if you havent but plan to. Definitely worth the money :)


Working from home is always a dream to me. I envy those people that can sit in front of their pc, in their pyjamas while cashing in money into their pockets.

I have never stopped looking for some freelance jobs that I can work from home. However, most of those freelance work from home jobs advertised on Internet are mainly direct selling, multi-level marketing or networ marketing businesses. Seriously, I have been there, dont that, and I know direct selling is not my cup of tea.

I heard about blog marketing some time ago, but had no idea where to start.

Then I came across PayPerPost on a few blogs that I have been reading and it triggered my interests. PayPerPost happens to be an organisation that offers bloogers opportunities to write review about anything and everything. Yeap, that's right. PayPerPost will post opportunities up on their web and registered bloggers can pick up any opportunities that interest them; and earn money by reviews!

I like PayPerPost because it ticks all the boxes for me, WORK FROM HOME, FLEXIBLE HOURS, GOOD RETURN and WORK FOR MYSELF.

Basically, I can write a review on any products and services that are posted on PayPerPost at my leisure, no specific deadline (well almost no), and I know exactly how much am I getting for the review I am writing. I also learned that some bloggers are cashing in big money by writing reviews for PayPerPost. :o

Besides that, I also came across many interesting products and services that are currently available online; especially those fancy latest gadgets and eco-friendly products.

Hopefully this extra income will allow me to tour Europe one day :p