Saturday, July 05, 2008


Right, people who have met me before know that I am pretty voluptous and I am not ashamed to admit that I have rather big breasts for my petite figure and my Asian heritage.

Since I was 10, I realised that I started developing quicker compare to my classmates. Thank GOD for my mom who understands how important bra is to growing teenagers. So my mom always make sure I get to wear good and supportive bras.

As I get older, I learn to appreciate my body and no longer feel that my voluptous body as a burden but learn to compliment it with the different outfit and of course BRA.

Wearing the right bra is extremely important to women. I realised that many of my friends are actually wearing the wrong bra, and to be honest I suspect many of them have never gone for a professional bra fitting before. A quick tip will be, adjust the bra straps so that your breasts are actually lifted up, with the nipples looking straight; not down.

Girls should not be shamed to have a bra fitting session by the professionals at the lingerie shop, they can tell you what size suit you best and you will be amazed how good your body look with the right bra. I am a size 8 now, I was size 10 a month ago but believe it or not, I have been wearing size 12 bras and I know a size 8 girl that has to wear size 14 bra. So dont assume that your bra size is similar to your dress size. WRONG!

And do not think one bra fitting is sufficient, you bra shape and size change just like your body. So have a bra fitting session at least once a year to make sure your breats are well taken care off!

Hahah.. if you are too shy to have bra fitted for you by some strangers, feel free to bring me along, I can help you /wink /wink

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