Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Working from home is always a dream to me. I envy those people that can sit in front of their pc, in their pyjamas while cashing in money into their pockets.

I have never stopped looking for some freelance jobs that I can work from home. However, most of those freelance work from home jobs advertised on Internet are mainly direct selling, multi-level marketing or networ marketing businesses. Seriously, I have been there, dont that, and I know direct selling is not my cup of tea.

I heard about blog marketing some time ago, but had no idea where to start.

Then I came across PayPerPost on a few blogs that I have been reading and it triggered my interests. PayPerPost happens to be an organisation that offers bloogers opportunities to write review about anything and everything. Yeap, that's right. PayPerPost will post opportunities up on their web and registered bloggers can pick up any opportunities that interest them; and earn money by reviews!

I like PayPerPost because it ticks all the boxes for me, WORK FROM HOME, FLEXIBLE HOURS, GOOD RETURN and WORK FOR MYSELF.

Basically, I can write a review on any products and services that are posted on PayPerPost at my leisure, no specific deadline (well almost no), and I know exactly how much am I getting for the review I am writing. I also learned that some bloggers are cashing in big money by writing reviews for PayPerPost. :o

Besides that, I also came across many interesting products and services that are currently available online; especially those fancy latest gadgets and eco-friendly products.

Hopefully this extra income will allow me to tour Europe one day :p

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