Saturday, August 21, 2010

My house

It has been 10 months since I signed the final building contract, after lots of drama and shouting, the construction of my first house.

I am glad to say the builder is a lot more efficient than WA Housing Centre. When they first put down the slab, I got a shock that the slab is sooo small!

However, once the walls are up, the house looks a lot bigger. I was told that it will look even bigger when it is ready. I sure hope so.

It is exciting to know that my house will be ready soon ...

Hopefully the builders can build quicker and my house can be ready by Christmas, the estimated completion would be January but I hope they would like to finish their project before Xmas...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am back

After almost a 'decade' of MIA, I have decided to start blogging again.

I should be in bed sleeping now so I will make my return post a rather short one. I do wonder if there is anyone reading my blog now.

Many things happened in the last 6 months.

I spent 2 months in Melbourne in Feb and March, helping out with a major project. I learned so much during these 2 months but I was also feeling lonely at the same time because I was all alone there. Mom and 2 aunts came to Melbourne to visit me for a week, taking advantage of the free accommodation my company provided.

Matt came and visit me end of March and we went to watch F1 together. It was a bad experience! The set up of Melb F1 was so poor, the weather was bad! I was exhausted and did not enjoy it at all!

I had a bit of drama at work end of May, I couldnt take the pressure and could no longer deal with the people I work with so I resigned. I did not expect my resignation to cause such drama, it went so far that my director rang me from Melbourne and offered me a very attractive package. So I stayed in the end with a pay rise and a promotion.

My house is finally under construction!!!!! The walls are all up, the roof is going up soon. The house looks so small... Gosh... Haha...

I can't wait for my holiday in October, will be heading back to KL with Matt and also going to spend a few days in Singapore. We seem to be going back to SG whenever we want a holiday! I dont know why! We are planning to go to Japan for our next holiday after the KL-SG trip, we will be getting a money tin and see how much we can save in coins by end of next June. :p

Ok.... I need to sleep... Will post more soon..