Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lovely Gifts at Work

A colleague at work sometimes leave fresh strawberries on my desk on Monday morning. He picked these berries fresh from his friend's farm every Saturday, and placed some on my desk the following Monday.

These berries are very sweet and juicy. I told him before that I like strawberries, but they are always sour no matter how red they look. From then on, he always get me these sweet berries. See how he put them so nicely on my desk? Hehehe... Such a blessing to have nice people working around you.

These berries always put a smile on my face when I go into the office on Monday morning. :) Sometimes, I will offer them to my staff, sharing is caring :p

Monday, October 27, 2008

Which one to pick!!!??

Matt wants to get me a dog after we move into the new house, because we only want pure breed so we have to decide now so we can contact the breeder and 'book' a puppy as breeders do not mate their dogs every year, so we have to be lucky to find one.

We can only get something small or medium because the house is not very big and our yard is paved. So we have narrowed our choices don to 3 breeds. Pug, Staffy and miniature Shar Pei. Matt is not keen on pug, so now down to either Staffy or Shar Pei

Excellent with people, not too fond of other animals, must train them to be comfortable with other animals since they are puppies. Born to please, love being with family members. Easy to care for; but need exercise preferably daily walk. Staffy can be stubborn thus need to be trained when they are puppies. As they still have the fighting dog feature in them, so they should always be on leash when they are out.

Exceptionally independent; reserved in the presence of strangers. They are 'one man dog' they will only acknowledge one person to be their master, they will still love other family members but they will only choose one to be bond with. They will choose that particualr person. They do not need extra care for their coat, jsut normal wash and pat dry will do. However, their ears need to be cleaned regularly as their ears will accumulate dirt very easily.

Staffy will be ideal especially when I am alone at home, but Sharpei is jsut so cute :P And I simply love the fact that Staffy is very close to family. I would love my dog to be closed to me, like a companion.

Can't decide......maybe I should just get 2!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cheeky Mylo

Every morning, I would play with Mylo a few minutes before I go to work. Usually right before I pack my lunch pack. Mylo doesn’t really like the idea because he would still be asleep.

So I have to call him several times, then only he would emerge from his bed and walk (extremely) slowly to me.

This morning, while waiting for the iron to get hot, I called Mylo to come to me, after several calls and yells, he’s nowhere to be seen. I thought it was weird because I heard my aunt letting him out this morning so I was sure that he was awake. I searched every possible place that he would sleep and couldn’t find him.

I got panic, I thought he sneak out while he was out peeing. So I told my uncle that mylo was missing. So two of us search the house high and low while calling out his name.

Then I finally found him, he wasn’t very far away at all.

RIGHT UNDER MY VERY OWN BED! I think he sneak into my room when I was in shower and went straight under my bed, that’s one of his favourite spots whenever he is left alone at home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


2 of my close friends said to me not too long ago, "你真幸福", "everything is so smooth for you now, career & relationship are all working for you".

I do feel very "幸福", I have a pretty good job, my managers are good to me, very flexible with what I do. Matt is very nice to me, we are going to live together pretty soon, he bought a house for us, we are going to start a life together. I can't wait to have a place for us to call home.

I don't know why but I do feel insecure at the moment, maybe I am just afraid all these will disappear one day. I don't know.... an I being paranoid?

I just hope everything will turn out alright. I shall be positive thinking!


Been pondering about my life lately, have a few things going through my mind. Suddenly I miss home, miss my parents, miss the feelings being protected and not having to make decisions all the time.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

To do or not to do

I was offered a job in an advertising/media firm. The job requires me to do something similar to what I am doing now, plus some travelling, and manage a bigger (a lot bigger) customer database, in charge of all logistic, import/export and stock control.

I went for an interview before my trip to SG, but I wasn't very keen because the interviewer could not confirm my job scope and the package they could offer. So I put it behind me and didn't bother about the job anymore.

The manager contacted me 2 days ago, wishing to offer me the position and emailed me a brief job description. Seeing the economy is getting from bad to worse, I am now hesitate to leave my job, as I am comfortable in my current job, I still find it pretty challenging, stable income, close to the house we are moving into, and my managers are very flexible.

So, I did something.... I told the manager I am looking for something close to 60k plus super. I will not leave my current job for anything less. I was expecting him to say no, but he replied and said no problem, he wished to see me after his overseas trip to discuss the finer details.

Ahhhh... I didn't expect this to be honest. 60k a year is bloody attractive, seeing that I am looking at buying a house next year but I am afraid of the job stability this company can offer.

My current company is very stable because most of our clients are government, councils and major private contractors, hence we will never run out of business. On the other hand, I am concerned with advertising and media indutry as they will be hit hard when economy gets bad.

SO................... I don't know what to do... :(

Matt offers no sympathy as he thought I shouldn't have requested 60k if I wasn't interested in the job. ><

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Growing Up

For 6 months since beginning of this year, I went through a very rough time. I was very depressed, not motivated and often thinking my life was full of misery.

One of my friends made a statement, "what happened to the strong Jane?".

My sister asked me the same thing. I was puzzled as well, I kept asking myself what happened to me?

I remember when I was younger, especially in my teenage, I was a very strong, determined person. Whenever I was hurt, I refused to shed a tear, because I believed that the only way to repel your enemies was to be stronger than them and do not let them believe they could defeat me. I refused to show my emotions, especially when I was upset.

In relationships, whenever a relationship was failing, I was always the one who requested break up because I refused to forgive, refused to change, refused to compromise. After a relationship failed, I walked away without sheding a tear, and told myself to live better than him, to be a better person than him, to be more successful than him.

As I get older, my thoughts have changed, I have grown "weaker". I allow my emotions to take reveal, I allow myself to cry when I am upset. Most important of all, I have became more forgiving, I tend to forgive and forget.

I have also became more compassionate, and more expressive with my feelings. I found it easier to tell my bf and friends that I love them, I talk to my mom and sis more often about what happens to me, I will ask for help now when I can't do something.

To be honest, I am liking the current "me". I feel that I am really living life now, allowing myself to experience the different emotions; though it may not be happy emotion all the time, but I am enjoying the time when I can look back and think "Wow..., those were some shitty times...." and smile because I have gone through it.

I learned that being strong does not mean holding all emotions and not let them appear on our expression. Be strong, be strong to allow yourself to feel how you should feel, but not letting your emotions to take over your senses. Be strong to express your emotions ......

Thursday, October 09, 2008

We are back from SG!

DOH! We have been back for 2 weeks, but I got very busy with work and am still very busy actually. We had a fantastic trip, good food, good shopping, met up with my parents, friends and F1!!!

I was never a big F1 fan, but I really enjoyed the race. The sharp turn, the high speed, the crashes... WOW..... thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you very much to Matt, my dearest bf for taking me there and all the shopping! Muaks!

I will post more pics and details about the trip soon. When I have time!!!

Check out my food blog for all the food tasting in SG!