Monday, October 27, 2008

Which one to pick!!!??

Matt wants to get me a dog after we move into the new house, because we only want pure breed so we have to decide now so we can contact the breeder and 'book' a puppy as breeders do not mate their dogs every year, so we have to be lucky to find one.

We can only get something small or medium because the house is not very big and our yard is paved. So we have narrowed our choices don to 3 breeds. Pug, Staffy and miniature Shar Pei. Matt is not keen on pug, so now down to either Staffy or Shar Pei

Excellent with people, not too fond of other animals, must train them to be comfortable with other animals since they are puppies. Born to please, love being with family members. Easy to care for; but need exercise preferably daily walk. Staffy can be stubborn thus need to be trained when they are puppies. As they still have the fighting dog feature in them, so they should always be on leash when they are out.

Exceptionally independent; reserved in the presence of strangers. They are 'one man dog' they will only acknowledge one person to be their master, they will still love other family members but they will only choose one to be bond with. They will choose that particualr person. They do not need extra care for their coat, jsut normal wash and pat dry will do. However, their ears need to be cleaned regularly as their ears will accumulate dirt very easily.

Staffy will be ideal especially when I am alone at home, but Sharpei is jsut so cute :P And I simply love the fact that Staffy is very close to family. I would love my dog to be closed to me, like a companion.

Can't decide......maybe I should just get 2!

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