Saturday, October 18, 2008

To do or not to do

I was offered a job in an advertising/media firm. The job requires me to do something similar to what I am doing now, plus some travelling, and manage a bigger (a lot bigger) customer database, in charge of all logistic, import/export and stock control.

I went for an interview before my trip to SG, but I wasn't very keen because the interviewer could not confirm my job scope and the package they could offer. So I put it behind me and didn't bother about the job anymore.

The manager contacted me 2 days ago, wishing to offer me the position and emailed me a brief job description. Seeing the economy is getting from bad to worse, I am now hesitate to leave my job, as I am comfortable in my current job, I still find it pretty challenging, stable income, close to the house we are moving into, and my managers are very flexible.

So, I did something.... I told the manager I am looking for something close to 60k plus super. I will not leave my current job for anything less. I was expecting him to say no, but he replied and said no problem, he wished to see me after his overseas trip to discuss the finer details.

Ahhhh... I didn't expect this to be honest. 60k a year is bloody attractive, seeing that I am looking at buying a house next year but I am afraid of the job stability this company can offer.

My current company is very stable because most of our clients are government, councils and major private contractors, hence we will never run out of business. On the other hand, I am concerned with advertising and media indutry as they will be hit hard when economy gets bad.

SO................... I don't know what to do... :(

Matt offers no sympathy as he thought I shouldn't have requested 60k if I wasn't interested in the job. ><


Hyunn said...

You've applied to the job, went to the interview = partially interested / subconsciously interested.
If you liked the current job, then you won't look for other jobs and hand in CV & resume.
How far is the offered job from ur new place?? If the pay is higher and challenging as well, why not go for it? How long you need to tahan in the current one to get 60k? and better ask for high increment every year for the new offered one =P

utterlycynical said...

It is more about the satbility of the job you see. I jsut dont have that much confidence in media/advertising industry

Angie said...

Hey, have confidence in my industry! lol

But it depends what company it is... I may be able to give you some inside or industry scoop as a Marketer?

If not, tell the interviewer I'll take the job. I'd love to work and travel instead of just marketing travel. lol