Sunday, December 16, 2007

I just finished reading a book few days ago, a book called "Marley and Me". It is not a book by one of the big book writers but it is written by a man who had a 'thick skulled' golder lab retriever.

He wrote about what he thought the worst dog in the world; described how the thick-skulled dog changed their lives as a couple; all the hilarius moments the dog created and of course the last moment of the dog.

As a dog lover, I totally felt the writer's heartache when his dog 'passed away'; I used 'passed away' because I always think dog is just like human, and I think they are the 'lucky' human beings on earth. Just like what the writer said, dogs live the way we human beings wish to live; dance like no one is watching; love like there is no tomorrow, there is no racism, no culture differences, no designer brands, be 'young at heart' till the very last moment of your life.

This book made me laugh out loud and cried like a baby, sobbing my heart out when I got to the part when the dog was in the last phase of its life.

I had a dog when I was in primary school, not a pure breed but some random stray dog's baby. My dad decided to take it home because we needed a guard dog for the house. I treated him like a baby. His name was Royal.

Though he's called Royal, but he definitely didn't behave like one. He looked forward to any opportunities to run free from the house, but he would come back when he got hungry and twice he brought back with him some STDs that cost thousands of dollars to cure. My mom hated him!

When he got STD the second time, my dad vowed not to take him to the vet, instead he took him to some secluded area and left him there. Yes, my dad abandoned our dog. I was devastated but as a child, I couldn't say more.

One morning, when I was getting ready to go to school, I had a strange feeling. I felt that Royal was waiting for me, and I would see him when I opened the door. True enough, he was right there, wagging his tail till his butt was shaking, I was over the moon to see him and shocked to his ability to find his way home from such a far place, took him only 4 days. My dad was shocked too and decided to take him to the vet.

Then one day, Royal ran away again, but I wasn't upset because I thought he would be back in the evening for his meal. I was wrong, he didn't come back for the next week, months.....

I was clearing the mails one evening and found a notice from one of the government departments. Apparently they caught Royal and told us to pay $x amount to claim him back. I told my dad to claim him back but he refused, and the notice was given to us a couple of months ago, just that we didn't realise it.

Again, I didn't pursue further..... I thought... maybe that's fate

But I totally regretted it now... I should have forced my dad to try to claim it back because I know if we didn't, Royal will be put to sleep then fed to the animals in zoo.

I am soooo sorry.... I felt sorry because I felt so sad and cried my heart out when Marley died, and he wasn't even my dog but I did not shed a tear for Royal. The loyal dog who always wag his tail till his butt dropped, the dog who is so afraid of water that he would knock me down when I pointed the water hose to him, the dog who would go crazy when I tried to play catching with him, the dog who would share watermelon with me, the dog who would played fire crackers with me, the dog who would push his bowl out to the gate so that outher stray dogs could eat from his bowl, the dog who would hum any dogs that he saw, regardless if it was male or female...

I am sorry Royal, I should have tried harder.....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Since it is getting near to the festive season, let’s talk about LOVE

Remember when we were young, just started falling in love; had crush on our seniors in school; cried over sad romance novel or movies; dreaming to the Cinderella in our imagined romance. Then there was always one question in our mind, “What’s love?”

To be honest, until this moment, I have no idea what defines LOVE, because there are too many types of LOVE.

These are my definitions of LOVE.

LOVE from parents:
- Working 10 hours a day, paid for my education and never asked for any returns.
- Never expected me to be the most successful person but a happy and healthy one.

LOVE from my sister (I don’t have any brothers!):
- Waking up at 3am just to hear my ramblings after I quarrel with bf for the Nth time
- Keeping my darkest secrets from my parents
- Playing pc games with me at 4am even she was heavily pregnant

LOVE from friends:
- Listen to my ramblings everyday and anytime of the day
- Give me a hand whenever I need help
- Laugh at my silly jokes

LOVE from bf:
- Watch a movie with me; a movie that I really wanted to watch, though he had seen it
- Fight like cats and dogs the day before and try to hold my hand the day after
- Stretch out his hand to hold mine when we are getting into a crowd
- Wishing me ‘Happy Halloween’ on my birthday!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Having an Aussie bf is really an eye opening experience, especially with their culture.

I don’t mean to take things for granted, but when I was in Malaysia or when I was dating Asian guys, it was pretty common that guys would pay for the meals and expenses when we were out together. And how often would I say “Thanks for dinner / thanks for tonight / thanks for the movie”? No, hardly! Unless it was special occasion like Valentine’s Day when I was given a big bunch of roses, I would say, thank you!

But with Matt, he is always so THANKFUL!

“Thanks baby for cooking dinner.”
“Thanks for coming over”
“Thanks for the night.”
“Thanks for ironing my clothes.”

He says thank you for whatever I do, I feel appreciated for whatever I have done.

Not long after we got together, he once said “how come you never said thank you whenever I pay for dinner or anything?” Of course he asked in a polite way, and it seriously did not strike me that I have to do that?! Not that I wasn’t thankful, just that I didn’t know I have to express it verbally!

I learned slowly and I now say thank you to whatever he does for me, and he will definitely ‘you’re welcome’

Now we are both so thankful that whenever we speak to one another, we would ask “how are you or how’s your day?” and we will answer “I am good thanks”

Weird? I don’t know, but I think I prefer this than the traditional Asian men who take everything for granted and never say thank you to their wives for cooking, cleaning, ironing and etc.

By doing this, you may think we have overdone it, it is way too official. But it is great to be appreciated, thus we wouldn’t mind going further for one another.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Me: You must tell me that you love me at least once a day!
Matt: Hahaha no then it is no longer precious, I can’t do that
Me: Ermm ok every second day
Matt: Nah, once a week
Me: No
Matt: Ok, twice a week
Me: Deal
Matt: hahaha okok
Me: I can’t believe I am negotiating with my bf on how often he should tell me he loves me!
Matt: Hahahaha you are making me laugh!
Me: Not funny! Oi! Stop laughing!
Matt: Hahahahaha
Me: ……………………………………………

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My birthday celebration with the girls on 27/10 :) Thank you Cecilia, Wangmun, Karen, Yen and Wei for the K session. Hahaha I hope we didn't worsen the noise pollution in Perth :p

Crispy buttered fish fillet. This was fantastic! The aroma is so nice and te fish fillet is so crispy.. yum yum
Stir fry Shanghai ramen with XO sauce, it was superb! I really enjoyed this dish, my friends tasted it and they both thought it was good.

Durian pancake :p My Favourite, sorry I was too lazy to edit the picture :)

Some nice dim sum we had. The one on the right was good, some sort of dumpling, I ordered that; I could taste salted fish in that. The one on the left was bad, my sister ordered that. Hahah some cheese dumpling..yuck!

This place is called 'Little Genting' in KL, this area is located in Cheras. Desmond and Alex took me there but we didn't have anything there because many restaurants were closed because of Hari Raya. Nice place, nice weather, wished that the food menu was better. All were Malay style food. ><

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some random conversations that I thought rather interesting:


Guy X : Hey sexy, i will be in perth next year. See you then. xoxo

Me: Fuck off

(I didn't know who was that, and he wasn't on my list)


Matt: Happy Halloween!
Me: ...............................................................
Matt: Bwahahahahaha



Dad: Happy birthday!
Me: Thanks dad
Dad: How old are you?
Me: ........ 25
Dad: Huh? So old? Wah... old already
Me: ................................................................


Me: Tampon is easy to use, trust me... use the one with applicator
Karen: Don't want... it hurts.
Me: It only hurts if you put it wrongly.
Karen: then how to take out huh?
Me: (wah piangz) it comes with a string! you pull it out when you are done!
Karen: Oh..hahahahaha

I swear I wanted to bang my head on the wall


In Singapore

Matt: You tired?
Me: Yea, I want to have a hot bath
Matt: Yea, then you can also use the bath salt
Me: Lets have a hot bath together
Matt: Can't, it will be too crowded to have both of us in the tub
Me: .................................. (that's the idea, you idiot!)

Please meet my 'so-romantic' bf....

Friday, November 09, 2007

OK, managed to collate all the pictures taken in Singapore. Don't ask me how come there are no pics of me and Matt. Haha we simply dont like taking pictures ><

Watched the Wildcats played against SG Slingers on 04/11/07 at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Matt kept asking me to take the pictures of the girls. Hahaha he kept asking me "What are they wearing!!" Seriously, the costume looked cheap, as in bad quality.

I took baby to Orchard the Monday, and guessed what! They were hosting the same competition again. The contestants had been there for 3 days non stop, yeap! It was pouring on Sunday night so they were all standing in the rain, sticking their hands on the car and were not allowed to sit down. They were only given short toilet breaks once in a while and lunch/dinner break.

Matt told me he could do it because the weather is always so hot at the mine. But it is not the weather baby! You have to stand in the sun without water/food for hours and no shower! I simply told him I can never do it, coz I need my daily showers.

Oh, there was a middle aged woman too. How far would people go to get a free car?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I am very sorry that I haven't put up the pictures taken in KL. I just didn't have time to collate them to put up :p I have been busy.

Just got back from a weekend getaway in Sg with baby, we had a fantastic time there besides the delayed flight and a quarrel><. We bought so many things! Especially clothes, Matt bought at least 10 shirts and several shorts, preparing for summer I suppose.

Whatever he saw, he thought it was cheap, so he basicallybought everything that he thought was nice and could fit him! And he let me buy whatever I wanted hahaha. Thank you baby for the trip and shopping.

So in the end we had to buy extra bags to fit our shopping goodies.

We went to watch Perth Wildcats vs Sg Slingers as planned. It was such a close game and Slingers won. I would say the Wild Cats played pretty badly, baby was so disappointed. We got the court side seats (Thanks to me calling all the way to SG to secure the tickets). We were so close to the court that I actually caught the ball and had to pass it back to the referee. Hehehe

We stayed at the Pan Pacific hotel, which is connected to Suntec Mall and Marina Square, it was a very nice hotel and super convenient, Matt loves SG, he even tried to convince me to move to SG. He asked me to get a job there while he finds a 2 weeks on 2 weeks off job in WA. Then he will see me every 2 weeks in SG. So I have been hunting for apartments in SG since we got back, we are looking at moving to the apartments in Orchard/Holland, somewhere there.

Until now, I haven't finished unpacking my stuff, haven't been sleeping enough, a lot of things to sort out at work, so I havent collated the pictures taken in SG. hehehe

Will post all the pictures on weekend. tada

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Soooooo my birthday's gone, another year older but wiser (I hope). I hope I will definitely have a good year ahead, I can see the new comings already!!

Thank you everyone who wished me, especially those who wished me at 1am (Perth time) and made me jumped up from my bed due to the loud sms alert tone.

Thank you for everyone who actually called me to wish me and also those who emailed me to wish me. :)

Had a fantastic night last Friday, dinner and karaoke, for those who couldn't make it, don't worry; I understand.

Thank you the girls and Simon for the Myer's gift card, I definitely will do some shopping there!!!! And special thanks to Simon for getting the gift card?

Also thanks everyone who bought me presents, especially mom and sis!

THANK YOU baby for taking me to Singapore! Yay!!!

Ok..time to go to work...

Sorry that I can't update much because I am extremely busy this week, will have some news release this Friday :p


Sunday, October 28, 2007

So, here is the post that everyone been asking me about, my KL trip.

I spent 2.5 weeks in KL, spent most of my time in the banks with my mom, sorting out all the accounts stuff and also going round to try different food. Believe it or not, I was roaming around KL alone most of the time, did the shopping alone, had breakfast/lunch alone and watch dvd alone. Hahahaha a relaxing holiday indeed.

One of the highlights would be my phone got stolen while I was shoe shopping in KLCC, happened in the NOSE shoe shop. I am pretty sure I knew who stole my phone because I noticed them the moment I stepped into the shop, there were two of them, one guy and one girl. I was smsing baby while browsing the shoes, spotted a pair, threw my phone back into my bag (I didn’t zip my bag), picked up the shoes, signalled a sales girl, stretched my hand into bag to pick phone, phone was gone. All happened in less than 2 minutes. Pfft.. so I went back to my mom’s office, called my mobile, a Malay guy answered and hang up quickly. So I smsed him “Please return my phone, I will pretend nothing’s happened and pay you some cash”. No reply, then my sister told me “Iyoh, those stupid Malays, you wrote in English, they wouldn’t understand, must write in Malay!”. I totally did not realise that fact!

Sigh… so I spent the money that I prepared to buy 2 PSPs, one for me, one for Matt as Xmas present; to buy my phone (N95). L now I have to think what to get baby for Xmas

OK... will stop here. I will post Part 2 later, I have to go to bed now.. yawn

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I am now sitting at Dome KLIA, waiting to board the flight back to Perth in 5 minutes.

A few incidents happend at Dome while I was having my tea, crying children, spilled drinks, broken cup. Very often, we would expect these incidents are caused by those Malaysian from the lower socia economic group that hardly travel. Surprisingly all the incidents happend at Dome 10 minutes ago were all caused by western foreigners.

Haha... maybe because there were hardly any Malaysians here, maybe they still prefer mamak stalls and their Kopi - O..

Ok, I wish myself to have a safe flight.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I got some really bad news yesterday, my godmother's son is diagnosed with cancer. He is only 42 year-old with 3 young kids, the eldest is 12 and the youngest is not even schooling.

Lately, I came acrossed many incidents that taught me to treasure what I have and live like there is no tomorrow. To be honest, Asians (especially Chinese) are brought up to plan everything. Before we were born, our parents already thought of our name, who should be our godparents; after we were born, they plan which language should be our mother tongue, which kindy to go; then when we turned 4, which primary school should we attend, Malay or Chinese school; should we learn piano, painting; sports or tuition. Then when we finished primary school, we have to decide what do we want to do as career because you have to either pick science stream or art stream; in college, we had to pick to do either local uni program, Aust prog, British or USA prog. And the planning goes on......

Right now, people who are at the same age as me are planning about their future, such as marriage, housing, retirement. Most of them are thinking of how to save enough money so that they don't have to work and achieve financial freedom. And they are doing a tremendous job to move forward to their dreams.

For the people who told me 'to live like there is no tomorrow' are the people who hardly make ends meet, or people who do not have anything to guarantee their debt-free home and retirement.

Maybe you can argue by saying living like there is tomorrow can be applied on other things, such as relationship. But I also believe that you will be thinking things like 'I want to plan a trip together to improve our relationships', 'maybe we should start saving more so we can rent a better place to live together'; all these are plannings. Of course there are short term plannings and long term plannings

For me, I could never live like there is no tomorrow, because I believe if I live like that, there will definitely be no tomorrow that I wish to live.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Went to this Vietnamese restaurant with my mom. We ordered one of the chef's special, 'stuffed quid'.

The squid is stuffed with mince pork, potatoe and yam. Taste ok but the squid is damn tough, felt like chewing rubber band.

Rating: 5/10

Sorry, my hand shook when I took this picture. This is my favourite, "net spring roll", not those ang mo spring rolls we get in Perth.

The spring roll wrap was like a net with holes, stuffed with fresh mince pork and vegetables.

The wrap is so crispy that taste soooo yummy, crispy yet it melted in my mouth.

Rating: 9/10

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sigh.. wanted to update my blog with some interesting food pics. Damn blogger wouldn't let me upload due to some errors. Oh well, another time :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My new toy :) Nokia N95

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I have eaten a lot of good food back here in KL., i.e. rice liquor crab, seafood, durian and many more. surprisingly I haven't gained alot of weight so far, phew! Maybe I did but I am in denial..bluek

Anyway, the hot thing in KL now is 'China girls'... * eyes rolling. A couple of my parents' friends have kept China women as their mistress. One has a permanent mistress and he keeps her in an apartment, another one will travel to Seremban to find this girl who works as a prostitute.

The amazing thing is everyone in the neighbourhood knows about it yet his wife doesn't know (the one who goes to Seremban). This bastard was so bad that he even took a photo of the girl and showed it to my mom! Erm.. the girl was semi naked. So I questioned my mom, why didn't she tell his wife, my mom said it is not right to break someone's family apart. My mom told me the wife heard the rumours yet she didn't bother to verify. I guess she was just afraid to know the truth because they have been married for so long and now only the husband decided to f*** someone else.

This particular bastard even told them that he has to take viagra with Guinese Stout before he has sex witht he girl and he doesn't use condom. EEeewwww....

So no wonder majority of the Malaysian women hate China girls so much.

I better ask Matt if there are any China girls at his mine site... pfft

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sometimes I do wonder how does 'death' feel? Sometime I lie in bed and wonder how does it feel to slit my wrist and let the blood flow.

Sometimes I feel that I have endured too much that I wish to see the finishing line.

Sometimes I doubt that the tunnel has an exit.

Sometimes I doubt that there is heaven.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

For sure I would indulge in some shopping back in KL. Have a look at the things I have bought. :p I refuse to check my bank account in Perth :s

Sony Vaio FZ15G. Loving the sleek and light-weight design. I didn't go for the top end specs because I didn't think I need them thus I refuse to pay another 2k for things I didn't need.

Sony Cybershot, 8.1mp, light-weight with touch screen features. It is actually for my parents and I am keeping my devoted Canon Ixux 4mp. I am not complaining about my canon ixus, the camera never failed me once, still giving me clear pictures.

Unfortunately, my parents haven't mastered in using all the features that come with this new camera.

Met up with one of my buddies today, went to a mamak stall to have the authentic 'roti canai' and 'maggie mee goreng'. The food was so cheap, 2 roti, 1 mee and 2 drinks cost us only RM9.20, which is AU$3. Wahaha.. I LOVE good deals

As usual, we talked about our bfs, I believe there are problems in every relationship. She is worried about her bf's future, how are they heading; I am worried about 'our' future, where are we heading.

Often, we see our friends or people around us happily in-love and we think they are going to be happy forever. However, there could be some problems that we don't see; who knows what's happening behind closed doors?

It is within human nature that we only see what we want to see, we see the good sides of a matter and we would like to have it; totally ignoring the short coming, self asssure that we can be as good. Are we in denial again?

I admit I often compare my relationship to others, I know I shouldn't but I just couldnt help it. I often tell myself, I ain't perfect so I do not expect my bf to be the perfect person.

Sometimes, I see my friends being so in love and happy, I will then compare Matt to their bfs and think 'sigh... why can't he be that sweet and loving'. Then when my friends get upset with their bfs, I will think 'Wow, I am glad Matt isn't like that'.

I know I know! I am a total hypocrite because I am expecting Matt to be perfect. I am glad I know my weakness and things that I am doing wrong and learn to appreciate Matt more though he still likes to tease me and sees me getting angry. Pfft.. !

Whenever I am upset with Matt, I will share with my best friends, I am surprise they can always remind me the good things that Matt has done for me. I think it is also within the human nature to pick up negative things when we are upset and totally forgetting the good things that have happened.

Sometimes I do feel scare that our relationship may not last, I think the more I treasure it, the more afraid I would get. I love Matt, thus I believe that's why I am afraid to lose him. No, I am not afraid to admit that I love my bf. So if you feel this is too much, you can f*** off now.

I am trying to learn to compare less and ignore what others comment about my relationship because I know better than anyone else that Matt and I are putting in effort to make the relationship works and we try not to give up even when we feel like killing one another.

They wouldn't know what is happing to us behind our closed door!

I know this post is totally irrelevant to my KL trip, but heck, this is MY blog.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pffft.... the humidity is killing me slowly, I can feel the water in my body is evaporating...

Yes, I am back in Malaysia at the moment.

This is my third day in KL, and I am already feeling bored and annoyed. Bored because my parents don't let me go out at night and the weather in the day has killed my spirit to go out during day time. Annoyed because my mom is annoying me.

I haven't eaten any delicious food so far so I have no photos/feedback to blog about. Hopefully I will eat something good soon :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

*eyes rolling, need I say more?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Found this entry while I was spring cleaning my blog. Nothing special, but since I have written, might as well publish it :p

Lately, I have a lot of things to blog. Today, I have decided to blog about TODAY. What I did from the time I woke up till I go to bed tonight.

6.40am – Alarm rang; I turned it off

7.03am – Woke up; started swearing because I woke up late (20 mins)

7.20am – Came out from shower; picked my clothes. SMSed baby to say ‘Good Morning’ and wished him a good day at work.

8.07am – Left for work

8.28am – Got into work just ON TIME!

8.45am – Had my strong coffee with breakfast bar. Burp….. Began my work day.

8.50am – Received an email from Karen; she told me she was extremely tired. I asked her to go home to sleep. Haha. Also received a sms from baby, wishing me a good day at work :D That is soooo him.

9.15am – Manager confirmed my pay rise, about 10% increment. I was happy :D

10.30am – Had a banana. WHAT??

11.00am – Colleague came into to chit chat with me. She is going on 2 weeks leave, sigh, when’s my turn.

12.45pm – Had 3 choc cookies I hide in the drawer because I was starving.

1.00pm – Had my home-cooked lunch, curry chicken with rice. After counting the calories I just ate, OMFG… choc + curry

2.15pm - Mom called for a short chat.

4.38pm - Baby smsed me to ask how's my day.

4.45pm - Packed up and ready for the weekend!

5.15pm - Got home.

5.30pm - Compiled all the paperwork, ready to do my tax return. Realised haven't got some of the statements yet.

this post is incomplete.. but WTH

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Dante's case is becoming 'hot' again, apparently he committed a similar crime a few years ago when he was in England but the victim managed to escape.

He does look 'mentally retarded' in the pictures, and I don't want to dwell on how he killed the young girl in Canning Vale shopping centre.

What I wish to comment is, 'what the hell were the parents doing?!'

They knew the son has done such things before yet they let him went out by himself without any supervision. And thanks to their negligence, someone's precious daughter is dead.

Dante sure deserve his punishment, but I think his parents should be punished as well. I felt that the parents were totally irresponsible!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Matt got a pay rise a couple of months ago, so I made him treat everyone dinner at Burswood Atrium. Haha thanks baby!

Don't ask me how much he got, but lets say his pay rise is almost half of my annual income :S

So there were 11 of us and we really enjoyed the food and we had a great time.

WM, CC and Sing Sing had so many prawns! 90% of the time, they were eating prawns, Matt called WM the prawn peeling machine!

A little incident happened while baby was paying the bill. The cashier was shocked that he was paying for so many people, they even asked him how much is he earning. Matt felt so awkward and told them he didn't want to talk about it. Ha ha

Don't worry guys, I shall be the spy again and let you know when is he getting his next pay rise. Work harder baby!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Today is one of those days that I am filled with mixture feelings...

I feel sad because one of my colleagues was leaving the company. After 32 years of service, he decided to move on and he gave me a bunch of flowers as Thank You gift. He was the grumpiest person in the company but he was always helpful to me and often came into my office and chat to me.

He has given me tremendous help and definitely made my life easier in the company.

I am also happy today because I found out one of my friends is engaged and this couple are extremely sweet and loving; finally decided to tie the knot after 9 years of being together.

So I have reached the phase when the people around me are getting married and of course my mom has been nagging me to get married. I am trying to make her understand finding a husband is not as easy as buying a chicken from the market.

I do wish one day I will find the special someone whom I can spend the rest of my life with and create a few junior replicas. On the other hand, I am afraid of a life long promise and commitment, afraid of being heart broken at the end of the day.

Past experience haunts me, I ever thought I have found the person and I was wrong. I think I need a long time to build up the courage to believe again

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Though I am a straight female and I do appreciate feminine clothing, and try to behave as lady as much as I could but I do swear when I am angry and laugh like nobody cares when I watch silly chick flick.

But there are a few actions by girls that I just can’t accept.

scratch underarm in public
dig under the clothes to scratch their breasts
re-adjust the g-string by pulling the string away from in-between the butt cheek

Ewwww.. when I was buying lunch one day from McDonald, there was a woman in front of me who comfortably stretched her hand under her shirt and scratched her breast! And mind you, her breasts were huge! I was totally shocked that for that split second, I didn’t know how to react.

She might not notice me and my reaction wasn’t important, but it was during lunch hour at a food court. Gawd…..

Then I am not sure if you came across this; in Malaysia and some third-world countries. Older women will stuff a handkerchief near the sleeve of their shirt (they always wear sleeveless top due to the weather). Then once in a while, they would pull out the handkerchief, wipe their underarms then their face then stuff it back. They repeat the action throughout the day with the same handkerchief.

That scene never failed to gross me out. What about you?

Friday, September 07, 2007

I felt offended. What does a semi naked woman got to do with free Internet???
Conversation with a drunkie

Matt: Sea monkey stole my money….
Me: Er… OK. Do you have money on you to take cab??
Matt: No, sea monkey stole my money!

Matt: The fairies used all the hot water in my shower
Me: Aw…. Better keep yourself warm
Matt: Cant, no hot water. Fairies used them.
Me: OK baby! Go to sleep….
Matt: Yea, I want to sleep

I was rolling on the floor laughing, he is simply hilarious when he is drunk

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Have you ever wonder if you are a liar? Do you lie everyday? Or is there a day that you do not lie?

Everybody lies, when you compliment your colleague about his tie, though it is hideous, that’s a lie. We are accustomed to the culture that ‘we should be polite and nice, hence it is OK to lie’. He lies, she lies, you lie, I lie. Everyone is lying about something everyday. How can we blame the children for lying when we are doing it everyday? “Eat your dinner, else the police will come and arrest you.” “Don’t swallow the seed, a tree may grow in your stomach”

Sad to say, one that doesn’t lie may not survive in this community because one may offend a lot of people for being honest. Why don’t we do a small experiment? Let’s be honest for a day, or maybe just 12 hours, excluding the hours you spend in bed. See the outcome; you may screw up big time during the 12 hours.

Let’s see, what if I have to be honest at work just for the day.

Example one:

Customer : When will my truck be ready? You told me it would be ready this morning.

Liar Me: Sorry, but the supplier did not manage to deliver the part in time so I am afraid we need a couple more hours.

Honest Me: Oh well, there are bigger jobs at the moment that we can earn more money from. So, BAD LUCK! Wait for a few more hours.

See the difference?

We have passively developed a habit to lie, lie to make others feel better.

Run through a list of friends in your mind, try to find ONE that you are certain that doesn’t lie. I want to meet him/her, I am going to give him/her a treat. :D

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sometimes, I do wonder if I can date an Asian guy ever again. I have never expected myself to go out with an aussie, but I do now. (Don't worry baby! I still love you for now!)

I was in Northbridge today to collect my air ticket. When I stepped into the agency, I saw a guy sitting in front of a sales person, I thought he was pretty good looking for an asian guy, smart hairstyle and nice jacket, decent looking guy for sure.

Then my mom stuffed up my credit card, the bank needed 10 mins to fix it so I took a walk around Northbridge, enjoying the weather and sunshine. I bumped into the guy again in front of Timezone, he was on the phone. As I walked past him, I heard "Oi, where eat lah? Northbridge or where? Northbridge lah, I in Northbridge now!". I swear to God, all the good impression burst like bubble in my head.

The asian guys in Perth can be categorised into 2 categories, the ABC who know minimal Chinese culture and family values (Which I regard highly), or the ones studied and stayed on who still speak English like an AH BENG!

Don't get me wrong, I do speak with lah, ah, mah... sometimes (very seldom) to friends who I speak cantonese too and I am not saying my English is perfect but come on, it totally puts me off when a guy use LAH, AH, Mah in every single sentence.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

So my dad is here now, he will be here for the next few days.

7am this morning, he started preparing for dinner, even though I kept telling him that dinner won’t be starting till 12 hours later, he still insisted to continue cooking. I left him alone and off I went to work.

Before I left, he offered to cook breakfast for me, I told him no as I only have coffee in the office but he still made this sandwich for me. He folded a slice of bread with egg and lettuce, and wrapped it in gladwrap.

I took it and thought I can have it for lunch after I take Matt to the airport during lunch hour.

I just had the sandwich and gosh, the sandwich did bring back memory. A signature of my dad’s sandwich has always been honey. My dad likes to coat the bread with some honey, so the sandwich always has a hint of sweet smell and taste. The sandwich tasted exactly like the one he used to make for me when I was in primary school. The only difference was, the sandwich he made back in primary school was a lot bigger, I think he is trying to help me loose weight now.

I remember an episode of Sex and The City, Carrie was talking about a pimple and a first date. A pimple is a very tiny thing, but it becomes so big on the day you are going to your first date with someone you really like. So, doesn’t matter how small and unimportant an object is, it will show its significance at a certain moment.

Though the sandwich is a lot smaller than the one I had when I was in primary school, but it seems so big now : )

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Do you remember the times when you were young? The times that you fell down, cried and your parents would carried you and helped you to stand on your feet again?

Recently, I have this strong urge to go back to those times, times when I could whine and snuggle up to my mom, complained to her about the bullies in school and told her about my ambitions.

I remember that when I first transferred to my former highschool, I was under so much pressure that one night I just woke up from my sleep and started crying. I was sleeping with my mom that night and my mom was very shocked that I was under so much stress as I was just a 13 year old. She told me to take it easy and she didn’t expect whatsoever extraordinary achievement from me except being a healthy and happy person.

True enough, my mom has never requested any achievement from me, whenever she sees me stressing over something, such as studies, work. She would offer to take me on a short trip to relax and asked me to skip school for the day. I remember when I first came to Perth, I had terrible home sick and often found myself crying at night because I felt so lonely. Once my mom knew that, she bought me a ticket to go back to Malaysia for 2 weeks after just 4 weeks since my 1st semester began.

Then when I wanted to get my PR, my mom supported me fully even though that would cost her $15k Ringgit. I was stressed again as I was afraid that one day I may feel regret for staying in Perth, what if things become bad for me in Perth? I would feel very guilty if I give up my PR one day. Then again, my mom told me not to worry. She said “Come back to Malaysia if you are unhappy, money doesn’t matter, I can earn the money again but I can’t earn your happiness”

2 months ago, I was in a pretty bad shape and things weren’t going very well for me. I was unhappy. Once my parents knew it, my dad called me one morning and asked me to go home for a break. He offered to pay for everything.

Deep in my heart, I know very clearly that my happiness is the utmost important thing to my parents. They always try to give me the message that ‘no matter how screwed up am I, they will welcome me home and help me to stand on my feet again’

I feel really blessed to have parents like them and often feel very bad for leaving them behind in Malaysia. I can’t wait for them to move to Perth after my mom retires.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Do you realise that when our friends are upset over some problems, we would always say “hey, shit happens, tomorrow will be a better day.”

I did that too, I even told myself that, but somehow tomorrow seems too far away sometimes. How many people can actually act as they say “Shit happens, move on”? I usually will bury myself in sadness and misery for a week before I can live normal again.

When I see unfortunate incidents happen to my friends, I often imagine myself being in the same shoe and I will ask myself what would I do?

Most of my friends say that I am a strong person; I have to confess that I am not that strong but I just know that I have to do the right things by moving on and again tell myself “shit happens, things could be worst, I have to move on.”

Putting up a strong image, telling jokes, laughing at other’s silly incidents are the way I cover my sadness. Crying in the bathroom during shower seems like the most comforting moment to me sometimes.

Hey! Shit happens!

Monday, August 06, 2007

So I have been busy packing whole weekend and started moving bits and pieces to the new place. I threw away heaps of stuff; clothes, books, junk.

At that moment, I had to agree that women can totally be in self-denial sometimes. As I was rampaging through my wardrobe, deciding which piece to throw and which go to the Sammy blabla. I started trying out clothes that I have never worn for a long time. Then I started telling myself:

“Erm… just have to loose an inch on the bum then this jeans will look good, shall keep it.”

“Maybe this pattern will come back in fashion…”

“I just have to breath in when I stand up… I can still wear this pants..”

“Loose another 2 kgs and I am sure I will look gorgeous in this skirt..”

I ended up with almost nothing to throw away.

Who am I kidding really? After eating a bowl of homemade Green tea ice-cream, I knew that I had to give those clothes away!

Talking about self-denial.

I was glad that I managed to clear half my wardrobe at the end of the day. Packed 2 full big garbage bag of clothes to give away and one small bag of clothes that I think I can sell on eBay. :D

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Very often, I sit down with a cuppa and start reviewing things happened recently. Did I do that right? Was I being judgemental? Did I hurt his feelings? Was I a bad person in that situation?

I believe people around have their reviews about me as well. I was told several times by some close friends, “Don’t be bothered with what people think/say about you.” Can we actually do that? I can’t, seriously. I don’t want to be the black sheep in others’ eyes.

Sometimes, I want to do something and I can foresee the circumstances, I know that I will be extremely sad doing what I want to do. Ironically, I also know that I have to do it instead of living miserably.

People always say “the grass is greener on the other side”. However, a person that I respect highly told me “Jane, the grass is not always greener on the other side, but I can assure you, there is grass.” How true is that? When you are in a bad relationship, friends and family would say, don’t stay in it if you are not happy, get out and you will find a better one next time; I do that too. But how sure are we that the next person will be better? We can only hope for the best. Although the next guy may not be better, BUT there are a lot of guys out there. True enough, if you are not happy, get out but don’t exit with a thought that “I can definitely get a better one next round” AND the person you are leaving may think the same. J

We all know, every woman would at least say that to themselves once in their life, “The next one will be better.”

I ever broke up with a guy that I truly loved, I felt really happy and blessed to be with him. We were very in love but we had to break up because we knew the circumstances would be very bad if we stayed together. The moment we broke up, I thought “will I find a better one?” How funny, that was the first time I had doubt about my future. I would say I have moved on and I truly understand “there is grass on the other side, they may not be greener but they still have the same nutrients” J

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So Matt was exposed to Malaysian Manglish and Singaporean Singlish lately.

Not my fault of course, he said I never speak with lah, ah….blablabla

So one day… while we were playing World of Warcraft

Me: Baby.. can you wait for me in Darnasus?

Matt: OK LAH

Me: Then we will go to Ashenvale.

Matt: Sure LAH

Me: …. Singaporean wanna be?

10 mins later

Me: I dinged! Level 26 now!

Matt: Good. Hihihi Lah!

Me: What’s Hihihi?

Matt: I don’t know, I saw some Asians typed that in the car forum.

Me: …. Make sure you fully understand the words before you use them next time.

Matt: I want to go to Malaysia and Singapore, so I can finish every sentence with LAH

Me: OMG. I am dating an ah beng now.

Matt: What’s that!!??

Friday, July 27, 2007

As usual, I was listening to the radio on the way to work.

They were talking about The Simpson movie. Apparently, there was a scene where Homer (or was it Bart) got naked and his penis was showing.

One of the DJs was in the cinema and she saw a few uncomfortable faces during the scene.

So the discussion topic was “was it alright to show genitals in cartoon?”

Many people think “no”. What do you think?

Personally, I don’t mind. Come on, do you think the kids know what is it for? To children between 4-9, they probably think ‘that’ is what boys use to wee/pee. For the older kids including teenagers, they have probably seen the real one and understand what sex is all about. So what’s the big deal?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

I am not Xiaxue's fan. But this is simply funny, and if he is representing SG guys. Gawd... i don't want to date any of them..

Classic words : "You sucks", "I see newspaper", "ugry", "chicken pie"

What the hell is wrong with this guy? He definitely has limited vocab, he could only call Xiaxue chicken pie. Sigh... next time, ask someone to write you a script befor eyou attack Xiaxue.

He is SOOOOOOOO ah Beng

I received really bad news today; one of my mom’s friend is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Apparently she only has 2 months to live but her husband hid the news from her, so she thought she would recover. She is undergoing chemotherapy now.

She got very confused when the doctor told her “eat what you want to eat, go where you want to go”. She told my mom the doctor was trying to frighten her.

Many people did not agree that the husband should hide the news from her; she should know the truth and let her enjoy her final 2 months.

I am not very close to this lady but lets say I witnessed some of her great moments in life. I attended her wedding, her children’s full moon parties, children’s birthday parties. I sure hope I am not going to attend her funeral so soon.

The strange thing was my mom was very eager to share this news with me. According to my mom, she believed that her friend was under a lot of stress at work, thus she got the cancer.

So my mom kept telling me to take care of my health (my health isn’t very good lately, I was diagnosed with something, nothing major). She asked me not to work too hard as you all know I can be a bit of workaholic sometimes and take lots of vitamins because Perth does not sell Chinese herbs.

I was pretty disturbed by the news actually, as I’ve mentioned before, I am someone who doesn’t know how to deal with death. It is something that dooms to happen, yet I don’t want to accept it, I don’t think anyone except the elders above 80s should die (except those terrorists and bad people). Sometimes I lie in bed at night and think, what is it like knowing that you will die soon, what is it like lying in the coffin. Then I got a shiver and understand that I am afraid to die.

A wise nun ever said, one that is afraid to die, is one that has regrets in life. Yes, I do have regrets in life, who doesn’t?

Take care and good luck, Aunty Christine. I hope you and your family believe in miracles, and I sure hope one is kind enough to fall on you.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am totally shocked and disappointed with how Australian government dealing with the Indian doctor caught in Brisbane.

To date, there isn’t any solid evidence that he was involved in terrorism, he did not lie that his wife just gave birth and he was on his way back to see his new born. I think the only suspicious action was he only bought a one way ticket. However, a one-way ticket just doesn’t constitute ‘he is a terrorist’.

Somehow, I felt that the Howard’s army just wanted to find someone that linked to it, to show the world that they are working hard to catch all terrorists. Also, at the same time, tell the terrorists out there, “we will pin you down; you better stay away from Australia”.

I am not sure these actions will frighten the terrorist or anger them, thus provoke them to do more.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Me: “Argh… what do I do now? I don’t know where to go!!!”
Matt: “Check the guide…”
Me: “Fine.. but I am very warm and comfy now….” *Me lying in bed, hiding under the quilt
Matt: “Let me do it..” *Eyes rolling
Me: “Ok..good”
Matt: “Ok, now walk to ….. then click that… then …. Then …”
Me: “Oh ok..”
Matt: “Yea, ok. That’s it. Listen to her, ok follow her instruction. Press B… ok release!”
Me: “Argh!!!!”
Matt: “You release too quickly! You have to group them up before you release B.”
Me: “Pfft….”
Matt: “Ok… now. Ok.. go group them up, maybe hit them first.”
Me: “No need to hit them, I will auto agro them anyway.”
Matt: “OK, now group them… okok Press B!”
Me: “NO! One is too far away, I got to lure these two to him..”
Matt: “Ok now press B… press and move! So your circle will cover them…”
Me: “Yea!!!!!”
Matt: “Oh my God.. how hard is that?” *Eyes rolling
Me: “Don’t roll your eyes at me!”

What were we doing? Oh, we were playing Zelda on Nintendo Wii. Baby read the walkthrough while I was playing. 2 persons, 1 controller. Hahahahaha

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Me: "I like wearing heels...he he"

Matt: "Coz you are short?"

Me: "So now you are saying that I am very short????"

Matt: "What did you say? I can't hear you speaking from down there."

Me: "...............ARGH!!!!!"

Matt: "Wahahahahaha. I win!"


Me: "I feel cold..."

Matt: "Short people should feel warm.. they are closer to the Earth core. Whats wrong with you?"

Me: "What kind of fact is that!"

Matt: "Hahahahahaha...."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We had Wii party again last Friday, at Yen's place this time. We had a roll because it was SL's birthday as well. We had 2 cakes; green tea and coco mud cake. Both are my favourite!

One was to celebrate SL's birthday, oen was to celebrate my pay rise. Hehe not a big rise, just a small rise. So I could only afford a tiny cake :(

These are the pretty women for the night. Yumi and Wangmun were missing from picture though...

Friday, June 29, 2007

Ever wonder what’s your break up style?

-Tell him/her face to face and explain why do you want to break up, hoping that both can find a way to salvage the relationship

-Call him/her and also try to salvage the relationship

-Text him/her, “lets break up”

-Stop contacting him/her, hoping that he/she will finally get the message one day

-Just disappeared, can’t even bother to tell him/her why you want to break up?

Are there any other patterns?

I guess I can be number 1 or number 5. I am number 1 when the feelings are still strong; number 5 if he’s been hurting me for so long and I become totally exhausted. That’s when I have nothing left to say to him.

A piece of advice for the men; when a woman decides to leave you, very little chance that you can convince her to stay, unless you are a total new person. Women are soft hearted, so we always give in to the shortcomings in our relationships and our men. However, once we have enough and decide to take off. We don’t look back. Am I right? Or is it just me?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Story Blog

I have started a story blog. Drop by and have a read and feel free to comment.

Please remember that my English is not PERFECT, so please don't be too harsh on the grammar.

I might have missed some spelling mistakes too.

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I am going to have nightmare tonight!

Picture taken from

Nice Weekend

Let’s see, spent Friday night playing World of Warcraft, just felt like playing it again. Created a new character, Draenei Priest on the same server as Matt, he always wanted me to play a priest on his server :D. He is funding my character expenses at the moment, but he later told me that I have to pay him back the gold he lent me. WTF! I will deal with that later!

Then I went bed shopping on Sat afternoon; went to Ikea, Freedom and Furniture Bazaar. Found a comfy queen size bed in Furniture Bazaar selling for $599, I thought that was pretty good but I decided to go back again either on Thursday or Sat and check out other places like Bedshed before that :).

Went out to have dinner with Beorn at Panchos, Mexican food. The food was good but not really my type as they were too rich and fatty. I couldn’t finish the burrito and Beorn ate all the prawns in there. Then we went to Burswood to meet up with his friends and had a few games. Let’s just say it wasn’t my night! Sigh……. Went home, played some Warcraft then went to sleep.

Sunday morning, woke up late. Managed to get to Simon’s place on time, off we went to Sandalford in Swan Valley to celebrate SL’s birthday. The weather was perfect! Karen and I started wine tasting before everyone got there, I love their Element Late Harvest, I think I will go back and buy a few bottles before my trip to KL. I had their beef fillet for main course. The food was OK, nothing fantastic, a bit overpriced though. Look at the size of my fillet, so small! Karen immediately claimed she would need dessert (she ordered beef fillet too) hhahahahahaha

The sunglasses was put there so that you can estimate the size of the fillet. :p

We stayed from 12:30pm till 4:15pm! What a long lunch! Hahaha… too bad baby was at work, would be great if he was there. Nice place to take pictures.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Random Stuff

It is Monday again! The weekend is always too short, especially when baby is in Perth. Though we didn’t do much together on the weekend, hahah

I am thinking of writing a book about our relationship, how a relationship is like between an Asian girl and a white Australian guy; what are the cultural differences, communication hurdles and etc. You think that will work? He probably wouldn’t like it if I make our relationship details available to the Internet audience. :p

I was talking to my manager about Perth drivers, we both agreed some people are just not meant to be drivers. I have friends whom I prefer them to be passengers because I will definitely stay away if I see their cars on the road.

Friend A: Got her license at her 5th driving test.

Friend B: Never never ever look at her speedometer when she drives o.O

Friend C: Doesn’t know her left and right

Friend D: Drove 15km with a flat tyre and didn’t know it was flat till she got down of the car

These people should really just be passengers, I am serious. They are not only risking other peoples’ lives, but theirs too

Friday, June 15, 2007

So, let’s talk about one of the controversial topics in Perth now, Adoption Rights for Gay Couple. So the big news was a gay couple in Perth adopted a child recently. Apparently they have waited 3 years for this baby.

Initially, I was really taken aback by this idea. Not that I doubt the capability of this gay couple, just that I didn’t think they would have the maternal instinct to nurture the child the way a woman can. However, I am not saying that every single woman has maternal instinct to nurture children.

I have friends who are so against that idea because they think it is ruining the traditional ‘family’ idea, ruining the convention and it may bring bad impact to the growing child; they even think that child may turn up to be another gay/lesbian. Shame of myself, I did think about this when I first heard the news but I got around it eventually.

I am extremely gay friendly myself, but I have no idea what is it like growing up with gay parents who are not my biological parents. What if the gay couple are earning million of dollars annually and can give the best to this child? The more I think about it, the more I think that whatever it is, the child’s welfare should be the top most priority, and if these two men can give her the best, I have nothing against it. As whether or not he/she will become homosexual in the future; does it matter? It doesn’t really matter to the world if we have another gay/lesbian, seriously…

Then I thought “Gosh, the child wouldn’t have a mother figure to guide him/her, there isn’t a good ‘motherly’ example” Again, later I thought, how many women can be good examples nowadays? I see mothers who smoke in front of children; smack children in public; drink alcohol everyday; abandon their newborns in public places; giving birth for the sick of single parents benefits and etc. So whether this gay couple is appropriate or not, it is really not for us to judge because we don’t even know them!

At the same time, can you imagine the pressure this couple is facing? The discrimination? For the outsiders, maybe we should live with more compassion and be less judgemental.

For all my friends out there who are still disgusted by this incident, may I ask you to sit down and really think it through, think out of the box, think for the baby’s welfare then maybe you will see an entirely different picture.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007


So we went to play supagolf last long weekend. It was fun and everyoe had a great time. Enjoy the pics, pics taken by Karen and Simon :)

Matt, me, Karen & Simon - ultimate group with balls that went backward lol

The pro teaching the beginner

Looks like a pro

Where did the ball go?

Somehow I look like I was sweeping the floor

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I am not a big reader, but I do read every night before I go to sleep at night.

Last year, I came across a writer named Mitch Albom. So I read the first book I bought, One More Day, totally amazed and astonished; I went to buy the second book, Five People You Meet In Heaven, again, I was very touched by the story.

So I was determined to collect all Mitch Albom’s books, I went looking for Tuesday with Morrie, but failed, apprently it was out of stock in Perth. So when I was back in Malaysia, I went to MPH and happily found hundreds of copies.

I have to say, Tuesday with Morrie is the best book that I’ve ever read in my life. Morrie is such a wise man that he set such a tremendous example that how one should face the ultimate challenges in life.

If you are looking for a new book to read, just some light reading befor eyou go to bed, then may I suggest Tuesday with Morrie by Mitch Albom. :)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Ok, so Paris Hilton is in jail and she will be there for 45 days.

She is going to wear the clothes that makes her look like an abnormal, dehydrated pumpkin, eat food that she would never thought she had to eat coz she is on no-wheat diet and the list goes on.

So, what’s the big deal?

Everyday, I will hear updates about her prison life on the radio, what did she eat, what did she say, what did she do, how long did she cry yesterday and blab la bla. This morning was ‘Paris Hilton did not have her dinner last night, they gave her chicken burrito and she refused to eat that because she is on no-wheat diet’

For God’s sake, do these people realise how many people are dying from AIDS everyday? How many children go missing everyday? How many people dying from accidents? How many losing their homes and loved ones because of natural disasters? And they have to pay attention and care about what is Paris Hilton doing in the prison?

Come on people, get a life…….

****NB. right before I wrote this post, Paris Hilton was released from jail due to unknown medical/mental condition... Not that I wanted to know abt her jail life, but it happened to be the headline on ninemsn news.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


So I was listening to the radio, the guys were talking about how girls stuff 'chicken fillet' into their bra so that their breats look bigger.

People called in and told them the things they have tried putting into bras.

1. Shoulder Pads << ermm, should pads seem pretty inflexible

2. Rolled up socks << good one, but wouldn't the breasts look pointy?

3. Jelly << OMFG, she even mentioned that the jelly will melt and have to becareful with the dripping cordial, hahahahaha... i really couldn't stop laughing!

Really, how far would a woman go just to have bigger boobs? I want mine to look smaller, how?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Random Conversations

Monday morning; mobile rang at 9am, Jane was asleep.

Dad: How come you are not at work today?
Me: Because I am sick, been sick since last Thursday.
Dad: What happened?
Me: Fever keeps coming back once the Panadol effect is gone. Going to the doctor later.
Dad: Ask him to do a blood test. It may be a symptom of a series illness like leukaemia…
Dad: I am serious, usually non-stop fever is a symptom of cancer or leukaemia
Me: If you are planning to make me feel better, I am sorry, but you have failed totally! I want to sleep, don’t disturb me!

Hang up!

Me: I saw a new pair of boots that I really like!
Matt: You are not a Centipede
Me: …………….

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Decision Decision

Been thinking of moving out lately; thinking if I should buy a house or rent a place.

I can probably afford to buy a cheap house ranging 250-300k but then I will lose the current quality of life because I will be smashed by mortgage. So I think renting will be a better choice, but the rental market is also ridiculous at the moment. I do not want to live with other people so I will be renting a place by myself that will probably cost me $600 - $800 a month. I don’t think it is worthwhile to pay such rental when a few more hundreds will be the amount of mortgage I am paying if I buy a house. So….. decision decision!!!!!!!

Or shall I just stick to the current place? Sigh, but I really want to change environment.

I want to get a place with a back yard so I can keep a dog to accompany me especially when baby is at work.

A guy from work committed suicide last Friday, the Friday before Mother’s Day. He was 19 and he hung himself. I don’t know him personally as he was from another department. Apparently he killed himself because he couldn’t get over his gf’s death (his gf killed herself 3 months ago). Sigh, so sad…….. only 19 years old and decided to take his own life.

Then in Sarawak, a 11 year old also committed suicide because he/she was very very poor and always got teased by his/her teach at school for using broken pencils and eating porridge with Kangkung everyday. Can you believe even the teacher teased him about that!? It must be a terrible experience to make an 11 year old to commit suicide.

I used to worked with children for 2 years before I came to Perth, and I have never thought of (for even a split second) hurting my students’ feelings. I don’t think I could ever do it. That bloody teacher should be prosecuted……

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

2007 Aussie Day Party at Yen's Place

Bottom's up!

Pictures in My Phone - Part 2

View from my hotel when I was in Melbourne.
N.B. my Melbourne trip was a disaster, the flight to Melb was delayed for 7 hours. I didn't get to the hotel till 1:15am, went to bed at 2:15am, got to the office at 9am. So no, I didn't go anywhere after work coz I was exhausted and went to sleep at 7pm :S

Baby said he is not sure what durian is, he merely remember seeing it once. So I took a picture of them when I saw them in Woolworths. I got quite alot of attention by doing that. ><

A little fungus grew besides my house door. It was blooming after just one night of rain. Looked pretty cool, can't really see clearly in the picture though.

Pictures in My Phone - Part 1

Mylo resting on the stack of newspaper in the shop, that's where he waits for the customer :)

My World of Warcraft session in the evening when baby is at work

My computer at work

ME! I was bored

Waiting for baby to buy drinks at the petrol station

Mylo sleeping under my bed

Friend's cat, I like him, he is one 'vain' cat

Mylo telling me he needs to go out to pee at 8am in the morning

Mylo's bed in the shop, this table is placed right in front of the shop entrance.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


One of my exs talked to me on MSN the other day and told me that he is married now and has a daughter. We talked about other things of course and I realized that he hasn’t changed a bit, and I told him that. He said it is good that he hasn’t changed, I told him it is terrible that he hasn’t changed, and he is still so rude and arrogant.

Maybe I should remind him that he isn’t that great, being smashed by gambling debt and had to run away to US to be illegal immigrant?

Then another friend came boasting about her bf’s new job and his new pay while I just kept quiet and said congratulation. Her bf’s new income is equivalent to mine but I didn’t tell her that cause I don’t see the point of doing that.

Then I told Matt about it, he said I should have told her how much Matt’s earning to shut her up; I just told Matt that’s not my style. I am over the “boast what I have” age, if one thinks one is great, why not?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Random Stuff

It is the Easter weekend again, last year this time I was devastated. Crying at most nights till my eyes were as big as a Macadamia nut.

This year Easter, I wouldnt say I am estactic but life is getting good. I have a good job, a good bf (I think he is good?), financially stable and a group of great friends. I really can't complain much.

Sometimes, I can't believe I am 24, especially when I could still recall the first day of my kindy. I remembered my grandma taking me to the kindy and point at a fat, scary looking, full of mascara and blue eye shadow lady, telling me she is my teacher.

Then I met my first best friend, the first gift from a boy who told me he liked me (LOL), my first favourite teacher and etc etc...

It is just like yesterday, when it was actually 19 years ago.

My dad told my sister that he loves to see my nephew, whenever he sees my nephew, he reminds my dad when I was a baby. He said my nephew brings back memories. I felt sorry when I knew that, I felt sorry for not being my daddy's little girl anymore and sorry for not being at home with them.

But I guess this is what all parents have to go through, they have to set the children free one day and let them explore. I am evry glad my parents are very open minded and let me be a selfish child.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Busy busy

Wow, it's been a long time since I last updated my blog. I have been very busy with my new job and my social life.

Matt is having 5 weeks time off work so I have been trying to spend more time with him before he has to get back to working away again.

I am glad to say Matt and I are getting along fine and getting to know each other better each day. We are never the lovey dovey couple, it will be strange to not seeing us arguing or teasing each other.

Whenever I tease him abt seeing another girl behind me...

His favourite answer "Keeping you happy is like a full time job, I dont have time for another girl"

Then it will ead into me asking him "Am I that demanding?" "So you mean if you have time, you will see another girl?" "Am I that possesive?" and goes on and on while he rolls his eyes... you can imagine LOL

Ok..about my new job....

This company have offices across Australia and have mroe than 300 employees, in WA alone, we have 60 employees. I am in charge of all the administration in the services department. It is a pretty challenging job as I am totally new to the industry and I have to get use to a male dominant environment. The good side of it is I am the only girl in the department and I am the youngest in the whole office, so everyone treat me very nice. Even the grumpiest old man likes to chat with me everyday before he goes home. LOL

I will be going to Melbourne in 2 weeks for some training, only get to stay for 2 nights. Sigh, no chance for shopping :(

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

BF n I

Whem some of my friends found out that Matt actually works away, they were shocked. They couldn't understand how could I stand only seeing the bf every second week.

When I knew abt his job, it didn't bother me much to be honest, I thought it was great so I can get enough freedom to do whatever I want when he is not around.

We have been together for more than 2 months, and I am slowly getting use to him being away every second week. Perth airport became a regular spot I travel to now, I try to pick/send him whenever I can, I think it is a good gesture. Strange enough, we were never like other couples who would kiss n hug for ages before the male has to go in. We always just a kiss and say bye to one another.

Then.. when he is away, SMS(s) and a few telephone calls are they way we keep in touch and soemtimes he gets very busy that we will not talk for a few days.

Somehow I feel.. this is just like a part time job, a part time relationship maybe? Part time relationship with full time commitment :P Am I making any sense here?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

TIME - the most powerful creation

Ever wonder whats the most powerful thing that God ever created? I am not speaking from the Christian perspective, so don't come and bombard me with what the bible says, I didnt finish reading the bible and I am not going to.

I think TIME is the most powerful thing in this world, it is so powerful that nobody can beat it, nobody can make it stay, nobody can reverse it, nobody can rush it.

TIME can be helpful and cruel........

TIME can heal the ugliest wound in our heart; TIME allows you to see a person inside out; TIME allows you to learn to be a better person; TIME allows you calm down and not make mistakes that you will regret; TIME helps you to forget a person that hurt you so deep that you cant even breathe.

TIME will take away your youth and eventually, you have to leave your loved ones behind; TIME does not allow you to reverse your mistakes; TIME never stay so you can't stay in the happiest moment; TIME does not allow you to fast forward it, thus you have to be patient with your pain and agony...

BUT.... the best thing is.... TIME is fair to everyone, doesn't matter if you are rich, poor, blind, sick, gay, straight.... you will have your fair treatment from TIME.

Monday, March 05, 2007


When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in aday are not enough, remember the jar... and the coffee...

A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front ofhim. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students ifthe jar was full. They agreed that it was.

The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar.He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between thegolf balls.He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was.

The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Ofcourse, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jarwas full. The students responded with a unanimous "yes."

The professor thenproduced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entirecontents into the jar, effectively filling the empty space between the sand.The students laughed.

"Now," said the professor, as the laughter subsided, "I want you torecognise that this jar represents your life.The golf balls are the important things, your family, your children, yourfaith, your health, your friends, and your favourite passions.

The Things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life wouldstill be full.

The pebbles are the other things that matter. Your job, yourhouse, and your car. The sand is everything else. The small stuff.If you put the sand into the jar first," he continued, "there is no room forthe pebbles or the golf balls.

The same goes for life. If you spend all yourtime and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the thingsthat are important to you.Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play withyour children. Take time to get medical checkups. Take your partner out todinner. Play another round of golf. There will always be time to clean thehouse and wash the car.

Take care of the golf balls first, the things that really matter.Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee representedThe professor smiled. "I'm glad you asked. It just goes to show You that nomatter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a couple of cupsof coffee with a friend."

Sunday, March 04, 2007

What do MEN want?

After 'N' relationships, sometimes I still wonder what do men want after all.

You treat them nice, they will take it for granted and start to get naughty.

You treat them bad, they call you a bitch.

Enlighten me if you could.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rottnest Trip

Everyone been asking me why didn't I blog about my Rottnest trip as it was the first trip I went with baby.

I would have to say that the trip wasn't fantastic at all but we did have a giggle whenever we thought about it. The experience was bad but we did have a good time together.

The island was extremely boring, we didn't do anything but cycled and walked around. The hotel that we booked was terrible, no air condition, all windows were sealed, the only one that wasn't sealed was facing the hallway where the residents always walked about. baby even suggested that we take the latest ferry back to Perth on the same day, but I refused as we have paid for everything but I later regretted.

So, you could imagine what a 'great' sleep we had on that night. It was so warm, I had to have a cold shower at 3am in the morning and managed to get a few hours sleep after that. Disaster!

And the bikes that we had were in pretty bad shape, the gear of my bike was damaged, I couldn't see which gear I was on. So Matt had to ride it and adjust it for me. Then the bike was so dirty with all the grease, it stained my legs. Let's just put it that I was in a mess and thanks to the bike. Lucky baby was very thoughtful, he could see that I was upset; he gave me a hug and kiss and told me to leave the bike behind and we would just walk around.

Then Matt decided to join some of the local tours, he picked the underwater cruise to see the reefs and ship wrecks. I would say it was a rip off, the reefs in Malaysia are much better that the one we saw in Rottnest.

Then they were showing the movie "The March of the Penguins" by Morgan Freeman. It was a fantastic movie, I think that was the only thing we enjoyed that day. Hahahaha

We caught the 10:30am ferry back to Fremantle, I fell asleep on baby's shoulder as soon as we sat down in the ferry but he couldn't sleep. We both agreed that we would not go back to Rottnest again in the next 5 years unless we are going with a big group of friends.