Monday, August 06, 2007

So I have been busy packing whole weekend and started moving bits and pieces to the new place. I threw away heaps of stuff; clothes, books, junk.

At that moment, I had to agree that women can totally be in self-denial sometimes. As I was rampaging through my wardrobe, deciding which piece to throw and which go to the Sammy blabla. I started trying out clothes that I have never worn for a long time. Then I started telling myself:

“Erm… just have to loose an inch on the bum then this jeans will look good, shall keep it.”

“Maybe this pattern will come back in fashion…”

“I just have to breath in when I stand up… I can still wear this pants..”

“Loose another 2 kgs and I am sure I will look gorgeous in this skirt..”

I ended up with almost nothing to throw away.

Who am I kidding really? After eating a bowl of homemade Green tea ice-cream, I knew that I had to give those clothes away!

Talking about self-denial.

I was glad that I managed to clear half my wardrobe at the end of the day. Packed 2 full big garbage bag of clothes to give away and one small bag of clothes that I think I can sell on eBay. :D

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