Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So Matt was exposed to Malaysian Manglish and Singaporean Singlish lately.

Not my fault of course, he said I never speak with lah, ah….blablabla

So one day… while we were playing World of Warcraft

Me: Baby.. can you wait for me in Darnasus?

Matt: OK LAH

Me: Then we will go to Ashenvale.

Matt: Sure LAH

Me: …. Singaporean wanna be?

10 mins later

Me: I dinged! Level 26 now!

Matt: Good. Hihihi Lah!

Me: What’s Hihihi?

Matt: I don’t know, I saw some Asians typed that in the car forum.

Me: …. Make sure you fully understand the words before you use them next time.

Matt: I want to go to Malaysia and Singapore, so I can finish every sentence with LAH

Me: OMG. I am dating an ah beng now.

Matt: What’s that!!??

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