Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am finally enjoying my long awaited Xmas break. I am having a one week break and my parents are over from Malaysia.

I have a few plans over this break, I want to pick up sewing again and Matt got me a new sewing maching. I have been learning how to use the machine and also trying to sew a few cushion cover. I learned sewing when I was in primary school, using my mom's antique sewing machine. All I did was some basic sewing, nothing too complex. I am aiming to learn how to sew a proper dress. Glad that my mom is here, she's been sewing almost all her life, I remember she used to make all her dresses and tops and skirts, it was her way to save money. That's one of my intension too.

I intend to take up sewing classes but due to some work commitments, I can't do it till maybe May :(. I can only keep sewing cushion cover, aprons, and other simple things. ><

I am also going to try to learn some new baking recipes, looking forward to try this choc mousse cake that I found online, too bad Matt is not a choc fan ....

Have a wonder Xmas and New Year!