Friday, June 26, 2009

Bad Habit

OK, I have a confession to make....... I have SELECTIVE HEARING...

Yes, I do. I tend to listen what I want to listen and after I got the information I need, my mind will shut down and doesn't take in what else the person has to say.

I have a colleague who simply can't stop talking when I ring him re. work stuff. He will go on and on about the subject, I realised I could only listen to him for a max of 10 mins then my ear and mind will shut down and i just go "yea..ok, no worries...yea .. ok ...ok....ahemm..."

Matt is very annoyed with this bad habit I have, because he feel sthat I don't pay attention to what he has to say. I do! Just that I will only listen to what I want to hear.

Such as; if I ask him "How's work today?". He will say something like "Yes, I was busy because there were visitors, I have to show them around. Then we had a meeting, they were into this and that..." So you see, my mind will shut down after I hear these words "Yes, busy, visitors, show around..."

I want to change but just can't help myself...

I do find it funny sometimes but also feel sorry for the people who has to talk to me everyday...hahahaha

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life Changes

Once in a while, I will wonder how my life is changing from one phase to another.

This morning, Cheska (again) woke me up at 7 by sitting on me (literally). So I had no other option but to wake up, I was damn awake already by the time she snuggled right next to me. So I woke up, gave her breakfast and sat on the couch dream...

My life's changed so much since I moved in with Matt, I became very domestic, especially ever since we got Cheska.

I have such a set routine that I feel that I have become boring!

I wake up at 6:30am everyday when I have to work, Cheska will follow me out to the kitchen, then to do her business at the back yard. Came back in, have her breakfast, go back to the room to attack Matt for 10 seconds then come out again to check what I am up to, she will repeat this till i leave for work at 8am.

I, on the other hand, have a shower, have my cereal, check the weather (to make sure i wear enough clothes!), pack my lunch pack, make up, set my hair & get dressed.

Work work work...

Come home, take Cheska to the park for a free run session; go home, feed Cheska, get dinner ready, have dinner, wash up, watch TV, have shower, prepare ingredients for tomorrow lunch pack and dinner; do some ironing if have to then go online for a bit and.... ZZZzzzZZZZzzz

Lately, I sleep so well at night, I never had a night where I couldnt sleep since I moved in with Matt. That shows how busy my life is...

Also....... I am BORING!

Of course, weekend will be more interesting. I will make brunch on Saturday then do a load of washing. We will then head out to walk around, do some shopping or watch a movie. Have a longer free run session with Cheska at the park. Saturday also my cleaning day, so go figure out..

No more clubbing, no more smoking, no more alcohol, no more late night MSN chat, no more late night phone call, no more pick-up by random guys, no more sleeping in (thanks to Cheska, she will only wake me up when she is awake, she will not wake Matt....), no more gaming till 5am

I need some changes... so... I cut my hair... REALLY short :p

OK.... I need to sleep because thie domestic goddess is tired and needs to wake up earlier tomorrow to be at work by 7:30am...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Food Connoisseur

I love cooking and baking, which is very strange. When I was growing up, I wasn’t interested at all, my dad was a good cook, so is my sister and my mom is very good at cooking the dishes I love so there weren’t many opportunities for me to explore the fun of cooking.

However, I was always busy baking cookies before Chinese New Year, mom would distribute the cookies as gifts to relatives and friends. My love for baking faded slowly because it became boring as there weren’t many resources around me and I was still young.

Matt is not a ‘food’ person, he is happy with the simplest meal but he must have his meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is not good at cooking, or you can say he can’t cook, but he doesn’t enjoy cooking after all so how can I expect him knowing how to cook?

Thanks to his ‘non-existence’ cooking skills, I can cook all the time!!!!

Since we moved in together, I really had fun cooking all the things I have been wanting to try and Matt is always a good guinea pig. Having said that, you can’t force him to eat anything that looks suspect….grr…

I also enjoy walking around supermarket, checking out ingredients and spices that are new to me.

After 6 months living together, Matt has slowly transformed to a food connoisseur! Last night, I made braised chicken drumstick, garlic broccoli, serve with rice. He always like the braised chicken, especially the gravy. Last night, he complained the chicken was tough and seem like the gravy did not penetrate into the meat! Yes, it was my fault. I did not take the chicken out from the freezer the night before and due to the cold weather, the chicken was not entirely thawed when I was preparing dinner. So I had to defrost it in the microwave and not wishing to starve the both of us, I did not cook the chicken as long as I wanted. Hence the gravy did not PENETRATE into the chicken…!

2 years ago, he would eat the uncooked pumpkin that I served! I told him not to eat, they were undercooked, he said “oh really?”…

What a transformation in 6 months….