Monday, November 29, 2010

"I'm leaving you...."

Last Friday, my colleague told me that her daughter's partner left her last night.

Of course I went all the 'OMG" "What happened""How could he do that!"...

A bit of a background story, R (the daughter) has been with the bastard, G, for over 3 years, they are not married and have 2 children together, the youngest is only 7 months old.

R is same age as me, she is a stay-at-home mom, never had a career as such, just a normal job before she got retrenched then pregnant.

Before all these happened, I always tell my mom I dont know how R did it. I mean I would feel damn insecure if I am not educated, quit the only job I could get and make babies.

I was then also told that R and G do not have any savings, they live from week to week. I was even more gobsmacked after I heard that. So now R has to rely on Centrelink to pay her expenses, G still support the children but being a single mom to 2 young children, no job and no savings. I will have to try very hard not to kill myself if I am in her shoe.

I feel very very sorry for her, she is very upset obviously but has to pretend like nothing happened for the 2 children.

This bastard actually met up with R somewhere outside for late night shopping, an told her at the shopping centre that he is not going home and he is leaving her. Their eldest son, only 2, was crying because he wanted daddy, but he just walked away.

He then posted on his Facebook that he has left R, on the very same day.

I dont know how, but R managed to log into his Facebook and found that he was cheating on her all the while, and the other women is pregnant with his child, this woman also has a 14 weeks old baby...... OMG... can anyone be more 'bogan' than these 2 retards????

I was so speechless....

I feel sorry for R but then I think it was her fault to be so stupid to not to study, not to build a career before family planning...

Sigh.... I really dont know what to say