Thursday, February 21, 2008

KL Trip - Chinese New Year

So what happened when I was back in KL? Same old same old, Chinese New Year season, sales everywhere, super humid weather, shopping crowd everywhere, annoying Chinese New Year song everywhere.

Mom and Sis dragged me to shopping the very next day after I touched down in KLIA. They took me to Mid Valley to buy new clothes and shoes, you would expect since my mom forced me to go shopping, she would pay for me, but no, I paid for myself. Total spending:RM400.

Sister took us to ‘Tou Long’ for lunch, she said the ‘Siow Long Bao’ there is nice. Well, somehow, the chef fucked up that day and the food was pretty bad. Lucky the ‘Siow Long Bao’ was ok, think we had like 4 trays of that because my nephew loves them. He ate most of them.

The worst dish was the ‘Fried Durian’, geez.. absolutely disgusting! The durian was not fresh, the batter was soggy. Ewww… still prefer durian pan cake from the Shanghai restaurant in Avenue K.

Anyway, that lunch did kill my appetite for the rest of the day.

So more shopping after that day, I was determined to get myself another pair of jeans and few pairs of shoes. I can hardly find any nice shoes that fit me in Perth, and the jeans are always too long for me (Doh!) and the alteration is so expensive in Perth. So my jeans and shoes are always from Malaysia. Though I have more than 30 pairs of shoes sitting in the cupboard, but girls never have enough shoes ok!??

I didn’t eat a lot when I was back, I don’t know why but I just didn’t feel like eating much. I probably only eat 1-2 meals a day, maybe I am so use to my 5 small meals diet that my appetite has shrunk. Oh.. everyone told me I have lost weight *blush

Then everyone who gave me ang pow would ask when is my turn to give ang pow. I am so sick of that question, when is my turn to give, I will give ok!!!???? Just don’t expect me to give in Aussie dollars! The next time someone asks me why would I want to get married, I would say “Because I want to give ang pows”. By the way, if you don’t want to give ang pow to me, then keep it, just don’t ask when will I give your children some.

Overall, it was not a bad holiday after all. Short but I liked it, less nagging from parents and spent less money.

Oh, so in total….

4 pairs of shoes, 1 Gucci bag (thanks to mom), 2 pairs of jeans, 7 tops, 1 shorts, 1 necklace (from the inflight duty-free, I was bored!!). Oh, mom gave me a diamond ring as well, after numerous times of telling her than I don’t think I will ever get one from a man. Hahahaha

Monday, February 04, 2008

I come across many people with different intensions when it comes to relationship. Some would just like to have a companion, doesn't matter if they would get married or not, some with the motive of having a family, some looking for a husband to financially support them because they are less capable than other women, and ect.

Sometimes, I still question myself, what do I want? Karen always asks me what do I want..... which I have to admit, quite often, I am not very certain. Seems that my wants are always changing. I think Karen is going to slap me one day.

When I see chubby babies, I want to be a mother immediately! When I see kids trying to climb up to the rails, counters, I don't want any children anymore. I see friends walking down the isle, I feel like arranging my own wedding, when I see friends negotiating settlement from their divorce, I swear marriage is no longer promising.

You see the problem? I dont fucking know what I want, does it mean I dont deserve to be in a relationship and seek what I want?