Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I will be going back to Malaysian on 25/11/2006, will be spending 3 weeks in KL.

Planning to go to Singapore, may cancel now and detour to Thailand instead. Since I have been to Singapore so many times.

Bangkok and Chiangmai look pretty good.

Very busy at work at the moment, trying to finalise 1 million things before I leave.

I am leaving the company in a few days but may do some extra work for them upon coming back from Malaysia. Have a few jobs lined up, unfortunately I dont have time to meet up with my potential employers this week. Will have to wait till I get back.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


A friend of mine, L and I have been trying to set a time to catch up for ages but something always come in our ways. You name it, we got it. Sick, raining, hung over, overseas, drunk....

We finally went out together a few nights ago. Before that, we had no idea where to go, it was a weekday and we could only meet at 9pm. So in Perth, we have limited choices, either Fast Eddy or Oriels. I didnt feel like going to either places, so I suggested Kings Park. Nothing kinky!

So we agreed to buy some food and drinks and just sat at Kings Park to chit chat and maybe have some 'interesting' encounters there that we can watch haha.

So I bought KFC Hot Rod (Highly recommended, they are fantastic!) and some chilled strawberries while he brought the drinks and choc.

It was fun actually, without the mozzies!

Hahaha...we didnt expect there will be so many mozzies. Thank god the mozzies prefered him, the whole time his hands were swinging, flapping..trying to chase away the mozzies. I only got a few bites.

It was sooo funny, we wanted to do something different but ended up getting lots of mozzie bites and I am still scratching!

Lesson learned, dont go to Kings Park at night in Summer! I mean especially at the dark areas...

Monday, November 06, 2006

This made my day

They say laughter is contagious, how true is that :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

This article really helped me

Unpleasant thins happen in life. They happen to everyone. The only one difference between a happy person and one who gets depressed is how they respond to disasters.

Imagine you have just had a wonderful afternoon at the beach with friends. When you return home, you find a hufe truck-load of dung has been dumped right in front of your door. There are three things to know about this truck-load of dung:
  1. you did not order it, it is not your fault
  2. you are stuck with it. No one saw who dumped it, so you cannot call anyone to take it away
  3. it is filthy and offensive, and its stench fills your whole house. It is almost impossible to endure

In this metaphor, the truck-load of dung in front of us stands for the traumatic experiences that are dumped on us in life. As with the dung, there are three things to know about tragedy in life:

  1. We did not order it. We say "Why me?"
  2. We're stuck with it. No one, not even our best friends, can take it away
  3. It is so awful, such a destroyer of our happiness, and its pain fills our whole life. It is almost impossible to endure

There are two ways of responding to being stuck with the dung. The first way is to carry the dung around with us. We put some in our pockets, some in our bags, and some up our shirts. We even put some down our pants. We find when we carry dung around, we lose a lot of friends! Even best friends don't seem to be around so often.

'Carrying around the dung’ is a metaphor for sinking into depression, negativity or anger. It is a natural and understandable response to adversity. But we lose a lot of friends, because it is also natural and understandable that our friends don’t like being around us when we are too depressed. Moreover, the pile of dung gets no less, but the smell gets worse as it ripens.

Fortunately, there is a second way. When we are dumped with the dung, we heave a sigh, and then got down to work. We fork the dung into the barrow, wheel it around the back and dig in into the garden. This is the tiring and difficult work, but we know there’s no other option. Sometimes all we can manage is half a barrow a day. We’re doing something about the problem, rather than complaining our way into depression. Day after day we dig in the dung. Day after day, the pile gets smaller.

One day, we will see that the dung in front of the house is all gone.

Article taken from "Opening The Door of Your Heart, Ajahn Brahm"

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I am an Aussie?

My sister told me that I am aussified, I said I am not. How true is that?

She was telling me about my grnadma's funeral and all that, and how angry was she because some people did not follow the ritual. I told her i dont really believe in those, she is dead, let her rest in peace. Then she said I am aussified.... Fine, I shall move back to Malaysia to bleach myself.

I have decided to quit my job, will work till end of December. I may go back to IT, getting Oracle certification. Is a big transition but I think I shall do it when I still can cope with it as being young in the industry.

Wish me luck