Wednesday, November 15, 2006


A friend of mine, L and I have been trying to set a time to catch up for ages but something always come in our ways. You name it, we got it. Sick, raining, hung over, overseas, drunk....

We finally went out together a few nights ago. Before that, we had no idea where to go, it was a weekday and we could only meet at 9pm. So in Perth, we have limited choices, either Fast Eddy or Oriels. I didnt feel like going to either places, so I suggested Kings Park. Nothing kinky!

So we agreed to buy some food and drinks and just sat at Kings Park to chit chat and maybe have some 'interesting' encounters there that we can watch haha.

So I bought KFC Hot Rod (Highly recommended, they are fantastic!) and some chilled strawberries while he brought the drinks and choc.

It was fun actually, without the mozzies!

Hahaha...we didnt expect there will be so many mozzies. Thank god the mozzies prefered him, the whole time his hands were swinging, flapping..trying to chase away the mozzies. I only got a few bites.

It was sooo funny, we wanted to do something different but ended up getting lots of mozzie bites and I am still scratching!

Lesson learned, dont go to Kings Park at night in Summer! I mean especially at the dark areas...

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