Sunday, May 24, 2009


So the economy is bad; the interest rate is at its lowest; houses are becoming more affrodable; many people are getting into dissolvency; businesses are closing down; goverment is giving away more money to boost the economy....

What have you done to prepare yourself for this economy?

If you are like me, the Y generation, this is probably the first recession that we experience. Every now and then, I heard so and so's husband and wife lost his/her job, a supplier has closed down and etc. It is quite scary indeed, especially the businesses are closely related...

My company is affected as well, but not greatly...

My mom been through the last 2 recessions, she told me the most important thing now is CASH! She asked em to save as much as I can.... So I am doing that right now.

I am ashame to admit that I am no good saver, I started earning money when I was 17 and yet I never be able to save money. I am bloody good at spending my hard earn money; designer clothes, bas and shoes; self grooming; good food; travel.... tsk tsk tsk....

HY gave me a good lecture after I told her my pathetic amount of savings. Ok ok.. I am working on it right now and it is looking pretty good so far...

BUT...! I am getting distracted everyday .... What do businesses do when economy is bad? SALES! Bloody sales everywhere. Myer one day special sales today; designer warehouse sales round the corner near my house; the very pretty bag on eBay! Water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

I was complainging to HY last night on MSN about all these sales and how hard I have to stop myself from going to all these sales!

I WAS GOOD! I refused to go to any of them but I did some grocery shopping and managed to scored some last min mark down meat. Got 2 pieces of porterhouse steaks for $7! Lamb mid loin, lamb leg steak...roast chicken... Geez.. I sound like a housewife now.

I am so proud of myself... f**k you all the sales!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Random things


Somehow, I am always studying. Course after course. After this certificate course in finance, I may study postgraduate. Gosh... I want to get my postgraduate but I can't imagine studying for another 3-4 years.


Sometimes I feel like I am a slave to Cheska, feed her, clean her, scoop her poo, clip her nails...


My BMI is perfect according to Wii Fit..../clap


My lettuce is ready for harvest!!!!!!!!!!