Monday, July 31, 2006

Workplace Reality

Just reflecting a post in Wei's blog.

I may not be the best person to comment on workplace politics/tactic/managment or blabla because I have just worked slightly more than a year.

However, my job requires me to work closely with HR department of major companies, even the goverment departments.

Exploitation happens everywhere, especially in places where the job market is competitive. Perth on the other hand is facing terrible skill shortage so employees are more valuable.

I have to admit that I am being exploited in my current company; but I don't mind because learning is my priority now.

If recognition and money are your priorities, then you better pray damn hard that you will find a MNC with fantastic superiors to hire you. But if you are only a tiny fresh graduate or ordinary working class who has 3 yrs working experience as a admin officer or account officer; you will not be noticed! Build your portfolio before you demand!

Be realistic people...... they are business people aka investors; they wont invest on you unless you are a blue chip!

Ok.... side track

Did I ever mention that I don't like my friends calling me when I am at work? I don't mind if you have something to tell/ask me when I am at work, but please make it short and clear! If I say, "Ok, I will call you later". Then you better say "ok, bye". Dont keep talking!

I am always on MSN when I am at work, leave a msg and I will respond as soon as I can. If I don't reply, means I am either in a meeting or I am on the phone. Just be patient; don't send me 10 msgs going "you there?'. If I dont reply on the first 'you there", means I AM NOT THERE! DUH!

An interesting and funny conversation over MSN.

see why like - 2006l^ says:
what is brazillian wax?

Jayn says:

see why like - 2006l^ says:
why so funny?

Jayn says:
all your hair on your private part will be gone

Jayn says:
including buttocks

see why like - 2006l^ says:

Jayn says:

see why like - 2006l^ says:
i will never do that..

Jayn says:
i know

Jayn says:
but alot of guys do it

see why like - 2006l^ says:
really?? why do people do that?

Jayn says:

see why like - 2006l^ says:

Jayn says:

Jayn says:

see why like - 2006l^ says:
ok......then, they should remove all their hair on the head

Jayn says:
if u r going to pee on your hair several times a day

Jayn says:
yes u should

see why like - 2006l^ says:
hmm.. strange to me..

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So Wei got me into watching Miss Universe last night, i cracked up at some of the national costumes. My goodness, how did they manage to wear those on them...... Then I thought, lucky China is only Cheongsam then my jaw dropped when I saw the China candidate, I was stunned for a few seconds before I burst out laughing.

I remember I used to watch Miss Universe with my parents, my dad always look at their teeth, he even pretend to be the judge and jot down his remarks ><.

At that time, I always think, how I wish I can be like them... so tall and bautiful, with nice dress and shoes. Guess what! When I was watching it last night, most of them are even younger than me! And how do I look now? I think I can probably reach their elbow and my thigh is equivalent to their waist. Decided to stop chatting and went to bed to finish Ms Universe..

Ms Japan is proficient in 4 languages but she doesnt speak English... WTH why would she learn Spanish and french but missed out the 1st international language and for God's sake, she was competing in Ms Universe!

Falling into dreamland; the phone rang, Wei called me to tell me there's a program now talking about penis and breasts enlargement. I am pretty glad that I dont have to worry about breasts enlargement all my life; I think probably breasts reduction suits me more.

But why penis enlargement? Unless your penis is merely 3-4 inches when it is fully erect else dont be bother to do so. Women want more affection and passion rather than ACTION!

I fell asleep before Ms Universe finished, oh well, I knew the result anyway.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

*cough *cough....

I have been having the winter cold for more than a week now; went to bed at 10pm last night and felt much better now.

I am not surprised that I caught the cold because I am under so much stress lately.

No, not relationship stress! My work and studies; my course has ended and now I am stressed over the results. I have a really bad feeling that I won't make it this time.

I am getting very tired and fed up with my job lately; maybe it is a signal that I should change job. Browsing through lately and saw some really appealing jobs, maybe I will give them a go.

I have started dating again, nothing serious, just some casual dating rolling. Met a few nice guys and some absolute jerks. Not sure where am I heading, I think I will let fate decides. Suddenly, I am so use to being single. Maybe 3 years later, I will start thinking "shall I just grab a good guy and get married for the sake of getting married?" ahhahah...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

ROFL - Hilarious

To all my male friends, I can feel your pain, I do... * fingers crossing

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Old trick that works

6 years ago.......

Me : You are nice, cute and smart; I really like you. Just that I am not sure what I want at the moment, I am afraid that I may hurt you. I don't know if I am ready for relationship yet. I really enjoy hanging out with you and you are funny. But... you know I am still young and I have no idea what do I want.

Guy in mid twenties : Erm.... ok, but can we still be friends? I really hope one day we can be together.

Me: Sure, I love being your friend

Year 2006

Guy in late 20s : You are nice, cute and smart; I really like you. Just that I am not sure what I want at the moment, I am afraid that I may hurt you. I don't know if I am ready for relationship yet. I really enjoy hanging out with you and you are funny.

Me : Yea? That's good. Is ok, no worries. This has to be a mutual thing, if you dont feel right, then it is probably not right.

Guy in late 20s : Thank you, you are so understanding. Thank you for being so nice to me.

Did I tell you I believe in karma? But I think it makes sense when a 18 year old said he doesn't know what he wants... for someone turning 30 soon to say that, just lame and stupid.

No, I am not upset. In fact, I find it very funny that the excuse I used 6 years ago still works!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Damn damn damn

Fark fark fark......

Didnt get to finisht eh paper......

Buddha, Jesus and Tuan Allah!!!!! Let me pass pls....

Pass section 4 please!!!!!

Everyone..start praying to your God...or devil, evil.... i dont care anymore

Thursday, July 13, 2006

My perfect match

Jayn - Stop defining.... and it will be great says:why cant..there is a shop

Jayn - Stop defining.... and it will be great says:let u order ur perfect match?

Jie "Wah..pancit ^_^" says:perfect match are always either taken or different religion ^_^

I am going to order my perfect match now.

Age : 27-33

Gender : Original male <<> no transexual please

Height : 175 - 180

Weight : 70 - 85kg

Body type : medium muscular

Ethnic background : Asian / white

Religion : FREE THINKER / buddhist <- bloody important

Education : doesnt matter as long as he can keep up with my mind

Salary range : min AUD40k a year

Smoke : Doesn't really matter

Drink : Light drinker

Others: Clean, presentable, GENTLEMAN, funny, smart and KIND

I hope this order wont cost me too much.

Exam on this Saturday! Everyone wish me good luck please!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Really feel like sleeping in this morning .... didn't feel like going to work though there is alot to be done... yawn

Exam is in 2 weeks and I am slowly catching up, I would say Australian immigration is the strictest immigration in the world. :p

I have a few friends who are dying to become permanent residents and have a few friends wanting to give up their 'hard earned' PR. There are always two extreme sides.... aren't there?

Fair enough, Perth will be hell for 'big city' people, we dont have shopping centres open till 11pm nor mamak stalls that open 24/7. We have to be self entertained most of the time. Whenever I am back in KL, I find it hard to get around too. I will tend to get things done early and ended up stuck in the traffic, swearing and honking. 12am and I will start yawning when my friends are starting to go out and party.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Confused Jane

I am feeling pretty confused lately; about things and about life....

Talked to my mom a few days ago; she asked if I am seeing someone now, I said no.....

Mom: "Why? How come?"

Me: "nobody wants me...."

Mom: "You too fat issit?"

Me: "....... No lah, I am in no hurry, no rush... Incase I find a jerk/bastard again"

Mom:" What no hurry? You are getting old you know, you are not getting any younger"

Me: "WHAT!?"

Mom: "since you already working, should find someone lah... "

Me: "You so 'gan cheong' then why were you so happy when I broke up?"

Mom : "No lah, I wasn;t happy.... Anyway, I will pray for you to find a nice man"

Me: "I go find a dark African then you know...."

Mom: "I will drag you back to KL if you do that...."

Me: "You can't, prolly you will die of heart attack by then"

Mom: "..... "

Round One

Jane vs Mom, 1-0