Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Really feel like sleeping in this morning .... didn't feel like going to work though there is alot to be done... yawn

Exam is in 2 weeks and I am slowly catching up, I would say Australian immigration is the strictest immigration in the world. :p

I have a few friends who are dying to become permanent residents and have a few friends wanting to give up their 'hard earned' PR. There are always two extreme sides.... aren't there?

Fair enough, Perth will be hell for 'big city' people, we dont have shopping centres open till 11pm nor mamak stalls that open 24/7. We have to be self entertained most of the time. Whenever I am back in KL, I find it hard to get around too. I will tend to get things done early and ended up stuck in the traffic, swearing and honking. 12am and I will start yawning when my friends are starting to go out and party.

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