Monday, July 03, 2006

Confused Jane

I am feeling pretty confused lately; about things and about life....

Talked to my mom a few days ago; she asked if I am seeing someone now, I said no.....

Mom: "Why? How come?"

Me: "nobody wants me...."

Mom: "You too fat issit?"

Me: "....... No lah, I am in no hurry, no rush... Incase I find a jerk/bastard again"

Mom:" What no hurry? You are getting old you know, you are not getting any younger"

Me: "WHAT!?"

Mom: "since you already working, should find someone lah... "

Me: "You so 'gan cheong' then why were you so happy when I broke up?"

Mom : "No lah, I wasn;t happy.... Anyway, I will pray for you to find a nice man"

Me: "I go find a dark African then you know...."

Mom: "I will drag you back to KL if you do that...."

Me: "You can't, prolly you will die of heart attack by then"

Mom: "..... "

Round One

Jane vs Mom, 1-0

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