Thursday, June 22, 2006

Work + Exam + Pimples

Argh..... I am feeling pretty moody, cranky and annoyed lately.

I have to study, study and study after work, during weekends, in the toilet, before I sleep....blablabla. Guess what? I dont feel confident at all with the exam.....

  • Criteria to be satisfied at time of application
  • Criteria to be satisfied at time of decision
  • Public Interest
  • Visa Conditions
  • Circustances after visa is granted

Kill me! Every visa subclass has its individual criteria, interest and conditions... and there are like 100 subclasses and I am expected to be familiar with them. Not memorise them but I have to know exactly where to go to find this information.

The nightmare is, the immigration department may change the legislation whenever they want, so everyday, I have to keep up with the latest Gazette Notice..

Dont know what am I talking about? Neither do I....

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