Thursday, June 15, 2006

Random Ramblings

I dont know why suddenly I have the urge to blog about 'guys that I don't like'....

I dont like guys who:
  1. Only talk about footy, basketball, rugby and cars! They know what's a RX 8 but they have no idea what fabric softener is for.
  2. Guys who are more self conscious than me....
  3. Guys who use more skin care products than me
  4. Guys who play online games 24/7 and think getting to the top level is the greatest achievement
  5. Short sighted and narrow minded
  6. Guys who think with their balls
  7. Guys who think getting shag is their responsibilities
  8. Guys who couldnt care less about their parents
  9. Guys who only know 'fuck you, shit you and damn you' when they are quarreling with someone. Come on!
  10. Think they they are the emperors and their gfs should listen to them!


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