Saturday, June 10, 2006


When I was hanging my laundry today, something hit me.....

When Adrian and I were studyign in Perth, I often did his laundry and cooked meals for him. I never complaied spending hours cooking his meals or taking time to handwash some of his clothes; but I would get mad if he kept me waiting for mroe than 30 mins. How wierd?

Untill now, I still couldnt figure out why wouldnt I mind spending 2 hours to cook him dinner but complained about watching TV and waited for him for 30 minutes.

Oh, a dude asked me out twice and cancelled twice. He came to apologize and told me all sort of reasons. I said 'is ok, whatever', I am glad he got the hint and never asked me out again.

FFK me once, shame on you; FFK me twice, shame on me.

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