Friday, June 09, 2006

Casul Dating

When I was 18~19, I dated a few guys simultaneaously, i was playing the have fun, no string attach game. It was fun, I went out with them at elast once a week; dinner, movie and dancing.

6 years later, I still keep in touch with one of them....

2 months ago (2 days after the break up), I received a SMS from him; to make typin easier, lets call him KW.

KW sent me a SMS; he said "Hey, how are you? Going out tonight? I have a few plans tonight but I still have a moment to think of you.' Now.... either I am too sensitive or I am getting the idea right, why did he need to tell me he is thinking of me?

I replied "I am not feeling too good, just broke up with my bf. So how are you?'

He replied "Oh, sorry to hear that. I am fine, I am getting married next year.'

Of course, I did not reply him after that. If you are getting married next year, please do not spare a moment to think of me.

Maybe I am over sensitive, but having a guy who you used to date telling you that he is thinking of you when he is getting married in a few months time is very creepy.

Recently, the similar situation occurred to me. Seems that I am falling into the casual dating scene again. Just that this time, I seem to have lost the ability to play the 'no string attach' game, how I wish I kept a diary when I was 18~19, so I would have a guide to casual dating now.

So a quick update on the casual dates that I had 6 years ago; one has disappeard after my refusal to a steady relationship, 2 are getting married, 2~3 have disappeard too....

Life.... so exciting and unpredictable

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