Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I don't know what to write.....................

A person who is very close to me attempted suicide on Sunday; she sent me a SMS before she took 60+ tablets, she said she loves me lots, thank me for being so supportive and helpful and good bye.

I was sleeping when she sent me the SMS, I didnt read it till 2 hours later and my body just frozed when I read the msg. Immediately I called my fren to track her down.

Thank God her family found her and sent her to hospital in time.

I felt very helpless because I couldnt help her and I didnt stop the incident.

Then another friend told me that I am giving up myself to heal my wound from the break up... I was speechless... I hate myself suddenly

I was walking along the streets in Northbridge........ recalling the first night I spent in NB... with Jack, Carol and Adrian. God, time flies... 4 years ago, I didnt expect that I would work and live in Perth. Suddenly I saw a reflection on the glass of one of the shops, I saw a girl standing alone there and I felt so sad for her. I turned around and ran to my car .....

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