Tuesday, December 26, 2006

SAM - The Gentle Protector

Sam was put to sleep on 01/12/2006, the doctor said he was too old and it was better to put him down rather than letting him suffer from constant pain.

Sam was in pretty abd shape, he was always moaning and could hardly get up from his bed in the morning and he hardly eat. We had to feed him Disprin every night so that he could go to sleep.

Sam was always known to have wierd personality and characteristics; but I think thats what made him so special and you couldnt help but to like his neurotic yet funny behavior.

Sam is a cross breed of Great Dane and Rhodesian Ridgeback, gigantic breed.

Rhodesian Ridgeback:

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a strapping great dog which was used by the native warriors of Southern Africa to hunt lions.

By necessity, the Rhodesian Ridgeback had to be extremely versatile. He needed to be fast enough to chase and cut off escaping game, strong enough to pull down wounded bucks, courageous enough to hold lions at bay, and tough enough to withstand extremes in temperature, including going without water for up to twenty-four hours at a time. Added to that he needed to be a superlative watchdog to keep guard over the Boer farmers, their families and livestock.

Today's Rhodesian Ridgeback embodies all the strength, fearlessness, agility and endurance of his forebears. He is aloof with strangers, however providing he is socialised and trained from an early age, he is quiet and well behaved, very attached to his family and reliable with children. He is easy to care for, co-operative and responsive to training.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback has a short, sleek coat the colour of a lion, with a clearly defined ridge of hair down the back growing in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat.

Great Dane:
The Apollo of the dog world, the Great Dane was used by the German nobility to hunt wild boar and stags. To contend with the swift, savage, powerful European boar, a real superdog was required - and this is exactly what the Great Dane is!

A massive dog, spirited and courageous, with a proud dignified bearing, it is little wonder the Great Dane is considered the king of dogs. Aloof in the company of strangers, the Dane is nevertheless the gentlest and kindest of dogs with his own family and friends. Ultra loyal, dependable and devoted in the extreme, he is generally a very gentle playmate for children.. Despite his size, he makes a well-behaved house dog, and thoroughly enjoys his creature comforts.

Regular exercise and training is essential for the Great Dane, as is special care and feeding for a growing puppy.

Sam has characteristics of both breed, he was very loyal, well trained, could go without water for hours and despite his gigantic outlook, he was very gentle. Feeding him food off my hands was never a problem, I just have to say "Gentle" and he would take the food gently off my hands, his teeth would never touch my hands.

He was very protective as well, whenever we were out for walk, he always walked beside me and would never leave me too far behind if I let free. Sometimes, he would sit next to me and wait for me to finish whatever I was reading, sitting on the bench at the park.

Sam had extremely high pain threshold, he could knock down our fly screen doors without feeling the slightest pain. That's his way of telling us he couldn't wait anymore, he wants to go to his bed NOW!

I felt very sorry that I couldnt say good bye to Sam as I was in Malaysia when they put him down. However, I am glad that he is no longer in pain..... RIP Sam, I will always remember the black dog who is always gentle...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Friend

I went out with a formal college mate, Desmond last night, to the infamous Steven's Corner for 'yum cha'.

Anyway, it was Thursday and there was a Pasar Malam right in front of the mamak stall.

After our drinks, I went to check out this stall that was selling scarf, nice Afghan/Arabian...or whatever scarf. Desmond asked me to choose one for his gf and he really liked the one I wanted, so we decided to get the same one. Since I am bringing it back to Perth, there will not be a problem.

The seller wanted %15 each, Desmond said we should bargain... So I asked for $24 for 2, they insisted to be $28.

Des: "Ok, $25 for two, we take them now!"
Seller: "No no... $28 best price"
Des: "$25 can la...!"
Me: "I go look around, you bargain"

5 mins later

Des: "Niama... I asked them to think abt it.. I go back later"

5 minutes later

Des: "Boss..how? $25?"
Seller :" Cannot lah boss..KLCC sell $60..we sell $15 only"
Des: "KLCC different, KLCC got air cond, got pretty sales girl..here got nothing!"

***Me cracking up laghing... ***

Me: "OKOK...best price..whats your best price?"
Seller: "$27 lah..last price"
Desmond: "$26! we take two, $26 easier to split"

***Seller no.2 decided to join in***

Seller 2: "Okok...$26... I pay the other $1.."

Somehow, I dont feel sorry.. I believe there is enough margin even they sell $13 each.

But the comparison to KLCC really made my day!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I have lots of things to blog abt, especially my KL trip, together with pictures of course. But I will do that when I am back in Perth, need faster connection speed to upload those pics.

Lets talk about LOVE and RELATIONSHIP...what else...

A guy, lets call him R. We dated for a couple of months back in July... he met another girl and he told me he liked her more...so I was dumped. Oh well, no big deal coz we werent too serious.

Then when I told my boss that, she said he would come back...she was very certain. She said I would win in the end

Now, 15 mins ago..... he talked to me on MSN... to my surprise; coz I have deleted him and did not talk to him ever since our 'break up'. He wanted to get back...

Seriously...he caught me there for a few mins.. I had no idea what to say to him.

In the end, I just told him i have no feelings for him at all, all the feelings were gone when he told he he met another girl.

I did win in the end, but I didnt feel happy nor proud. When did relationship become competition? Being dumped does not make one the loser...... one can still be the winner; just like me :p