Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Friend

I went out with a formal college mate, Desmond last night, to the infamous Steven's Corner for 'yum cha'.

Anyway, it was Thursday and there was a Pasar Malam right in front of the mamak stall.

After our drinks, I went to check out this stall that was selling scarf, nice Afghan/Arabian...or whatever scarf. Desmond asked me to choose one for his gf and he really liked the one I wanted, so we decided to get the same one. Since I am bringing it back to Perth, there will not be a problem.

The seller wanted %15 each, Desmond said we should bargain... So I asked for $24 for 2, they insisted to be $28.

Des: "Ok, $25 for two, we take them now!"
Seller: "No no... $28 best price"
Des: "$25 can la...!"
Me: "I go look around, you bargain"

5 mins later

Des: "Niama... I asked them to think abt it.. I go back later"

5 minutes later

Des: " $25?"
Seller :" Cannot lah boss..KLCC sell $60..we sell $15 only"
Des: "KLCC different, KLCC got air cond, got pretty sales got nothing!"

***Me cracking up laghing... ***

Me: " price..whats your best price?"
Seller: "$27 lah..last price"
Desmond: "$26! we take two, $26 easier to split"

***Seller no.2 decided to join in***

Seller 2: "Okok...$26... I pay the other $1.."

Somehow, I dont feel sorry.. I believe there is enough margin even they sell $13 each.

But the comparison to KLCC really made my day!

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