Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I have lots of things to blog abt, especially my KL trip, together with pictures of course. But I will do that when I am back in Perth, need faster connection speed to upload those pics.

Lets talk about LOVE and RELATIONSHIP...what else...

A guy, lets call him R. We dated for a couple of months back in July... he met another girl and he told me he liked her I was dumped. Oh well, no big deal coz we werent too serious.

Then when I told my boss that, she said he would come back...she was very certain. She said I would win in the end

Now, 15 mins ago..... he talked to me on MSN... to my surprise; coz I have deleted him and did not talk to him ever since our 'break up'. He wanted to get back...

Seriously...he caught me there for a few mins.. I had no idea what to say to him.

In the end, I just told him i have no feelings for him at all, all the feelings were gone when he told he he met another girl.

I did win in the end, but I didnt feel happy nor proud. When did relationship become competition? Being dumped does not make one the loser...... one can still be the winner; just like me :p

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