Saturday, September 19, 2009


Whenever Matt is back, we often go to our favourite dim sum restaurant on Sunday morning then head to the city to 'look see look see'. Well, we decided to sleep in last Sunday, hence no dim sum.

I was thinking of preparing a big breakfast, but I did not have bacon nor sausage. So I decided to make some pancake, couldnt make his favourite banana pancake because no bananas are still pretty green so I took out some frozen mixed berries from the freezer, defrost them, and mashed them to make some berries pancake. I added some sugar because the mixed berries are very sour!

The mix turned out pretty scary! Hahahahaha....

The pancake also turned out pretty scary, but tasted pretty good, Matt ate the whole plate, about 8 mini pancakes, Cheska had half :P

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy Bee

I have been so busy lately that I often wonder "What have I done today?", I am so busy yet I feel I am so unproductive. Do you feel that sometimes?

When I am at work, I get distracted every 10 mins or so because someone needs me to help them with something. I have 3 bosses wanting me to help them in different areas; annual budget, stock take, drafting correspondence... OMG.... my big boss actually rang me on the phone and wanted me to project the annual budget right there and then, I really hope that I gave the right figure to him ><

I am also travelling a fair bit at the moment for work, so spending less time in the office, hence the extra work load I get upon my return is quite scary.... and dont forget the mad rush to finish everything before I go away...

So when I get home, I am usually very tired to do anything. When Matt was home, lucky I could still cook and managed to whip up some simple dishes and thank GOD Matt is not a fussy eater. I try as muc as I could not to get take away because they are just so expensive. We are trying to save money for our annual holiday.

Well, at least time goes quick when I am busy....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Roast Chicken

Bought a whole free range chicken from Woolies the other day, I really wanted to try roasting a whole chicken but was always told that home made roast chicken can be dry, not as moist as the one you get from the supermarket.

I aways get the Woolies roast chicken, especially when they are marked down (I am a cheapskate). Woolies must sell their roast chicken within 4 hours after they are put on the shelf, so once they hit 3.5 hours, they will be marked down for quick sale. So they are still very fresh!

When I get the roast chicken from Woolies, I made that into several meals and of course Cheska would get some, how can I forget about my baby! So first I have the drumstick with some salad or steam vege, then I will take off the wings (tiny wings), have them with instant noodle for next meal. Then I will shred al the breast meat out to make chicken salad roll or simple sandwich. Last, I chop off all the soft bones for Cheska! Not bad for a $5.20 roast chicken!

Ok, back to the raw chicken that I bought, cost me over $7 (Woolies chicken seems like a better deal! Not only it save gas but also cheaper!) but I would like to think free range chicken is healthier!

So I made the roast chicken on a Sunday, the chicken turned out to be sooooo GOOD! So yummy and moist! I had a drumstick and tiny wing, while Matt ate the rest of the chicken! The whole chicken was gone, oh well... except the carcass of course. I was so proud that my first attempt turned out sooo good!

I also made some roast baby potatoes and pumpkin. Roasted everything in one go! Delicious! The whole dinner for two maybe just over $10.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Aren't they cute??!! I can't wait for more to grow, I think some will be ready for harvest when my parents are here, my mom loves mushrooms.