Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy Bee

I have been so busy lately that I often wonder "What have I done today?", I am so busy yet I feel I am so unproductive. Do you feel that sometimes?

When I am at work, I get distracted every 10 mins or so because someone needs me to help them with something. I have 3 bosses wanting me to help them in different areas; annual budget, stock take, drafting correspondence... OMG.... my big boss actually rang me on the phone and wanted me to project the annual budget right there and then, I really hope that I gave the right figure to him ><

I am also travelling a fair bit at the moment for work, so spending less time in the office, hence the extra work load I get upon my return is quite scary.... and dont forget the mad rush to finish everything before I go away...

So when I get home, I am usually very tired to do anything. When Matt was home, lucky I could still cook and managed to whip up some simple dishes and thank GOD Matt is not a fussy eater. I try as muc as I could not to get take away because they are just so expensive. We are trying to save money for our annual holiday.

Well, at least time goes quick when I am busy....

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