Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Roast Chicken

Bought a whole free range chicken from Woolies the other day, I really wanted to try roasting a whole chicken but was always told that home made roast chicken can be dry, not as moist as the one you get from the supermarket.

I aways get the Woolies roast chicken, especially when they are marked down (I am a cheapskate). Woolies must sell their roast chicken within 4 hours after they are put on the shelf, so once they hit 3.5 hours, they will be marked down for quick sale. So they are still very fresh!

When I get the roast chicken from Woolies, I made that into several meals and of course Cheska would get some, how can I forget about my baby! So first I have the drumstick with some salad or steam vege, then I will take off the wings (tiny wings), have them with instant noodle for next meal. Then I will shred al the breast meat out to make chicken salad roll or simple sandwich. Last, I chop off all the soft bones for Cheska! Not bad for a $5.20 roast chicken!

Ok, back to the raw chicken that I bought, cost me over $7 (Woolies chicken seems like a better deal! Not only it save gas but also cheaper!) but I would like to think free range chicken is healthier!

So I made the roast chicken on a Sunday, the chicken turned out to be sooooo GOOD! So yummy and moist! I had a drumstick and tiny wing, while Matt ate the rest of the chicken! The whole chicken was gone, oh well... except the carcass of course. I was so proud that my first attempt turned out sooo good!

I also made some roast baby potatoes and pumpkin. Roasted everything in one go! Delicious! The whole dinner for two maybe just over $10.

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