Thursday, July 13, 2006

My perfect match

Jayn - Stop defining.... and it will be great says:why cant..there is a shop

Jayn - Stop defining.... and it will be great says:let u order ur perfect match?

Jie "Wah..pancit ^_^" says:perfect match are always either taken or different religion ^_^

I am going to order my perfect match now.

Age : 27-33

Gender : Original male <<> no transexual please

Height : 175 - 180

Weight : 70 - 85kg

Body type : medium muscular

Ethnic background : Asian / white

Religion : FREE THINKER / buddhist <- bloody important

Education : doesnt matter as long as he can keep up with my mind

Salary range : min AUD40k a year

Smoke : Doesn't really matter

Drink : Light drinker

Others: Clean, presentable, GENTLEMAN, funny, smart and KIND

I hope this order wont cost me too much.

Exam on this Saturday! Everyone wish me good luck please!

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