Tuesday, July 25, 2006

*cough *cough....

I have been having the winter cold for more than a week now; went to bed at 10pm last night and felt much better now.

I am not surprised that I caught the cold because I am under so much stress lately.

No, not relationship stress! My work and studies; my course has ended and now I am stressed over the results. I have a really bad feeling that I won't make it this time.

I am getting very tired and fed up with my job lately; maybe it is a signal that I should change job. Browsing through seek.com lately and saw some really appealing jobs, maybe I will give them a go.

I have started dating again, nothing serious, just some casual dating rolling. Met a few nice guys and some absolute jerks. Not sure where am I heading, I think I will let fate decides. Suddenly, I am so use to being single. Maybe 3 years later, I will start thinking "shall I just grab a good guy and get married for the sake of getting married?" ahhahah...

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