Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So Wei got me into watching Miss Universe last night, i cracked up at some of the national costumes. My goodness, how did they manage to wear those on them...... Then I thought, lucky China is only Cheongsam then my jaw dropped when I saw the China candidate, I was stunned for a few seconds before I burst out laughing.

I remember I used to watch Miss Universe with my parents, my dad always look at their teeth, he even pretend to be the judge and jot down his remarks ><.

At that time, I always think, how I wish I can be like them... so tall and bautiful, with nice dress and shoes. Guess what! When I was watching it last night, most of them are even younger than me! And how do I look now? I think I can probably reach their elbow and my thigh is equivalent to their waist. Decided to stop chatting and went to bed to finish Ms Universe..

Ms Japan is proficient in 4 languages but she doesnt speak English... WTH why would she learn Spanish and french but missed out the 1st international language and for God's sake, she was competing in Ms Universe!

Falling into dreamland; the phone rang, Wei called me to tell me there's a program now talking about penis and breasts enlargement. I am pretty glad that I dont have to worry about breasts enlargement all my life; I think probably breasts reduction suits me more.

But why penis enlargement? Unless your penis is merely 3-4 inches when it is fully erect else dont be bother to do so. Women want more affection and passion rather than ACTION!

I fell asleep before Ms Universe finished, oh well, I knew the result anyway.

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