Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Do you realise that when our friends are upset over some problems, we would always say “hey, shit happens, tomorrow will be a better day.”

I did that too, I even told myself that, but somehow tomorrow seems too far away sometimes. How many people can actually act as they say “Shit happens, move on”? I usually will bury myself in sadness and misery for a week before I can live normal again.

When I see unfortunate incidents happen to my friends, I often imagine myself being in the same shoe and I will ask myself what would I do?

Most of my friends say that I am a strong person; I have to confess that I am not that strong but I just know that I have to do the right things by moving on and again tell myself “shit happens, things could be worst, I have to move on.”

Putting up a strong image, telling jokes, laughing at other’s silly incidents are the way I cover my sadness. Crying in the bathroom during shower seems like the most comforting moment to me sometimes.

Hey! Shit happens!

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