Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Have you ever wonder if you are a liar? Do you lie everyday? Or is there a day that you do not lie?

Everybody lies, when you compliment your colleague about his tie, though it is hideous, that’s a lie. We are accustomed to the culture that ‘we should be polite and nice, hence it is OK to lie’. He lies, she lies, you lie, I lie. Everyone is lying about something everyday. How can we blame the children for lying when we are doing it everyday? “Eat your dinner, else the police will come and arrest you.” “Don’t swallow the seed, a tree may grow in your stomach”

Sad to say, one that doesn’t lie may not survive in this community because one may offend a lot of people for being honest. Why don’t we do a small experiment? Let’s be honest for a day, or maybe just 12 hours, excluding the hours you spend in bed. See the outcome; you may screw up big time during the 12 hours.

Let’s see, what if I have to be honest at work just for the day.

Example one:

Customer : When will my truck be ready? You told me it would be ready this morning.

Liar Me: Sorry, but the supplier did not manage to deliver the part in time so I am afraid we need a couple more hours.

Honest Me: Oh well, there are bigger jobs at the moment that we can earn more money from. So, BAD LUCK! Wait for a few more hours.

See the difference?

We have passively developed a habit to lie, lie to make others feel better.

Run through a list of friends in your mind, try to find ONE that you are certain that doesn’t lie. I want to meet him/her, I am going to give him/her a treat. :D

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