Saturday, August 11, 2007

Do you remember the times when you were young? The times that you fell down, cried and your parents would carried you and helped you to stand on your feet again?

Recently, I have this strong urge to go back to those times, times when I could whine and snuggle up to my mom, complained to her about the bullies in school and told her about my ambitions.

I remember that when I first transferred to my former highschool, I was under so much pressure that one night I just woke up from my sleep and started crying. I was sleeping with my mom that night and my mom was very shocked that I was under so much stress as I was just a 13 year old. She told me to take it easy and she didn’t expect whatsoever extraordinary achievement from me except being a healthy and happy person.

True enough, my mom has never requested any achievement from me, whenever she sees me stressing over something, such as studies, work. She would offer to take me on a short trip to relax and asked me to skip school for the day. I remember when I first came to Perth, I had terrible home sick and often found myself crying at night because I felt so lonely. Once my mom knew that, she bought me a ticket to go back to Malaysia for 2 weeks after just 4 weeks since my 1st semester began.

Then when I wanted to get my PR, my mom supported me fully even though that would cost her $15k Ringgit. I was stressed again as I was afraid that one day I may feel regret for staying in Perth, what if things become bad for me in Perth? I would feel very guilty if I give up my PR one day. Then again, my mom told me not to worry. She said “Come back to Malaysia if you are unhappy, money doesn’t matter, I can earn the money again but I can’t earn your happiness”

2 months ago, I was in a pretty bad shape and things weren’t going very well for me. I was unhappy. Once my parents knew it, my dad called me one morning and asked me to go home for a break. He offered to pay for everything.

Deep in my heart, I know very clearly that my happiness is the utmost important thing to my parents. They always try to give me the message that ‘no matter how screwed up am I, they will welcome me home and help me to stand on my feet again’

I feel really blessed to have parents like them and often feel very bad for leaving them behind in Malaysia. I can’t wait for them to move to Perth after my mom retires.

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