Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sometimes, I do wonder if I can date an Asian guy ever again. I have never expected myself to go out with an aussie, but I do now. (Don't worry baby! I still love you for now!)

I was in Northbridge today to collect my air ticket. When I stepped into the agency, I saw a guy sitting in front of a sales person, I thought he was pretty good looking for an asian guy, smart hairstyle and nice jacket, decent looking guy for sure.

Then my mom stuffed up my credit card, the bank needed 10 mins to fix it so I took a walk around Northbridge, enjoying the weather and sunshine. I bumped into the guy again in front of Timezone, he was on the phone. As I walked past him, I heard "Oi, where eat lah? Northbridge or where? Northbridge lah, I in Northbridge now!". I swear to God, all the good impression burst like bubble in my head.

The asian guys in Perth can be categorised into 2 categories, the ABC who know minimal Chinese culture and family values (Which I regard highly), or the ones studied and stayed on who still speak English like an AH BENG!

Don't get me wrong, I do speak with lah, ah, mah... sometimes (very seldom) to friends who I speak cantonese too and I am not saying my English is perfect but come on, it totally puts me off when a guy use LAH, AH, Mah in every single sentence.

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